Monday, July 28, 2014

Teen Wolf Season 4 Ep 6 Orphaned

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 6 Orphaned

#TheLastKey (Derek)

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Teen Wolf Season 4 Ep 5 I.E.D.

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 5 I.E.D.


Monday, July 14, 2014

Teen Wolf Season 4 Ep 4 The Benefactor

Teen Wolf Season 4 Episode 4 The Benefactor

Previously, Scott accidentally bit Liam in order to save him. In a panic, Scott kidnapped him and called Stiles to help.
The two boys try and fail many times with different approaches to explain to Liam about the bite. #TheBiteIsAGift

Peter gets hit by the mouthless guy. The guy informs Peter that Derek is next

Lydia looks through her math notes and find a weird code. Kira tells Lydia "you hold the key"

As a final hail Mary, the group get Kira to seduce Liam into going to Lydia's boathouse for an intervention of sorts. They tell Liam what they all are: Scott - werewolf, Lydia - banshee, Malia - werecoyote , Kira - "fox" aka kitsune, and Stiles - used-to-be-possessed-by-an-evil-spirit. #VeryEvil

Liam texted a bunch of his freshmen friends before going into the house so they all showed up right when Liam was about to turn. (It's a full moon. Coincidence? I think not!)

Stiles and Malia go into the basement. They have a bonding moment, she learns to use Stiles as her anchor.

Scott and Kira take Liam into the little shed by the water. They have a bonding moment, they slow dance and Kira tries to get Scott to lose control. But he tells her he is "undistractable." Liam turns, breaks out of his chains, and run into the forest.

Allison's dad, Sr Argent save Scott right in the nick of time. "How did you know?" "I got your text." (I'm assuming the tex was from one of the previous episodes and he finally decided to show up.)

Lydia cracks the code and types in "Allison" as the password. A list with a bunch of names and numbers next to them show up on the page. She calls it a 'deadpool.' (I'm assuming they're just bounties or a very real game of assassins)


Friday, July 11, 2014

Hitch (2005)

Hitch (2005) Starring Will Smith

Alex 'Hitch' Hitchens is "The Date Doctor". From getting his heart broken in college by the girl of his dreams, he decides to passion his knowledge to other men so the same thing won't happen to them.

Nerdy Hitch

Albert Brennaman is totally in love with the celebrity, Allegra Cole and goes to Hitch for help in getting her.
One night, Hitch meets gossip columnist Sara Melas in a bar and leaves her speechless.
Next day, he meets with a guy who hires him to help him get into the pants of one of Sara's friends. This leads Sara to write an expose on the Date Doctor's real identity.

Hitch asks Sara out on a date by sending a messenger with a walkie talkie (since she didn't give him her number.) Their first date is jet skiing on the Hudson River and visiting Ellis Island and looking for her relatives that migrated over.

Second Date Horrors

After Sara publishes the Date Doctor story, they break up. Alex goes to Allegra and finds out that none of the things Hitch taught Albert were what she liked about him. She actually liked Albert's dorkiness and awkwardness.
Hitch runs to Sara's apartment to declare his love only to find another man. He does it anyway and she reciprocates.
The movie ends with Allegra and Albert's wedding.

Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Snow White Week: Grimms Fairy Tale

Snow White or Schneewittchen in German was first published in 1812 in the Grimms' Fairy Tales collection. Not to be confused with Snow White and Rose Red.

Here's a short summary of the story:
 One day, a queen pricks her finger and three drops of blood lands in the snow. She wishes for a child with skin as white as snow, lips as red as blood, and hair as black as ebony. Her wish comes true and gives birth to Snow White but she dies during childbirth. The child's father remarries a vain woman. The new wife has a magic mirror that she asks every day "who is the fairest in the land?" The mirror always said her until Snow White turned 7. The new queen hires a huntsman to take Snow White into the forest and kill her. As proof, she asked for Snow's lungs and liver. The huntsman is unable to and brings back the innards of a wild boar instead.
The queen asks the mirror again and finds out Snow is still alive in the dwarfs' cottage. The dwarfs found Snow in their bed after seeing she ate and drank their food. They let her say if she keeps house for them. The queen disguises herself and gives Snow White a bodice. She laces it so tight that Snow can't breathe and she faints. The dwarfs return in time to revive her. Next time, the queen gives her a poisoned comb. The dwarfs save her again. The third time, she gives Snow an apple dipped half in poison. She takes a bite of the other half to prove it's safe. Snow takes it and dies.
The dwarfs don't know how to save her and put her in a glass box. A prince sees Snow White and asks the dwarfs for the coffin. As they are carrying her away, they jostle the box and the apple falls out of her throat. The prince proposes to her.
They invite everyone to the wedding including the evil queen. The queen goes to the wedding and is shocked to see Snow there.

For her attempted murders, she is given hot iron shoes and forced to dance until she dies.

Like all Grimm fairy tales, there is a dark ending.
In other adaptations (a 1912 play), the dwarfs are given names.
Influences: Karlheinz Bartels published an analysis suggesting that Snow White was based on the life of Maria Sophia Margaretha Catherina von Erthal. She was described as an angel, her step mother abused her, her father worked for the Prince, the stepmother cared more for her own children, and was given a mirror as a wedding gift. The stepmother gave her an apple half submerged in belladonna juice. Unfortunately, she had no prince to save her from her death.

Monday, July 7, 2014

Snow White Week: 7 Dwarfs and Animals

Today on Snow White Week, we will be talking about the 7 dwarfs and Snow White's animal friends

 Snow has always had a knack for attracting animals. They find her singing voice alluring; and since she is always singing, she is always surrounded by animals. From doves in the palace garden to critters that clean in the forest.
Snow also find great companionship in the dwarfs. They protect her and allow her to stay with them because of her heart-warming personality and her ability to cook. The active part of the movie spans about two days but the dwarfs learn to love her in that short amount of time. Even Grumpy shows a range of emotion when it comes to Snow White.
Dwarfs (sans Dopey)
Snow White's voice and personality has truly helped her in life. She really is pure as snow.

Friday, July 4, 2014

Snow White Week: The Prince

Today on Snow White Week we are talking about The Prince.
Unfortunately, Snow White's prince never got a name. But the names Florian, Frederick, and Ferdinand have all be used (Florian being the most popular). Of course, he's always titled as "The Prince" on all his merchandise.

Over the Wall

To the Rescue
Line up of Disney Princes

The Prince with her princess. He doesn't really get a lot of merchandise

In TV, he's played by Josh Dallas and is nicknamed "Prince Charming" (Cinderella's prince)

27 Dresses (2008)

27 Dresses (2008)

Starring Katherine Heigl as Jane Nichols, a woman who discovered her calling as an assistant to brides at age 8. And Kevin Doyle, played by James Marsden, as her love interest.

The movie shows Jane as an adult participating in two weddings as a bridesmaid in both. She hits her head and gets "saved" by Kevin, a writer who finds Jane's pocketbook after sharing a cab together. Her sister Tess comes back to visit the same night there's an office party and Jane's boss George immediately falls in love with Tess.
After George and Tess get engaged, Jane has to help plan the wedding even though she's actually in love with George. Kevin shows up to interview them as "Malcom Doyle," the writer for wedding announcements in the commitments page of the newspaper. Jane and Kevin get to know each other and he starts to fall for her just as she realizes that she is in love with George.
Jane and Kevin get stranded in the rain on the way to pick up some linens for the wedding. They end up sleeping together in the car. Next day without either of their knowledge, the bridesmaid article is printed with pictures of all her dresses.
Tess blows up about the article asking how Jane let this happen, "They called me bridezilla!!" Jane exacts revenge by putting pictures of Tess doing all the things she said she wasn't into the rehearsal dinner slideshow. Kevin apologies and gives her a pda phone to replace her day planner.
The wedding is called off, Tess and Jane eventually make up, and Jane quits her job when she comes to a realization that the only reason she's still in the job is because she loves George. They kiss and she feels nothing. She quits her job.
She rushes to find Kevin on a boat and declares her love. One year later, she is getting married in the "28th dress" and all the past brides are bridesmaids at her wedding.

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Dominion Season 1 Ep 3 Broken Places

Dominion Season 1 Episode 3 Broken Places

It is revealed that William is the mole working for Gabriel.
Alex attempts to leave the city and Michael stops him.
They go to where Alex used to live with his adopted father. They are attacked by Gabrilel's angels. Michael is impaled by a sword.

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Snow White Week: Villain: The Evil Queen

Today's spotlight of Snow White Week is The Evil Queen.

The Evil Queen just wants to be forever beautiful and in comes a pretty young thing that takes the spotlight. This film talks about the horrors of aging.

The Queen in merchandising:
There's a Disney Villains line and she seems to be the central figure in a lot of the villain lines.

This is the designer set that came out a few years ago. A lot of people were outraged at Ursula's thinness and wanted her to have curves.

Here is an Evil Queen Pop Funko, very cute.
The merchandise of the queen not in her original form all make her look not evil. In reality, she's just a vain woman.

The Queen in modern pop culture:

Regina from Once Upon a Time
Regina is fabulous and has a different story than the one from the animated movie. In this, she was betrayed by Snow White which resulted in the love of her life being killed by her mother. This hatred later led her to Rumpelstiltskin who in turn taught her dark magic. She is after Snow in this series because of the loss of her love.
She also adopts Snow's grandchild (but no one knew about that until late into season 1.)
Poor Regina, will she never get her way?