Friday, March 14, 2014

Veronica Mars Movie

I took snippets of notes while watching this:

Sex tape: not ruffled
Piz still in radio. Just like in college
Troubador singing VM theme song
New Sheriff Lamb. PCH-ers?
Mac and Wallace bromance
Dick "hey Logan, that girl who follows you around is here"
Loving them
Logan waiting outside her car! <3
"Let's take the long way home."
"Is this what getting clean feels like?"
My first daughter when she was young, her mind was sharp
And we arranged for Piz to fly in.
You've been sitting there since graduation haven't you?
Telling the whole world my dad's a pedophile
Weavil! Slacks! Wife! Daughter!
When Logan walked in with his tight sweater
Veronica Mar's Sex Tape. Wallace is very mad
Guys fight. Mac: What do we do? Veronica: Get to an exit.
Lights a fire. Everyone runs except for Neptune High people
Veronica: Hi Mr. C. You miss me yet? Principal: 10 years of peace and quiet. Veronica: If you like that wsort of thing. Mr. C: Veronica, it's been boring
After party dancing. They're so cute!
Piz: The fighting and the dancing. It's so hard living in a Michael Jackson music video.
Piz: Farewell my concubine!
V: But our tantric love making is remarckable for it's stillness and tranquility
V: don't they know their sun is a sexual sharknado?
Celest Kane shot Weavil Nevaro
SDPD: Veronica from Neptune. Leo. You were at the sheriff's department and I was in ghigh school. First time you came around asking me for favors, you got all dolled up and brought me a pizza. (She brought him one)
Veronica walks into Logan's house when he opened the door
Angela Lansbury. You've aged well
New sheriff: I don't care
Deputy wanted to confess. Gets hit by a car. Logan helps
Can't see him in the hospital for a few days. Saks died on arrivle
Logan brings her home and tucks her in
She asks him not to go. Awkward making out.
She wakes him up the next morning and says "The only way i'm not going to spend the whole day obsessing about my dad is nailing Luke and Gia to the wall"
Luke inside a West Hollywood bath house
It was Cobb who is the partner in crime
"Yup, Gia and Cobb are totally about to do it"
Trusty tazer and pepper spray!
"What's 180 days to us? Our story's epic. Spanning years, continents. Lives ruined, bloodshed."
"Come back to me"

She gets Logan's car
Goes back to Mars Investigation
Mac works for her
Weavil goes back to the PCH

My name is Veronica and I'm an addict.
Hello Veronica

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