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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Ep 24 Last Forever Part 2

09.24 Last Forever Part 2


Lily, Barney, and Ted are at the bar waiting for Marshall to show up. Barney is spazzing.
Barney: The earliest I'll let anyone go home is 2am
Lily: 10pm
Ted: 9:45
Barney: 3am

Marshall tells them he's in line to be a judge again.
Ted: 1:45am
Barney doesn't want him to go. He doesn't think he'll ever meet someone and be like "you're the love of my life, everything I have is yours"

Ted and Mother with Marshall and Lily at robot fight
Marshall asks if they'll ever get married
Mother: Someone got "judgey"

Ted: This one wants to be in a French castle
Mother: This one will take a White Castle. But he insists on a "wow factor"
Ted: You're all the "wow factor" I need. *kiss*

Barney comes in. He tried a "perfect month" and made a new playbook
Barney: That last girl, number 31.
Mother: Oh that's a pretty name, is it French?
Barney: She's pregnant
Barney: My life is over
Mother: So where are you guys registered?


Ted takes Penny to see GNB building
Robin shows up

He tells Lily and Marshall: And that was it
They're mad and compare it to a Sasquatch sighting
It's the birth of her ex husband's love child

It's a girl. "This is Ellie"
Barney falls in love with her. "You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours. Forever"

Ted walks into his living room and reproposes to the Mother.
Ted: Will you
Mother: Yes
Ted: Will you
Mother: Yes
Ted: W-
Mother: Yes
Ted: Will you marry me on Thursday? I called your office and you have nothing going on. Will you marry me on Thursday??
Mother: Yes. Aww same ring

Lily: I can't believe it, it's Ted Mosby's wedding day!
Ted: Yes! After 7 years and 2 kids. Guys am I rushing into this?

Barney tells two young ladies to go home and put on decent clothes and call their parents.
Lily: Now I've seen everything
Marshall: Not everything
*Robin walks in*
Lily cried
Barney: Daddy's Home
Marshall. Judge Fudge? Running for state supreme court. You'll be calling me Fudge Supreme
Ted: you rsvp-ed no.
Robin: I did, but someone pretty persuasive talked me into it
Mother walks in.
She wants to get a picture of the gang all together.

Ted tells his kids that if he hadn't gone down that "long and difficult road" to get where he is now, he wouldn't be the same person. That the moment he met ther mom, he knew he was going to love her as much as he can for as long as he can.
<Montage of their life together>
That he carried the lesson (of loving her) all through their lives together. Even when she got sick. "What could be called the worst of times."

(Thanking God, the universe, and anyone and anything else out there) "When I saw that beautiful girl on that train platform and that I had the guts to stand up and walk over to her and tap her on the shoulder and open my mouth."
Ted: Excuse me, hi I'm
Mother: The best man
Ted: You're Cindy's ex roommates
Mother: You're the professor. I took one of your classes. Econ 305

He tells her that she stole his yellow umbrella b/c he left it in Cindy's room. She says she bought it. He says his initials "TM, Ted Mosby."
Mother: Look again Ted Mosby, those are my initials. TM, Tracy McConnell

She tells him she went a dance club on St Patricks day. And left it. And never thought she'd see it again.

They talk in the rain under the umbrella

(Get ready, this is the beginning of the end)

Flashforward to old Ted sitting in front of his children. "And that kids, is how I met your mother."
Penny: That's it
Ted: That's it
Penny: No, that is not the reason you made us listen to this.
Ted: Oh really? Then what is it?
Penny: Let's look at the facts again. You made us sit down and listen to this story about how you met mom. Yet mom is hardly in the story. No, this is a story about how you're totally in love with Aunt Robin. And you're thinking about asking her out and you want to know if we're okay with it.
Ted: I can't believe this. I kep this story short and to the point and you guys completely missed it. The point of the story is that-
Penny: Is that you totally totally totally have the hots for Aunt Robin
Ted: No I don't
Penny: Yes you do
Ted: You're Grounded
Luke: Wow you're really into Aunt Robin
Ted: You're grounded too. Okay. Suppose I were interested in Aunt Robin in that way. It's not like I'd do anything about it. I got you guys to worry about.
Penny: Dad, we love Aunt Robin
Luke: Whenever she comes over for dinner, you guys are so obvoius
Penny: Come on dad, mom has been going for six years now. It's time.
Ted: What?  ijust call her up on the phone and ask her out on a date?
Kids: YES
Ted: And that's womething you guys want?
Kids: YES
He hangs up, says "four"

We see Robin at her apartment, she has four dogs. The door rings and she goes to the window to see hwo is outside.
Ted is standing there with the blue french horn

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Ep 23 Last Forever Part 1

Please note, I do not plan on going over the previous episodes that I have missed. After watching these two episodes, I don't think I can rewatch any of it without feeling sad. Maybe after I process it.

09.23 Last Forever part 1

Part 1

September 2005
The gang is meeting Robin. Lily tells the boys if any of them wants to hook up with her, they have to marry her

Marshall: The son of a bitch did it.

Ted talks about his moving to Chicago the next day. "Onwards and upwards." As he looks around the room, he sees The Mother up on stage playing her bass and stops talking.

I can't do it...I don't want to watch this. I had to pause on her face and cry. Okay..letting myself watching now. TEARS ALREADY TWO MINUTES IN!!!

Barney says hi to her "hey bass player!"
Tells her that he went out and got the girl "check it"
Barney wants to "have you met Ted" with the bass player
But Ted says he has to leave now.

Ted: Robin, it's been a major pleasure
Both: Major pleasure
*they hug*
Lily can't do it, Ted hugs Marshall
E.T. good bye with Lily. No hug
He hugs Barney
Ted: We licked the Liberty Bell
Barney: We did?

Ted gives Barney a high five so good it will be enough for the rest of their lives. A high-infinity
They go to opposite sides and high five. (Both hurt their hands "worth it")

Ted at train station. Old lady asks him if the lady with the bass guitar is pretty. She then tells him to go back and meet her. And then tells Ted what if the universe sends a sign. Then she asks one last question "this girl with the bass guitar, is that her?"
Ted: Just be cool lady, daaamnnn

24 hours later
Marshall and Lily walk into the bar to see Ted there. They expected him to be gone
He tells them he's not moving to Chicago because he met a girl
Lily: Who is this girl?
Ted: The bass player from the wedding band
Ohhhh ahhhhh
He call and asks her for a date and walks off while still on the phone with her.
Marshall is complaining to Lily about how Ted always finds a girl and moves too fast.
Lily has this knowing look on her face the entire time. (Pause and cry some more)
Marshall: He's fallen in love too many times now
Lily: Not like this, this is different

Present time
Ted: If I ever get married, I'm keeping it simple

Barney: A hot air balloon?
Ted: Yeah I'm getting married in a 17th century castle in France

The Mother walks in to tell Ted that they can't get married in September because "when I do get married, I kinda want to fit in my dress"
He hugs her
Robin: What's going on?
Barney: She's getting a boob job

May 2016
Lily and Marshall are visiting with Barney and Robin. Baby Penny in the nursery.
Marshall: Can't believe you let Ted hang his jousting lance from the Renaissance faire on their bedroom wall
The mother: Yeah, that's Ted's
Ted *smiles*

They ask about Robin and Barney's trip to Argentina
Barney talks about his blog as his "business"
(This might be the part where they got "that drunk")
Robin asks if he wants an exit, right now at the 3 year mark
Barney: Before I answer that question, can we get really drunk and have sex?

They got divorced.

Barney noticed that Lily is about to have baby #3
Lily: Promise me that no matter what, we'll always be there for the big moments

October 2016
Marshall and Lily are living in the apartment. They talk about how Marvin and Daisy are sharing a room and when the third one is born, they can put the crib in the shower.
Marshall: How do we say good bye to something..memories
Marshall: We have to move!

Halloween and Farewell Apartment party on the roof
Marshall is Captain Ahab
Lily is White Whale
Barney is some rock star
Ted is Hanging Chad
The Mother is some old lady wearing an Al Gore sweater

Robin wants to leave because "the gang" is a couple about to have their 3rd baby, her ex husband hitting on younger women, and the guy she should have ended up with married to a beautiful woman who is the mother of his children.

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Veronica Mars Movie

I took snippets of notes while watching this:

Sex tape: not ruffled
Piz still in radio. Just like in college
Troubador singing VM theme song
New Sheriff Lamb. PCH-ers?
Mac and Wallace bromance
Dick "hey Logan, that girl who follows you around is here"
Loving them
Logan waiting outside her car! <3
"Let's take the long way home."
"Is this what getting clean feels like?"
My first daughter when she was young, her mind was sharp
And we arranged for Piz to fly in.
You've been sitting there since graduation haven't you?
Telling the whole world my dad's a pedophile
Weavil! Slacks! Wife! Daughter!
When Logan walked in with his tight sweater
Veronica Mar's Sex Tape. Wallace is very mad
Guys fight. Mac: What do we do? Veronica: Get to an exit.
Lights a fire. Everyone runs except for Neptune High people
Veronica: Hi Mr. C. You miss me yet? Principal: 10 years of peace and quiet. Veronica: If you like that wsort of thing. Mr. C: Veronica, it's been boring
After party dancing. They're so cute!
Piz: The fighting and the dancing. It's so hard living in a Michael Jackson music video.
Piz: Farewell my concubine!
V: But our tantric love making is remarckable for it's stillness and tranquility
V: don't they know their sun is a sexual sharknado?
Celest Kane shot Weavil Nevaro
SDPD: Veronica from Neptune. Leo. You were at the sheriff's department and I was in ghigh school. First time you came around asking me for favors, you got all dolled up and brought me a pizza. (She brought him one)
Veronica walks into Logan's house when he opened the door
Angela Lansbury. You've aged well
New sheriff: I don't care
Deputy wanted to confess. Gets hit by a car. Logan helps
Can't see him in the hospital for a few days. Saks died on arrivle
Logan brings her home and tucks her in
She asks him not to go. Awkward making out.
She wakes him up the next morning and says "The only way i'm not going to spend the whole day obsessing about my dad is nailing Luke and Gia to the wall"
Luke inside a West Hollywood bath house
It was Cobb who is the partner in crime
"Yup, Gia and Cobb are totally about to do it"
Trusty tazer and pepper spray!
"What's 180 days to us? Our story's epic. Spanning years, continents. Lives ruined, bloodshed."
"Come back to me"

She gets Logan's car
Goes back to Mars Investigation
Mac works for her
Weavil goes back to the PCH

My name is Veronica and I'm an addict.
Hello Veronica

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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Ep 20 Daisy

09.20 Daisy

4 hours before the wedding

(Quick, spread the word! Wedding is at 6pm!)

Robin's mom talks about freaking out on the plane. She's duct taped to the seat and the breathing air bags are all down. She apparently opened the plane door while they were flying.
Marshall: I guess I'm almost a judge
Ranjit: That's great, can you get me a driver's license?
Barney: Drink the blood of your enemy

Billy Zabka saw Lily get into someone's car. The license plate said "AHOY!!!"
Barney gives himself the Saltine Challenge. 6 Saltines in 1 minute.
Lily calls Barney (Ted answers) and says he'll go up to meet the mom when he's done

Marshall: Do think think...
Barney: That the Captain moored his dinghy in Lily's lagoon? Yeah, definitely.
Ted: That's crazy, you'd never moor a dinghy in a lagoon
Zabka: I don't know Ted, in certain tidal conditions, if you're protected-
Marshall: Look it doesn't matter, today is Barney's wedding, just forget it
Barney: Do you want to go to the Captains house, punch him in the face real quick and come back to do the wedding?
Marshall: Would that be okay?
Barney: Ranjit get the car
Ranjit: Getting the car
*everybody gets up*

Barney: Me and the boys have to go teach someone some manners

Captain's house. he's singing with his cleaning crew. Doorbell rings. Marshall punches him.

Lily is drinking like crazy. "Thank you Linus"
Robin's mom talks about her dad and we see cut scenes of Barney who have done the same thing.

Captain is engaged to 'Boats! Boats! Boats!'
We find out Lily went to the Captain's house, went to the bathroom for a long time, and left.
Barney tells Lily they are at the Captain's house. Lily: I am so busted. Thank you Linus

Ted figures out that Lily has a secret because he sees Boats!Boats!Boats! chewing gum.
He enjoys the suspense
Ted asks about the Captain's powder room and about the potted plant. It is a daisy.
Ted: When Lily and Marshall are apart for an extended period of time, what is the one thing Lily always does?
Marshall: Cry?
Barney: Masturbate?
Zabka: Karate?
Captain: Go sailing?
Ted: No, when Lily and Marshall are apart for a long period of time, Lily...always....starts smoking again
He tells a story about Lily smoking since Marshall left for Minnesota but couldn't quit .And when they had a fight, she needed one but didn't have one.
Ted: It's 3am you need an easy pick and the only place that's open is 5 miles down the road. You have no car. What do you do? Go!
Zabka: Dirtbiking
Marshall: I can walk that far
Barney: Masturbate!
Captain: Take a boat
Ted: A boat? Dude, she got a ride in your car remember?
      Now, you're Lily, you just had a cigarett in your boss's powder room. What do you do with it? Throw it out the window? Flush it?
Marshall: No, she wouldn't do either of those things, she's an environmentalist
Ted: Stick it in your purse
Zabka: Marshall can find it there
Ranjit: Throw it in the trash can
Boats: The Captain would find it there
Captain: Hide it in a boat!
Ted: A boat? What? How would that even...
Captain: I don't know...I just like boats!
Marshall: Oh there's only one place she can hide it. A place that eventually, it would decompose and serve as a natural mulch
Ted: Now if I were to dig around, I would be sure enough to find....*digs* ....a pregnancy test....
Zabka: You could smoke those?

Flashback to actual. Lily throwing up on the train. Her telling Linus to give her non-alcoholic drinks she might  be pregnant. She buys a pregnancy test at the store. She uses the pregnancy test. She's pregnant again!
Marshall: Guys..we need to go back to the hotel
Barney: She peed on that and you touched it

Marshall: Lily, we're going to have a baby!
Lily: I told you guys I could keep a secret :'(

Barney hugs Robin's mom. "Oh he's nothing like your dad!"
Marshall: We have to search around for hospitals in Italy
Lily: We're not going to Italy
Marshall: Of course we're going to Rome. You gave me my dream
Lily says it might be a girl

Robin's mom: It's like flying. You're filled with mortal dread. But when you find someone, it's like flying. Do you have someone like that?
Robin: I do...

One year later...
Marshall (in Italian): Come on bro, don't bogart the Funyuns.
Lily: I'm not bogarting them. There's another bag in the kitchen
Marshall: Lily, my darling, I'm the one who boxed up those Funyuns and shipped them here from New York. So it would be nice if you didn't eat them all.
Lily: Who brings food to Italy? It's Italy!!
Marshall: Then why are you eating my Funyuns!
Lily: You don't want me to eat your Funyuns? Fine! Let's take the kids to the square for some gelato!
Marshall: Now you're talking! Mickey! Let's go get some Gelato!
Lily's dad: That's a great idea. I've got the kids in the stroller and everything! Principessa! (Marshall's mom shows up) We're going to get some gelato!
Marshall's Mom: Perfection!
Marshall: My beautiful children. Good morning, Marvin.
*He bends down to look in the carriage*
Good morning....Daisy.
Their baby is blotchy

Only two more episodes until the finale!

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Ep 12 New York Serenade

03.12 New York Serenade

Let's hope this episode gives us a recap because it has been a long time since the last episode.

One year ago
Phillip rides on horse towards a gazebo where Aurora is waiting for him and preparing a picnic. (Hidden Mickey alert!!) She is pregnant and cranky. A magic purple cloud appears and rushes over them. The Storybrooke crew arrive in their fairy tale garb.
Aurora: Snow, what happened?
Snow: We're back :(
(I spy the dwarfs, Hook, Charming, Snow, Grandma, Red, Baefire, Regina, and Belle)

Opening title sequence: NY Skyline

Our world one year later
Emma wearing very high heels and a very short dress going to a restaurant to meet Auggie Anderson (from Covert Affairs! I totally love him!) They kiss and hug.
He asks about Henry and a school project. They eat. He leaves and Hook appears in his spot.
She calls him a stalker. "Emma, your parents are in great danger."
He hands her a paper "Take a gander, here's an address."

Enchanted Forest
Snow asks about the land. Ogres defeated. Aurora pregnant.
Snow wants Regina's castle. But she wants to join forces with Regina.
Aurora: You know we can't pretend this didn't happen. They've returned, we have to tell her
Phillip: Aurora, we can't. You know what will happen to them, what she'll do.
Aurora: We both know if she ever found out we hid this, she would take it out on our child. We have to trust they can take care of themselves

Real World
He comes back and they bring out an ice cream sundae. He mentions their first date. She looks at the plate and sees a ring. He asks her to marry him. "I love Henry, I love our lives together"
Here I thought the worst thing you can do is say no. Didn't think you were going to walk out on the bill.
She says it's too fast. They've only been together 8 months. "I've had leftovers in my fridge longer than that"
"I know, I threw it out."
He tells her he's known since she walked into his furniture shop. And he sped up her order because "It seemed like the most un-stalkery way to ask you out"
"I don't care if we get married when we are 65 years old and Henry already have kids"
(Marry him Emma!! He is adorable and he loves Henry and you!!!)

She goes home and sees Henry playing Diablo 3. "So what did you say to Walsh?"
He knew, he figured it out. "So what did you say? ...Poor guy."
(Henry has gotten older in this break. He's so cute!)
He wants his mom to marry Walsh and tells her that he's not like her dad
Emma: When did you get so wise?
Henry: Somewhere after level 16 when I became a knight

Perfect segue

Enchanted Forest
Dwarfs hanging out. Jiminy flies onto Grumpy's shoulder and they converse.
52 Storybrooke people popped up not 2 miles from where they are
Hook doesn't plan to go with them to Regina's castle. He's going to go look for the Jolly Rodger
(Snow looks pregnant but it could be just the clothes)
Bae asks to go to his dad's place on the way to "the queen's castle"
He wants to go to check
They have to live without Emma and Henry

Real World
Henry asks his mom if she's okay and if she's thinking about Walsh.
She goes to the apartment that Hook gave her. It's Neil's apartment. She sees a dreamcatcher and  realizes it's Neil. She also finds a camera strap with Henry's name on it. "That's..not possible!"
Hook tells her that her parents and the kingdom is back in Storybrooke

Enchanted Forest
Belle tells Charming Rumple might be alive
Snow is sad about going to the castle
Regina goes missing. Snow finds her. "what are you burying?
She's burying a heart. (It's Regina's heart) Because she misses Henry
Snow wants Regina to take her heart back. She tries to give Regina happiness by being her family.
She picks up the heart and puts it back inside. "Now, let's get back to our castle"
(Why do all the girls have low cut dresses? Ugh. - Except Snow)
Something was spying on them and flys out of the bushes. IT'S A FLYING MONKEY!!!!!!!
Robin Hood saves them. (OMG Regina's man!!!!!!)

Real World
Henry asks what Emma is going to say. He set up a date for Walsh and Emma for that night.
Emma tells him to go up without her. She pulls out the pictures she developed from the camera she got from Neil's place.
Hook gets out of jail. Emmas shows her the pictures. They are pictures of them in Storybrooke and a plane ride from Boston to New York. He hands her the memory potion.
She drinks it......"Hook!"
"Did you miss me?"

Enchanted Forest
Robin Hood and Bae greet each other. Belle says hello and gets a hug from Robin.
Regina is eyeing Robin from the front of the pack.
Snow: He's kinda cute huh?
Regina: He smells like forest
They arrive at the castle and find a (green) protection spell on her castle
"Someone hijacked it"
"Nobody sits in my chair! Nobody steals our castle!"
(She said 'our'!!!!)

Real World
Hook: Snow and the queen settled their differences. Frankly, I was bored
Emma: Glad to see you haven't changed
Hook: There wasn't anything for me in the Enchanted Forest so I stayed. Until I got a message saying there's a new curse that will bring everybody back to Storybrooke
They talk

Walsh arrives and she goes down to see him. She tells him she can't marry him
"I need to go home to go take care of somethings"
(I wish I had Emma's hair. It's so long and wavy)
He tries to convince her to stay.
Walsh: I wish you hadn't drank that potion
Emma: What? Who are you?
He falls off the room when he lunges at her and comes back as a flying monkey. She throws him off the roof and he poofs away.
To Hook: We leave in the morning.

Next morning, Emma is making breakfast. (I notice that she's dressing more girly. Right now, she's wearing a skirt and very high heels and a shirt with ruffles. Very fashionable)
She asks Henry to skip school and go on a trip.
Hook knocks on the door.
Emma: Henry, this is Killian
Henry: Did you skip bail?
Hook: He's still a little spitfire
Henry: Still? Why are you dressed like that?
Hook: Why are you dressed like that?? >:(
Henry's voice changed. It cracks now.
Emma: I just need one last thing. She goes to her closet and gets the red leather jacket.
She drives to Storybrooke in her yellow bug. Why isn't Henry in the car? Oh wait, he's sleeping in the back seat. "It's really back!"
Stay here and watch Henry. Don't wake him. Or scare him. Just let him sleep
She goes to knock on a door and Charming opens it.
He is speechless....
You remember!

We're back and feels like the last year has never happened.
Emma: If you can't remember, how do you know it's been a year?
Snow comes down the stairs and hugs Emma.
She's pregnant

Enchanted Forest
Flying monkey comes back with a few drops of Regina's blood on his claws.
Wicked Witch: The queen may be evil, but I'm wicked. And wicked always wins.

So it looks like this half of the season will be flashes between what happened in that one year since they left Storybrooke leading up to now. We will be flashing to the Enchanted Forest and seeing the shenanigans with the Wicked Witch and also seeing how Emma is dealing with everyone being back in present time. At least now we know what Aurora was hiding (the fact the Witch is there.) 

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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Ep 9 Nothing to Fear

01.09 Nothing to Fear

We are back! It has been so long since this show was on! I can't believe there's only been 8 episodes. Feels like much longer. 
Rewind: Anastasia, Will, Cyrus, and Alice are in a field. Will got struck by lightning which caused Alice to get hurt too because she linked them in a wish. He wishes to end Alice's suffering and it frees Cyrus. But Will has in turn become a genie.

Will is in the bottle going down a very rapid river. "Bloody hell!"
A naked (covered in a towel) Liz finds his bottle and releases him from it.
He walks away and she tells him to come back. He takes out three rubies from his pockets and says "Mistress mine, my will is thine" and realizes he's a genie. And she's his master. *mischievous face*

Opening title sequence: Some purple thing, not sure. Looks like a pawn piece

Alice wakes up and looks up to see Cyrus standing at the door of their secret hidden tent. They smile and are both in disbelief. The Red Queen interrupts before they can kiss. Alice doesn't seem to remember what happened to Will and wants to leave the Queen and Will and Wonderland. Cyrus tells her that all the Queen wants is to be reunited with her love.

Jafar walks into Anastasia's throne room "I'm the master of Wonderland now"
He looks over at his father's cage which he brought over with him. "You enjoy the view father?"
"Where you sit Jafar, is nothing more than a large chair."
Jafar: You tried to murder your own son
Father: If only I had succeeded, the world would be a far better place
*He stares at Jafar, dramatic music plays*
Jafar looks away first. "Remove him!"

The Caterpillar comes and tell Jafar he was unable to locate the genie bottle. Jafar wants to kill the Caterpillar but instead, the Caterpillar offers up another way. A creature so scary that no one would dare speak its name: It is called...the Jabberwocky

The Red Queen complains about walking in the mud. Alice say something about getting everyone else's hands dirty but her own.
Red Queen: Cyrus, you should really teach your girlfriend some manners. Before someone else does.

As they are walking through the forest, Alice and Cyrus are quite awkward. They just have a lot to catch up on. Cyrus: We'll find time to be together. Then she notices that the queen is no longer behind them.

Liz: Why risk your life going back to save Alice and Cyrus?
Will: I can't make anyone fall in love (She looks disappointed)
Liz: How about you tell me something you want and I wish it for you?
Will: Beer! Beer for everyone!

A group of villagers hold up jewelry they got. Then we see Anastasia sitting on the floor. She was kidnapped by them.
Villager: Now you darling will be the one to suffer

Jafar opens a box with a Tweedle's head in it. "Tweedle, you were so useful to me. Sorry to see you didn't come out ahead"
The Tweedle asks for a body in return for information about the Jabberwocky
"It took 500 men and Wonderland's most powerful magic to imprison the Jabberwocky"
Jafar picks up the head and puts it on the body of the soldier hose head he just cut off

We see Will chugging a beer with people chanting "Knave Knave Knave Knave"
She and Liz try to figure out the next wish.

Moss from the north side of the tree
Stone as white as moonlight
Feather. An owl's but it'll have to do
Cyrus puts all this together with a piece of Anastasia's dress and does a locating spell.
He was taught magic by his mother
Alice: I wish I could have met your family
(This is probably the first in a long time that she could "I wish")

Jafar arrives at a tower that was shown in the opening title sequence. There are pawn pieces outside on the bridge leading to it. A soldier blocks his way. He kills the soldier who is just trying to protect everyone from the Jabberwocky.

Anastasia is tied to a tree by the villagers. They plan to feed her to the creatures that ransack their village every winter. She tries to save her own life by convincing them to offer her up for ransom. They tell her to give a name of someone who would pay for her. She comes to a realization that no one cares about her.
Cyrus and Alice come to the rescue but they end up being captured too.They're about to be eaten by wolf like monsters and Alice/Cyrus hold hands. It's Alice's amulet that is glowing and attracting their attention. She throws it and they have to leave it behind.

Will looks for Liz sitting alone in a barn. He figures out that she's in love with someone. She asks what he looks for in a girl. He says confidence, sense of adventure, looks great in a dress, fireworks go off. She wishes for that and gets transformed. She is wearing a slinky white dress and has her hair all fancy. Fireworks are going off in the distance. She tells Will that it's him. It's always been him.

Alice tells Cyrus of her fear. Of there always being one more mission. And they will never get to start their life together.
They see the fireworks and figure out that it came from a wish. "And we just found our genie."

Jafar, in the tower, sees a bunch of soldiers pale and dead.
A woman's voice asks why he is there. She gets inside his head.

Alice, Cyrus, and Anastasia arrive at a lake next to the village with the fireworks. Cyrus suggests they split up to look for Will. The Red Queen walks off and Cyrus takes this opportunity to kiss Alice. She smiles. He tells her he knew how hard it was for her to give up her necklace. He shows her a ring. "We were rudely interrupted at the Boiling Sea. I believe I was about to ask you a question."
Alice: I said yes so quickly I didn't let you make your speech
Cyrus: It was gong to be about me risking my life for you and making sure nothing was ever going to keep us apart. We've done that now. What do I say to the woman who's traveled worlds and risked her life to find me?
He kneels
Cyrus: For now and for the years to come, whether we monrats or fighting evil sorcerers or just watching the clouds make their way across the sky. I will love you. And every moment will be a thrilling adventure for me because I'll be spending it with you. Alice, will you marry me?
Alice: Yes. And yes again and again forever.
Cyrus puts the ring on her "Now you don't have to be afraid anymore"
(All this time, the fireworks have been going off in the background)

Liz makes her third wish. "I wish you could just feel something for me"
She dies. It makes Will feel sadness
The queen finds her dead on the floor but the bottle is there too!
Alice and Cyrus search for the queen and the bottle.
Alice: Where did you find it?
Queen: Your little friend the lizard had it
Alice: What did you do to her?
Queen: She was already dead when I found her

Will doesn't want to be with Anastasia. "I'd rather take my chances with the homicidal maniac with the snake stick"
Anastasia tell them about the other two genie bottles.
Cyrus: Those other genies, they're my brothers. The three of us, we were cursed into the bottles at the same time.
Alice: We will stay and we'll save them
Will says his goodbyes but the queen surprises them by saying that she will stay and help fight because she's been a bad queen for her people.

Back to Jafar
Jabberwocky: I have decided to join you.
Jafar has to free her first. He looks up and sees her nailed to a board. He pulls out the knife in her heart and she falls down. Her bones crack and rearrange. She thanks him "Thank you. I am known as the Jabberwocky"
She tries to get rid of the knife that was in her heard but he decides to keep it
Jabberwocky: What are you afraid of Jafar?
Jafar: I am afraid of nothing
Jabberwocky: Not even the feeling of water filling your lungs? The feeling of your father's hands holding you down
He begins to drown while standing there. (It is her magic)
Jabberwocky: Maybe you're right Jafar, you should hold onto that blade. You never know when you might need it.
And she walks off.

Well, that was an exciting first episode back of 2014. I absolutely love the show. Still hating the red queen. And love that Alice and Cyrus are finally together. It's great that he got to ask her to marry him but too bad she lost her amulet. I really liked that thing. Thought it was cool. Can't believe I waited so long to watch it (it's Monday 2:30am right now.) Also, I'm trying to find the actress who plays the Jabberwocky. She looks so familiar.

Monday, March 3, 2014

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Ep 19 Vesuvius

09.19 Vesuvius

The year 2024. Farhampton Inn. It's snowing. Ted and the mother are talking at a table. Ted tells her a story of a "real snowstorm"

Flashback: Freshmen year of college. Marshall & Ted are roommates.
 The Mother already heard it: Drove home, 500 miles played, spooned to keep warm.

Ted: Okay, another story
Mother: Heard that one too. Took over bar, met a band, go hens!. they played for Lily at the airport

Ted: How about the time Marshall
Mother: Tried to put lights on Lily's grandparents' house, next door kid stole the ladder

Ted: So I've told you all my stories
Mother: I have stories. My college roommates and I went to a male strip club
Ted: And your friend Dong Nose got smacked on the nose with a dong

Mother: What about the story about
Ted: How Dong Nose got her name

Ted: I guess it's official, we're an old married couple....
*looks at each other*
Mother: Nice!
*high five then kiss*

Concierge comes by and tells them to have fun but don't break any lamps like Barney and Robin
The mother doesn't know this story!

Ted: OMG You don't know this one!

"Robin broke a lamp"
She's wearing a hockey uniform. Her little sister is also there playing as the goalie. (Tough girl alert!)

Ted sees Barney go into room 9
So he goes to the front desk to ask for the name of the person in room 9.
It belongs to a Miss Susan Tupp
Ted: oh boy....

Turns out Barney is trying to choose a suit for the wedding. There's about five racks filled with suits in the room.
"When I walk down the aisle"
That's the bride
"When everyone stands up"
That's also the bride
"The groom really gets boned in this whole wedding thing

Lily is showing Robin a scrapbook of Barney and Robin's journey
She's disinterested and sees "The Wedding Bride Too" on paper-per-view
"Best day ever!"

Concierge comes over and ask if they were talking about The Wedding Bride Too
The mother tells him that the movie was Stella's husband and it's based on Ted
We see a scene from the movie
Ted: my friends made us to never watch this

Marshall, Lily, and Robin are laughing their butts off, drinking scotch, watching it.
Sidenote: I thought Lily and Marshall were mad at each other. Did that one tiny conversation where they're like "Let's go to Italy", "We have to stay here" solve everything?

Barney didn't like the suit Tim Gunn made
Ted picks a bunch of suits but Barney doesn't like any of them because they have sexual stories
Stuff about stuffing ladies and Playboy Mansion

Robin's grandmother tell a touching story about her wedding day and something about wildflowers
It's actually a touching story but I'm just going along with Robin's outlook right now

Ted yells at Barney to "SAY YES TO THE SUIT!!"
Barney: I can't! I can't!!

Lily says she has another dress she'd like to wear and she'll go put it on right now

The Mother: Oh no, I know this story too

Lily shows up wearing her wedding dress (Looks great by the way)

Ted: I'm just a boring old man spinning the same old yarns
Mother: Hey, I love your yarns
Ted: But?
Mother: You're the love of my life pooh bear, I just worry about you. I don't want you to be the guy who lives in his stories. Life only moves forward
Ted: So what happens next with Lily and the wedding dress?
Mother: *holds Ted's hand closer* Well, Lily brought the dress so she and Marshall could take better wedding photos. Yet another story I know. What kind of space would I have in my brain if I didn't know all this? Eh probably some state birds or some stuff.
*Ted kisses her hand*

Lily wants to use Robin's photographer. She also brought Marshall's tux.
"Fine!" "Fine!" "FINE!"

Barney: US Marines have to get married in uniform, I'll just go enlist. DUDE we can enlist together! That's the dream!
Ted tells him to put on the suit
It's too big but they don't seem to notice.
Barney: Where they stand up for me?
Ted: No they do that for her
Barney: They should, she's amazing
Ted tells some sappy stuff
Barney turns around and the suit suddenly fits (MOOOVIE MAGICC!!)
Barney: So....belts. *pulls out a huge rack of belts*

Barney and Ted walks in. Barney: Hey Lily, nice dress
Lily: So no one cares I'm wearing this dress
Ted: I care! *moves red wine*
Lily: This is the last time we're all going to be together

Future Ted: Sometimes it's better to just leave things unsaid

Marshall: Hey Ted, I don't want you to have to sit through this movie
Ted: Thanks Narshall. I saw it on the plane
Barney: Yeah Narshall. Right Narshall?
Ted: Man, take it down Swarley
Barney: It's supposed to be my special day

Movie: Jed and Narshall wake up in the snowy car and there's a Big Foot next to them
Robin goes out to get ice and runs into her mother in the hallway. *She starts crying*

Future Ted: And that's how it happened, even the surprise ending
The Mother: Is that really a surprise? I mean, what mother is going to miss her daughter's wedding?
Ted looks at her and looks like he's about to cry. The Mother takes his hand "oh hey, come on" *holds his hand* "did Barney really wear a scuba suit into the bar?"
Ted: he stole it. Walked right into a sporting goods store tried it on and walked right out. walked all the way home in it
They talk late into the night

Now, there's a theory that I read online that says The Mother is actually dead and that's why Ted started crying when she said the thing about missing a daughter's wedding. But the part where the concierge (I still can't remember his name) talks to Ted and The Mother shows that she's still alive enough for her to be seen. Also, what does Vesuvius have to do with this episode?