Monday, November 9, 2015

Flesh and Bone

 There's a new show on the Starz channel called Flesh and Bone. I've started watching it and I am hooked. It's about 21 year old Claire Robbins who runs away from her sexually abusive brother to join the American Ballet Company in New York.
 She obviously has a tragic backstory because of her brother. She is portrayed as timid and shy because she has a secret to hide which gets annoying at times but it comes across in her dancing as passionate.

  I'm not going to summarize each episode but I do recommend everyone to check it out. Disclaimer, it is really dark and emotionally scarring so if you're sensitive to things, maybe skip this show. (After each episode I do need to get up and hug my dog or look at cute animals online. It is really dark.)

Female nudity involved (and one instance of male nudity so far). Also rape/sexual abuse.