Friday, March 8, 2013

Oz the Great and Powerful

    On March 8, 2013, the movie Oz the Great and Powerful came out in theaters. I have been waiting for the release of this movie for what seems like months! So I generally hate going to midnight premiers of movies, instead, I go in the morning of the release date, before noon so it's cheaper. Since I went to watch the movie by myself, I decided to take notes while watching the movie (no big deal, I do it all the time). Watch this video to hear my  notes

This is a half hour long video so make time to watch :) Also, it's more of a recap than a review...

    To prove just how excited I was for the film, here are some pictures of the nail design that I made for the release of the movie. I finished this design a week before the movie came out so I wasn't able to remove my nail polish for a whole week. As someone who loves painting nails, it was torture! I had so many ideas brewing in my head but I was unable to use them! Le Struggle~! Well, enjoy the pictures:

Yellow Brick Road

Emerald City
Yellow Brick Road Leading to the Emerald City

Here are the notes that I was reading off of (decided to transcribe it onto here so you guys can read my ridiculous comments to myself):
  • B&W Opening <3
  • Young Mila Kunis in wheel chair in audience during the show. (The little girl sounds like her, is naive)
  • Frank the assistant -> flying monkey
    "You're just a trained monkey"
  • Annie = Michelle Williams. She marries Dorothy's dad John Gale
    "Kansas is full of good men...I don't want to be a good man, I want to be a great one"
  • Tornado + running from bad guy (strongman) -> same as Dorothy
  • this would look so good in 3D (the stuff flying around in the tornado)
  • he says he promises to change and then everything slows down?? that was way too fast
  • oh the moment when all the colors appear <3 slowly becomes widescreen
  • this would be an awesome roller coaster -> hot air balloon ride
  • beautiful, vibrant flowers, everything so musical! My favorite scene!!
  • Mila Kunis's outfit! - Theodora the Good Witch
  • River fairies, so scary!
  • James Franco, still cute but a little creepy, he's going to break her heart!! I love her pants! You just met and you're already making out?!?
  • Yellow brick road, sunflowers! Lion??
  • Evanora. Green, evil?
  • "Thanks, sourpuss" "my name is Nuk!"
  • Theodora: fireball, temper
  • Greedy, Scrooge McDuck - treasury
  • Just because I'm a monkey, I must love bananas 
  • green horses - made out of gems
  • China Town - so pretty, there's arms and faces everywhere!
    would be a cool place to see in real life
    wheel chair girl
    helping a girl walk - so cute
    fake crying - sass, dramatic
  • Crows: "You'll die, you'll die!"
  • Creepy eyes in the forest, scary plants!! AHHHHH!! (AIW)
  • China girl has attitude and a knife lol!!
  • That's a cemetary
  • Witch of the South - Glinda the good witch (Annie)
  • Evanora so evil, breaks Theodora's nails!!! Her tears burn her face?? Evanora: commands scary baboons
  • the king has a lion statute (looks like Aslan)
  • BABOONS!! screeamm
  • Rainbow fog, bubbles! Emerald + ruby flowers
  • "All good hearted souls get to pass throug-"
  • Wanda? Why did Oz call her Wanda? (Glinda)
  • Green APPLE (snow white) turns her green!  I thought it was going to kill her. She found out who the wicked witch is!!
    Green hand, even she screamed!
  • Farmers (quadlings): make scarecrows
    Tinkers (sounds like thinkers): make anything (tin man?)
    Glinda can see right through Oz
    Munchkins - can't fight, make pretty clothes and they sing
    OHHH He thought her name was Wanda
  • Theodora: love the black dress, scary green nose.
    LOL broom
    "my pretty"
  • China girl wishes for a family
    "I know I'm not be the wizard you were expecting, but I might just be the wizard that you need." (batman!)
  • making scarecrows
    Glinda's city looks like a disney castle
    "We have nothing to fear as long as we believe. For when you do believe, anything is possible"
    show them no mercy? is this a kids film?
    hot air balloon ;)
    does he have hair gel with him in Oz?
  • The carriage to Emerald City - sounds like star wars music?
  • LOL The baboons that fall from the sky are so funny
    is he going to escape in the hot air balloon?
    they're torturing Glinda!!
  • Finley does sound effects like always hahahaha
  • Fireworks! So beautiful! - unleashing the stars!
  • Harry potter and Voldemort's showdown (necklace: glowing, must be important)
    another transformation
  • baboons flying off with Evanora at the end
  • Ending:
    Tinker - swiss army knife
    Finley - friendship
    China girl - family
    Glinda - Love, greatness, goodness
  • Need to watch Wizard of Oz!