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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Ep 13 Bass Player Wanted

09.13 Bass Player Wanted

20 hours before the wedding

Previously, Marshall said that he could walk 5 miles to Farhampton Inn. This is where the episode begins, he walks with determination, music playing and narrative singing.

A car stops next to him and asks if he needs a ride "And that's how Marshall met your mother"

The group: The whole gang is here except there's one thing missing. "A bottle of $600 scotch"
"Also, where the hell is Marshall?"
Lily tells them not to choose sides. Barney says good because he chooses Marshall.
Ted distracts him by going to the bar.
Robin tells her it's only because Barney has a lot of public urination citations. (She looks proud of this)
"But don't worry, I'm on your side."

A guy sits down and Robin & Lily have a mental conversation. They talk about the guy hitting on them and wanting a threesome - Lily goes to a dark place. And the guys says thanks for having him in the wedding so perhaps he's one of Robin's cousins. But no, he has all his fingers and teeth.

Meanwhile, Marshall is thanking the mother for driving. And she's making very accurate guesses about his life which freaks him out. (Note that she's wearing driving gloves!) She locks the doors when Marshall tries to get out of the car. "No just kidding, I met your wife on the train. You must be Marshall." He's in the back hiding next to Marvin. "I was just checking on the baby"

Back to Robin and Lily and the guy. They're joking and laughing but they still don't know who the guy is. Strange how Ted and Barney still hasn't come back yet. Lily goes to the bar and tells Ted about the Farhampton liquor store and the lax security. Barney chimes in about how going to jail for a bro is "the dream." He and Ted have a whole talk about how many "the dream" Barney has so he can only pick one.
The mystery guy spills the beans about Robin hoping Marshall will get his way with the judgeship situation. And then he leaves.

Marshall thanks the mother for picking him up. She said she had to stop "for the cutest hitchhiker ever!" And Marshall thinks it's him but "oh you're talking about Marvin."
She mentions that she'll be going back to the city after dropping them off because of their devil-like lead singer, Darren. He'll go up to two friends and ruin their friendship. They're always left asking "how did we get here?" *He goes up to Ted and Barney*

Ted and Barney connects with him. "He'll tell a tragic backstory usually from an animated kids film" "It's often Bambi.....sometimes he'll throw a little Lion King in there." Then he'll get something friendship threatening.

The mother tells Marshall about her band "Super Freakonomics" because he mentions his lawyer band "The Funk, The Whole Funk, and Nothing but the Funk" She tells him she's leaving because she saw a "bass player wanted" ad online for her own band so she quit. Marshall tells her to take revenge which she did thanks to "Aldrin justice" *they high five*
"You should take his van and run my husband over"
She says that she can't handle confrontation "Yes you can!" "You make some good points"

Robin and Lily make up, Darren show up and ruin it again. And then he goes to Barney & Ted to spill the secret about Ted moving to Chicago.
"At least tell me you're not moving until next year or something"
"It's not until....Monday"
"It'll be easy to say good bye knowing how little I mean to you"

Robin tells Lily that she was never on Marshall's side, just didn't want to love her best friend.
She pulls out Marsh-pillow and holds the arms while Lily beats it up.

Ted apologizes to Barney. "I swear on my mother's--no I swear to God---no, I swear to Hef"
*Gassp* "Don't take that name in vain!"
Ted hands Barney a bottle of the missing scotch and tells Barney that he stole it for him
"$600 bottle, Ted that's grand larceny! You really could go to jail for this!"
"That's the dream!"
Barney: Lilly and Marshall will only be gone a year. We'll still see each other all the time. You, me, Robin...Oh..I'll miss you

Marshall arrive and he tells her that at the reception, he'll yell "The lead singer sucks skunk junk!'
Marvin's first words: Skunk Junk
"For the record...his first word was mommy"

The mother talks to Linus and gives him her speech to Darren. He says that "his mother was eaten by a barracuda" "Gaahhh that's Finding Nemo!! ..That's new"
She orders the Kennedy package

We see Lily still beating up Marsh-pillow and Marshall show up with Marvin in his arms. They pause and kiss and embrace.

Darren bumps into Ted while he's pouring the scotch. He gets punched in the face.
At the same time, the mother is talking about karma and how Darren's karma will never be coming to him. "I guess he'll never get that knockout punch"
She laughs at Darren and he quits the band "The best man just punched me for no good reason"
"Linus, whomever that best man is, I would like to buy him a bottle of your finest scotch"
And kids, that's the first drink your mother ever bought me.

Marshall tells Barney he got him a wedding gift. He demands Marshall hand it over now.
It's the fourth slap!!!

More of the mother means we are closer to the end. The wedding (according to the time given) will be Sunday at 6pm. Which means, we are getting that much closer to Ted meeting the mother and the series being over. 
Grab your tissues boys and girls, it's going to be a bumpy ride!

Sunday, December 15, 2013

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Ep 11 Going Home

03.11 Going Home

Opening title sequence: Emma's yellow bug driving through green fog.

The gang devises a plan to save Henry and kill Pan before the curse gets enacted. Hook, Neal, and David have to go to the Blue Fairy and get the wand of the Dark Fairy from her in order to switch Henry and Pan back. Tink bravely fights and destroys Pan's shadow and in turn, she gains her wings back and revives the Blue fairy.

Rumple uses the dark wand to put Henry-Pan to sleep and to switch their bodies back. He stays behind to have a "talk" with his father while everyone else goes out to look for Henry. Pan revives and takes away Rumple's powers.

Regina gets her hands on the scroll that created the curse and finds out what she has to do. She has to destroy Storybrooke and in turn, taking away everyone's memories. But Emma and Henry can't go back to the Enchanted Forest because that is the price that she (Regina) has to pay.

Rumple comes out to see what has to happen, he takes out his "Dark One" dagger and kills Pan with it. And in turn, he dies too. Belle sobs a the spot where Rumple was (both men disappeared.)

Everyone says good bye to Emma and Henry at the town line. Regina gives them new memories of their years together (Emma never gave up Henry). The mother and son drive away while behind them, Storybrooke vanishes including the line where the dwarfs had drawn the town line.

One year later....
We see Emma and Henry's new life. They are in the apartment that Emma was in at the beginning of the show and they have cool appliances and a great life together. Someone knocks on the door during breakfast and we see that it's Hook. He tries to get in and tell Emma that her parents are in danger but she defends himself and kicks him. She closes the door and returns to Henry. "It was nobody"

I didn't get to watch the preview but everyone seems to know that Oz is coming next. And the OUAT Facebook page shows a picture of the Green witch and it says "Wicked always wins"
We saw a car that looked exactly like Emma's yellow bug while we were in the Disneyland parking lot. This was before I finished the episode. It would have been so much more significant to me if I had seen the ending.

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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Ep 8 Home

01.08 Home

Alice and Cyrus are sitting next to a fire looking up at the stars.
They stars being to fall (this looks more like magic snow)
"One kiss under the falling stars will give you good fortune"
"If you want to kiss me, you don't have to make up a story"
*They make out*
*She begins to unbutton his shirt* and finds a compass that goes in infinite directions
He got it from his mother
She discovers he hasn't always been a genie
The compass has great magic and will always point towards her
But some years ago, it stopped pointing (means she died)
Someone puts a sword to Cyrus's neck
They want Cyrus's bottle
"I am not to be trifled with!"
"Unfortunately, neither is she"
*Fight ensues*
The men run
"I guess the stars did bring us luck, they barely even scratched me
*she bleeds and passes out*

Opening Title Sequence: White Rabbit

Alice is hiding behind a tree
Will appears
"You frightened me, where have you been?"
"Sorry, nature was calling"
"Really? What did it say?"
"Nothing you want to hear"
There's guards walking around who are looking for Cyrus
Alice knows where he's going
"The only place where he knows he's safe" "He just needs to get there before they get him"

Cyrus is running. He gets caught in a trap.

Tweedle walking by a bush hears Cyrus struggling.
"Thank you grape vine, the queen will be pleased"
(LOL It's a literal grape vine)
He sees his brother, the other Tweedle meeting up with Jafar

He goes the queen to tell her that Cyrus has been captured in the forest
And also that his brother gave Jafar a bag
She goes to a locked up shelf (this is the shelf from that episode where she becomes the new queen and she tried to steal that crown. But now it is locked up)
She opens one of the drawers and pulls out a box with a checkers design (black and red) on it. The box is empty inside. The Queen is pissed.

Alice and Will are heading to the Outlands
They made a promise that if they ever get separated, they'll always meet up there
But she wants to stop at the White Rabbit's house first

Cyrus carries Alice to the White Rabbit
(Rabbit's wife sounds like Whoopi Goldberg)
She has boobs
They have children

The Queen lets Cyrus down
They drive off

Jafar has the three last
He compares the weight of two of them and discovers Cyrus's bottle to be a fake
He smashes it *Hulk rage!!*

Alice and Will arrive at Rabbit's hovel and Alice sees something wrong
"Maybe he abandoned the place"
"Or maybe that's just what he wants people to think"
She knocks. No answer. She kicks the door in.
Rabbit is all sad
She knows he betrayed her and she needs his help so they could go home
The Queen took his family
What if we rescued them?
Will says he doesn't know where the Queen might stash something important but she knows where Anastasia might.

The Queen and Cyrus pull up to a small wagon. She looks concerned.
She goes inside and it is revealed it's her Anastasia stuff (her pink dress is there)
She gets Cyrus's bottle and tells him he has a big decision to make

Cyrus is pacing outside Rabbit's house
Rabbit tells him she's going to be fine...for now
He also says what about next time? Alice has always wanted a real home.
"Perhaps the only way to protect Alice is to let her go"

Jafar storms the castle
There's a box with Jafar's name on it
He opens it to see the Tweedle's head in there "I think she's onto us"
Jafar goes to the Queen's room and looks at her stuff. He picks up her hair brush and steals a hair
He evily flies away on his magic carpet and burns the castle in the process

The Queen and Cyrus see the burning castle
She makes a chess metaphor

Cyrus is in the Caterpillar's bar
He offers his magic compass in exchange for helping someone disappear

Will, Alice, and the Rabbit arrive at the wagon
Will goes inside and touches the pink dress
He sees the empty box where the bottle used to be
He hears something and saves the Rabbit family
They have to head to the Outlands. (She seems to know where it is)

Cyrus and Queen are heading to the Outlands
"How are you so sure she's going to be there?"
"Because she thinks I'm going to be there"
The Queen wishes for Cyrus to shut up

Jafar is doing something with the Queen's hair
Most likely a locator spell
It creates a small storm cloud inside a glass case (a bit like the one that hold the Beast's rose)
He releases the storm cloud out the window and tells it to "find the Red Queen and kill her"

Alice and Cyrus are walking
She talks about a mountain she's heard of. Where we can stand on top of the clouds
He tells her that they're too dangerous together. He tries to leave her.
"The only thing that could hurt me is being apart from you"
He points to an empty space next to a rock. They walk into it and it looks like a fancy tent inside
"A home"
"You know that they say sacrifice is the measure of true love"

Alice, Will, and Rabbit arrive and Alice goes inside.
Cyrus hasn't arrived yet
She's confused and looking for a note
"We're not leaving without Cyrus"
She looks out the door and sees Cyrus there
They run towards each other and embrace
"Even in my dreams I was afraid to imagine this moment in fear it may never come true. You're here!"
They kiss
The Queen appears behind them. "She's here to help us" DUN DUN DUNNNN

Alice demands to know why the Queen made the deal with Jafar.
I thought he could get me what I wanted
"You" (She wanted Will)
"You'll never have me"
Jafar looks outside the window "There you are...darling... See you soon"

The Queen begs Alice to believe her. Cyrus tells them that she's telling the truth.
Alice tells Rabbit to dig a hole. (I feel like he's just their little servant. He's always standing there looking all cute and helpless and digging when someone commands him to)
The thunder cloud tries to hit the Queen but she deflects it and it hits Will. Alice falls because of her first wish (If the Knave dies, then I do too)
Anastasia attends to Will and Cyrus attends to Alice.
Cyrus commands her to make her last wish. "No I don't want to put you back in the bottle again"
Will reminds Alice that she promised him a wish if he helped find Cyrus.
"Be very careful what you wish for Will"

"I wish to end Alice's suffering"
Magic yellow-orange woosh.
Alice wakes up. Cyrus discovers his shackles are gone. "My binds, they're gone. They're gone. Alice, I'm free!"
Rabbit: The Knave, he wished to end Alice's suffering. Part of your pain was not being able to be with the one you loved
They turn around and see that Will is not there anymore
Queen: He's gone. He was here, and now he's gone
Cyrus: Oh no...
Queen: What?? Where is he?
Cyrus: Where's the bottle?
Will wake up in the bottle. "Oh...bloody hell"
He's in the water being dragged down a very large waterfall

I hope to see Cyrus and Alice happily together and for the Queen to go back to her Anastasia self.

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Ep 10 The New Neverland

03.10 The New Neverland

On the docks, Ariel and Belle are looking for Eric.
He recognizes her!!
They reconcile.
Belle suddenly sees Hook's ship appearing from the sky
"He's back!"

Opening Title Sequence: Medusa!

*Cheering* Everyone is happy that Emma and pals are back
They are greeted by Granny, the Dwarfs, the Blue Fairy, Belle, and Ariel+Eric
Snow sees Ariel (for the first time this season) and is surprised to see her there
Regina is standing all alone with no one to greet her
Belle greets Rumple
Peter and Michael greet Wendy and Bae.
Everyone is reuniting and happy

Back to Snow and Charming's wedding...again
Snow is angry that Regina is going to ruin their lives (still)
Charming suggests going on their honeymoon (we know what he wants)
Snow wants to go to the summer palace "it's where my parents spent their honeymoon"

Pan-Henry gets Felix put in jail
Rumple and the gang lock the Pandora's Box away safely back in the shop

Belle ties Rumple's tie for him and says "so what now?" (I hear wedding bells!)

Emma gives Pan-Henry the story book and since he is Pan, he doesn't know what it is
Hook is looking at the exchange between the mother and son
Bae appears and Hook tells him that he'll back off from Emma
"Devilishly handsome pirate standing in the way"
"You serious?"
"Yeah, I am devilishly handsome"

Tink and Regina ask the Blue Fairy to give back her wings.
If you don't even believe in yourself, how can I?

Bae asks Emma to talk
"Are you trying to ask me out on a date?"
"Tomorrow around lunch time, I'm going to be hungry and sitting in that booth"

Charming carries Snow across the threshold
(I am just cracking up here because she is so bundled up that she looks like a pile of blankets with a head)
Charming tries to take of Snow's cloak. But she says "not right now"
When he goes outside, she takes off her cloak and reveals that she's wearing her "hunting" gear
He stops her in the woods and she tells him about her plan of using Medusa

Henry asks to spend the night with Regina instead of with Emma
Snow tells her not to worry

Pan-Henry asks Regina if her magic is in her vault and that he needs the magic to protect himself
She says magic is not the answer and that she will protect him
Pan-Henry releases the shadow from the ship's sail

Charming is hacking through the forest
They find the "cave" but it's more like a mausoleum

Charming and Snow are eating lunch at Granny's
Rumple appears and hands him the antidote to the magic Neverland water
Nothing in return
"But we are family now. So if i ever need a favor, you'll be more receptive"
He drinks it. Snow "How do you feel?"
He feels great and kisses her
(They're probably going to go make a baby now)
He says "Let's go get started on that family"
Snow looks sad because she sees Neal all by himself and that Emma didn't show up

David goes to find her
She is off by the beach checking her phone
She has a feeling that something bad has happened
He convinces her to go eat with Neal
"Are you sure you're not trying to...keep me away from Hook?"
"You think I'm interested in Hook? Emma, I'm a married man!"

Hook bumps into Tink and tries to get with her.
They hear a scream and see that Pan's shadow is terrorizing the Blue Fairy
It rips out her shadow and kills her
Regina tells Henry to follow her

Charming and Snow enter Medusa's lair
"How are we supposed to find her?"
(Me: Found her!)
He draws her out and Snow tries to cut off her head but the sword breaks
He sees a helmet and throws it the opposite direction to distract her. As they run, Snow gets captured
Charming gets turned into stone in an effort to save her

They're all standing over the dead fairy
Regina takes Henry to her vault.
Emma asks Regina to keep an eye on Henry because he's not himself
She said something about "my son too" "10 years" "our son"

Evil Queen talks to snow using a nearby reflective shield.
Snow uses it the way Perseus did
Medusa sees herself and turns to stone
Charming comes back to life
Snow says something about losing him
He says something about having an idea of what they can do (bow chika wowow)

The gang goes to Rumple to get the box
They have an idea to release Pan across the town lines and for Emma to shoot him
Pan comes out of the box and says he's Henry
Prove it. "I got trapped in the mines, I tried blowing up the world, I like hot cocoa with cinnamon"
"This proves nothing!"
Emma tests him "The first time you and I connected. Not when we met, but when we connected"
In his castle. "I know why you gave me up"
They hug
(Belle and Rumple! Belle and Rumple! Belle and Rumple!!)

Pan-Henry is looking at some magic that Regina has on the walls
They hug, he drugs her and she faints

Snow is lounging
They talk about why Snow keeps wanting to get rid of Regina
It's because she doesn't want to bring a child in the world where Regina exists
"Let's start now" something about making good moments
"What better way of making a good moment than creating a child"

Henry tells Rumple to not hit his face when throwing fireballs
He sees Bae and hugs him.
They can't get into the vault
Yay Rumple opens it!
Snow is the first to run to Regina's aide
Rumple revives her
"I just wanted to believe that he still needed me to be his mother"
Henry-Pan "I still do"

Pan-Henry broke Felix out of jail
He stole the curse. Everyone would forget who they are, time would stand still, and we would be in charge.
It's going to be the New Neverland.
(And now it doesn't have to be on an island!)

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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Ep 7 Bad Blood

Previously...we saw Cyrus jumping off the cliff and Jafar talking to Alice's father.

01.07 Bad Blood

Agrabah many years ago:
Jafar is a young boy and he's telling his mother not to leave him. (She is on her deathbed.) She tells him that his father will take care of him. "Go to him at the palace." "But only the Sultan is there." 
She hands Jafar a ring "this belonged to him, he will remember."
The wind picks up and she slowly passes away with sand floating out of her body. 

Jafar is still wearing the ring and he's speaking to Alice's father.
He says he'll show the father where Alice went and lets the White Rabbit out of the bag.
The Rabbit makes a portal. "Where are you taking me?" "Some people call it: Wonderland"

Opening title sequence: A dragon flies into the frame and flaps its wings at us

Jafar, Rabbit, and Alice's father land in Wonderland.
The Rabbit is dismissed. 
Alice's father is in disbelief. 
Jafar: What child wouldn't want to be rescued by their father?

Meanwhile, Alice: I could be with Cyrus by nightfall
Will has doubts.
Alice: Finding Cyrus is 99% of the battle. The rest will take care of itself
There are random mushrooms growing everywhere

Tweedle goes to the Queen to tell her they haven't found Cyrus.
Jafar appears when she's revealing her plan to the Tweedle.

Back at Jafar's fortress, a guard is fixing Cyrus's cage.
He yells at the old man
Jafar goes to Alice's passed out father who is constrainted
He draws some blood and puts it in a pewter, creating a potion

Alice and Will stare at the floating fortress.
They empty their pockets "taking inventory"
Will has a dollar bill and "keys to Granny's," a peanut...a stale peanut
They hear chirping. It's a birdbark tree!! Their wood is amazing! 
She breaks off a branch and watches it float.

Jafar asks "are you right handed or left handed?"
He's obviously making a polyjuice potion. 

Young Jafar is brought in front of the Sultan
"You are to lose the hand of which you stole"
Jafar kneels and shows the hand with the ring on it.
The Sultan comes to the conclusion that Jafar is his son.
"Thank you father" "You will not use that word. I am not your father, you are not my son"

Will: Can you tell me what your plan is?
Have you ever been in a hot air balloon? I'm going to build a basket, attach some of the birdbark to it and float up to the castle.
Jafar appears as her father. "Alice you were right! About this place, about everything! Can you ever forgive me?" He hugs her.
He tells her a story of buying a looking glass and going through it.
Alice: Now what?
Father: I just want to make it up to you.
Alice: You never treated me like a daughter. I was always an obligation.

Jafar is serving a meeting with foreign emissaries.
The Sultan asks his son to explain why they cannot stop the blockade in one of the foreign lands.
The son, unable to answer, is shown up by Jafar. Then dismissed by the Sultan.
The son goes to Jafar and begins slapping him. (This son is younger and remarkably shorter.)
I'm starting to think the old man might be the little brother. But then again, he looks older than Jafar so maybe not.
The Sultan enters and tells his son to slap him again.

Jafar asks Will for help. Will tells him it takes time and help her find her genie.

We see Cyrus lying on an island below the floating castle

Alice asks what Will was talking to her father about and whether or not she should forgive him.
Jafar, sitting on a nearby rock, begins drawing in the sand and reciting a spell.
Will asks whether Alice thought about how they will get back down.
She responds with something along the lines of "I've done a calculation" "extra weight" "trajectory" "back in the water"
"It's physics Knave"
A dragon appears in the sky and flies at them
They use what they've made of the basket as a shield.
They run into the forest
The dragon looks so fake
It attacks Alice's father. She defeats it by throwing her sword at the dragon. It somehow "kills" it
You're not a horrible man, I've faced a horrible man here in Wonderland.

Jafar is washing his face and the Sultan appears and speaks to him.
The Sultan tries to drown Jafar in the tub of water.
Throw him out with the rest of the rubbish.

Alice's father is praying and thanking God for the food.
He speaks to the old man who tells him about Cyrus and Alice.

Alice, Will, and Jafar are eating the dragon.
She realizes that it's not really her father because he did not pray before eating the food.
Will and Alice go off into the forest. Jafar follows and conjures the cobra from the ground.
He turns back into Jafar

Jafar grabs Alice's real father and threatens to drop him into the water
He apologizes to Alice. "I blamed you" and "I doubted you"
She said "the times I ran away, I was just trying to find proof of where I've been"
"I don't want to take another thing away from you. I only want to give you one thing: hope. Cyrus has escaped. Save him, not me!"
She makes a wish to send her father back home.

Alice has a tear on her face
Will apologizes and Alice says she's not sorry because now she has her father safe and Cyrus has escaped.

Alice's father wakes up back home and his new wife walks in. "Edwin, what's wrong?"
She tells him it was just a dream and to go back to bed

Jafar pulls the old man's cage closer
Let's chat face to face like a man.

Grownup Jafar storms into the palace using his magic cobra and confronts the Sultan.
The Sultan does not recognize him
"Look at my face and tell me [if you know who I am]"
Jafar's half brother comes in but runs away when Jafar asks him to fight.
He kills him using magic
All Jafar wants is "call me your son" "just say the words"
"I will never give you what you want"

My only regret is not holding you under the water longer.
I'm going to take away the one thing that matters to you.
He jumps off the ledge but is saved by the magic carpet.

Cyrus wakes up. "Alice"

End episode

Monday, December 2, 2013

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Ep 12 The Rehearsal Dinner

(Last week's episode was so much of a filler that I didn't even write about it)

09.12 The Rehearsal Dinner

22 hours before the wedding

We zoom in on a cute cow stuffed animal that has a sign "Let's get this party started"
Barney is handcuffed to a pole and asks the security guy in the room to push the button on the cow.
Robin is wearing a strapless gold dress and very angry.
She tells Barney she's mad because she should be at the rehearsal dinner but instead, she's in a laser tag security office waiting for Barney to be arrested.

A few months ago:
Barney has a brilliant idea:
"Laser tag rehearsal dinner"

"Name one bad idea I've ever had"
"Gluten free edible panties"
"Hot dog on a stick on a bun"
"Inflatable sex toy life raft"
"The breast augmentation channel"
"Single malt scotch tape"
"The time you ran for mayor"
"The only poll I care about is in my pants"

They make fun of Canada

Something about Ted playing piano at their rehearsal dinner dressed as Liberachi

Barney got Robin back for the bachelor party by saying he'll leave her. And he asks her to move out.
Inside a suitcase on a bed is 4 fat golden retriever puppies.
Robin lays down the law "no more surprises"

Barney thinks Robin is throwing a laser tag dinner.
Lily sucks at keeping secrets.

Ted didn't really learn the piano.
Barney left the Inn and went to laser tag.

Lily tells Ted & Robin about Marshall's judgeship
Ted gets mad

"A marriage needs to be built on honesty and trust and all that Lily and Marshal crap"
Ted tells Lily a secret and then hands her a microphone
"Ladies and gentlemen, there's been a change of plans:

Barney gets out of the handcuffs
He hands Robin a pair of ice skates
and it starts snowing inside the room.
Barney presses the "let's get this party started" button and the walls lift up
Standing outside the room are all their friends from the party and there's snow outside. (Because they're at an ice rink)
Ted is wearing his Liberachi costume.
The security guard is actually an ice skater.
Alan Thicke sings (so does Barney's brother)

"I love you!"

Robin: I thought you hated Canada
Barney: Of course not, I love Canada!
*He lists a bunch of things that came from Canada*
"Barney Stintson, instant mashed potatoes, and best of all: You"
*they kiss*
Ted goes by on a rolling piano (playing it)

This was definitely not a filler episode. Marshall didn't appear at all. Perhaps it was because he was the only one in the previous episode. This episode showed even more the love between Robin and Barney. It was sweet. I was getting so frustrated during the episode but the end made it all worth it.

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Ep 9 Save Henry

03.09 Save Henry

Flashback: We are back in the Enchanted Forest and the curse is just arriving. Regina and the then entrapped Rumple are conversing in the dungeon. He tells her that something is missing which she denies. They discuss things. Rumple giggles sa lot.

Opening title sequence: A dark cloud forms around the edges then Pan's shadow flies overhead

The parents are all worried over Henry. Pan lands and sneers at Emma while she tries to stab him. Pan flies off.

11 Years Ago:
Regina is sitting at her desk signing papers and Archie is standing  in front of her. They speak.  He tells her that having a child might fill the hole she has insde of her. She goes to Gold for him to get her a child.

They try to figure out where Pan went. Regina tells Emma that she has everything (parents, "this guy", and a pirate who pines for you) while she has no one but Henry.
The group is back at Pan's camp looking for him, Regina threatens Felix for information. Emma offers a better alternative: a mother.

Gold lets Regina know that an adoption nearby fell through so the baby boy is in need of a home. That and the the agency is in Boston.
Regina is sitting at a desk with a man who holds the fate of her motherhood in his hands. He tells her that she has a reat resume and that it will be a closed adoption. She accepts and excitedly awaits the arrival of her new baby boy who she immediately names Henry.  "Come on Henry, let's go home"

Emma is talking softly to the lost boys and saying that she too was a lost girl and that they will bring all the boys back to their land with them if they tell her where Pan is. Felix is relentless. One of the younger boys "can you really bring us home?" He's at his thinking tree.

Regina is having problems with Henry because he won't stop crying. She thinks there's something wrong with him and demands Dr. Whale to do more tests. He tells her that she needs the biological parents to see medical history.
While she's on the phone with Sydney (demanding the name of the parents), she hands the baby to Mary Margaret who calms Henry right away.

They formulate a plan to find Pan.
Neal: guard Henry's body
Parents: gather up the lost boys and prepare the Jolly Roger to fly
Hook: we need the Pegasus sail. Neal: I have Pan's shadow, we're fine.
Snow: something about spending time with her daughter.

Regina begs Henry to stop crying "and I'll do anything for you"
Henry stops crying when she bounces him up and down and sings for him
Meanwhile, Sydney gets infromation on the mother and faxes it over to Regina.
She goes to Gold and says Henry's mother wwas found in the woods outside of Storybrook 18 years ago.
Regina accuses Gold of the whole plan. He pretends not to remember.
"Henry will go back to Boston tomorrow!!"

The three women (Emma, Snow, and Regina) arrive at the Thinking Tree and sees the Pandora's Box sitting out on a rock. Emma warns of a trap. Snow tries to grab it and magic vines tie them to a nearby tree.
Pan appears "You're mothers. Quite tenatious about their offspring."
If you want to see Henry again, there's only one place you will be reunited: in death.

Regina arrives back at the adoption agency and hands Henry over.
She looks at Henry, he smiles up at her and coos. She decides not to give him up.
Turns out, the couple who was going to receive Henry after she gave him up was Michael and John.

Pan reveals to the women that the tree they are tied to is the tree where he lost his son.
They discover that Rumple is Pan's son.
The tree attacks people who have regrets. Regina tells him that she has done terrible things but she has no regrets because it got her her son. They escape the tree and Regina grabs Henry's heart back.
Back on the Jolly Roger: Regina puts Henry's heart back in. They all wait for him to wake up. He wake up and hugs his mothers. His family greets him.

Archie visits Regina and is happy for her that things worked out.
Regina is worried that the birth mother might come and take Henry back.
Archie tells her to enjoy the moments she has now. Revel in being a mother.
She visits her dad's grave and thanks him.
She then tells Henry a story about a queen who enacted revenge but was searching for a little boy.
While telling the story, she brews an "ancient potion of forgetting" so that her past worries won't bother her anymore. So that she and her little prince can finally live happily ever after.
She drinks the potion and smiles.

Regina is sitting with Henry. It is a very touching moment with her showing her mother side.
She puts a spell so that no one can ever take his heart again. "Thanks mom"
Pan appears after Regina leaves the room.

Meanwhile on the deck, Neal lets Rumple out of the box. He smiles and hugs his father. They reconcile. "You're not the same, you came back for me Papa."
Rumple senses Pan's presence.
Peter tries to pry Henry's heart out. When that fails, he tries to take Henry's shadow. Rumple appears "Blood magic works both ways, father." He puts Pan into the box.
Regina runs in with worry on her face. "He's a strong boy Regina, you raised him well"

Up on deck, everyone is preparing to ship off. They light a cannon and releases Pan's shadow in front of it. Regina uses her magic to turn the shadow into one of the sails.
David tells Emma that she did a good job by suggesting that they all needed to work together. All they needed was a leader.
Tink and Wendy talk. Wendy gives Tink the last bit of pixie dust left from the flowers on the tree.
Henry comes out of the cabin's quarters and talks to his dad. "Henry, I want you to know that you have a dad now. Now and forever."
Regina tells Tink that she was right in saying that she would find someone to love.
Everyone seems to be having a heart to heart right now.
Henry tries to feed Felix and thank him. Henry: Pan never fails.
Somehow, Pan switched places with Henry during their struggle.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Ep 6 Who's Alice

01.06 Who's Alice

Man is painting
BOOM! Jafar appears from the ground.
Jafar is looking for the Bethlem Asylum
He steals the man's suit

Meanwhile in the asylum, the bald doctor guy is dripping some red thing into his drink
Jafar knocks on the door and asks about a previous patient
"Long hair, blue eyes. Name of Alice."
The doctor denies knowing Alice or the talking rabbit.
Jafar pulls out a bag with the White Rabbit (looking quite sad) inside the bag

Opening title sequence: A purple flower gives off fumes

The Red Queen goes to Jafar's tower and sees that Cyrus is no longer there.
She attempts to question the old man.
The man lies about Jafar taking Cyrus him
"If Jafar took Cyrus with him, he would have used the KEY"
Old man: He carries with him the greatest power of all...true love

Elsewhere, Cyrus is scaling down the tower.
When he lands, he closes his eyes and says "Alice, where are you?"
He opens his eyes and sees Alice's amulet glowing "Stay strong"

Alice runs into two thugs who try to take her amulet.
She beats them up.
"Be careful who you threaten, love"

Victorian England. One year ago:
A table with a tea set all set up
BOOM! Alice appears out of the ground
She cries out "Cyrus! No!" (Cyrus just died)
A little girl in a pink dress appears and tries to help Alice find her way home
The father of the little pink girl is Alice's father.
She tells her father that Cyrus is gone because the Red Queen killed him. (The man I was going to marry)
Alice is introduced to her new sister and mother: Millie and Sarah

Alice approaches the Black Forest. She sees a bunch of signs "Seems like an awful waste of wood when one sign would do. I mean, is it really that bad?"
The signs:
-Dead end of the queen's road
-Abandon all hope ye who enter
-Turn back
-Black forest beware
-Endless night awaits
-Enter at risk

She sticks her hand in what looks like a black portal.
Alice bravely walks in
The Knave walks into an old man and asks for water "Have you ever been stoned?"
The two thugs see the Knave and tells him where to go.
Alice in the forest, just tells herself to "keep walking in a straight line, keep walking west"
The fire she is holding goes out.
Suddenly, a bright light appears and she runs towards it.
She walks into a clearing with trees that have beautiful purple flowers that gives off puffs of purple fumes
Alice encounters the Carpenter (He tells her that the place is called Boro Grove)
He tries to convince her to stay and she begins to forget her goal
"Maybe I'll stay awhile"

Alice's father asks how long she intends to stay.
"Forever, there is nothing left for me in Wonderland"
He tells her not to tell Millie about Wonderland or the genie because she's impressionable
"So I should just sweep them under the rug. Like you did with mother and with me?"
He tells Alice that she has to be happy if she wants to live in the house with them
Alice tears up.
She asks if he really wants her there.

The Red Queen is tracking Cyrus
We find out that the Lady-Gaga men are actually the Tweedles!!
Something about the Queen knowing how to get her hands dirty

Knave finds himself in Boro Grove and discovers Alice picking flowers
She also made a shrine for her sword (Peace not war! JK)

Alice is wearing a white dress with a very high collar
She's being cordial to her new family
Her step-mother tries to set Alice up with a boy down the street
"All you have to do, is smile"
She freaks out and breaks her glass
"I think some troubles take longer to forget"

Cyrus is running in the woods.
He comes across a river and makes tracks in the ground

The Knave is trying to convince Alice to leave.
She seems to have forgotten all her troubles
The Carpenter is very creepy
As the Knave tries to punch the Carpenter, a leaf pops out of his neck
The Knave realizes that all the trees are people who have gotten stuck there in the Grove!
Alice has suddenly forgotten her name

Alice is having a ngihtmare about Cyrus's death
She is awakend by Millie
Millie insists on Alice telling her about her bad dream and about Cyrus
Alice's dad and Sarah tells Alice that she is not trying hard enough to be happy

The Knave tries to pull Alice out of the place but she grabs her sword and starts swingng at him
She tells him that she is happy where she is and that she wants to stay
The Knave thanks Alice for getting his heart back for him.
As he falls to the ground, she begins to become a tree
She sees the tree stump and "No, I'm not going anywhere, I finally found a home"

Meanwhile, the Queen tracks Cyrus to the river
"If I were a frightened little genie, which way would I run?
She uses magic to reveal Cyrus's footprints going into the woods

Alice, in another high collared dress (this time blue)
Her parents introduce young Darcy to her
She calmly storms out
Alice accuses her dad of marrying someone he doesn't truly love
"It took you years to forget mother....why do you think I can forget Cyrus in just a few days?"
He tells her that she can not stay with them if she doesn't forget about it
He proposes to send her to a "mad house"
"You can let Sarah find you a husband or you can live in a hospital"

The Knave is still trying to convince Alice
He picks up the amulet and she attacks him with the tree
The amulet slips out of his hand and into Alice's 
She suddenly wakes up and remembers everything

The Queen corners Cyrus. 
We discover that they are on a floating island 

Alice is dressed up in a dress much like Madeline's in the cartoon/books. But blue
With her suitcase packed and in her hand
She mournfully awaits the cart to come pick her up
Her father is inside talking with Sarah.
Alice steps into the carriage

The Knave leads Alice out of the forest
She is cringing in pain from getting all her worries back at the same time
It is revealed to the Knave that Anastasia is the one who turned him back into a human
And Alice discovers that after she found his heart, he never put it back into his body

On the island, Cyrus and the Queen are at a standstill
Cyrus jumps after seeing the glowing amulet across the way

A gloved hand knocks on a door
It is Alice's father's house and it is Jafar knocking
"I know your daughter and I know where she went"
"Alice? You've seen her?
"Yes, and I can take you to her"

As always, the good guy/girl's weakness his/her heart and compassion. Jafar is obviously using Alice's father to lure her in and to steal her wishes. I am still wondering what power the three genies will give to Jafar.

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Frozen Full Recap


So I went and watched Frozen on Wednesday (Dec 4th) and of course I took notes!

So here is a video of me reading those notes to you. Below will be all the notes typed out.

Once more: SPOILER ALERT!!!

If you watched the video all the way through, thank you. Here are the notes all typed out.

Last time: SPOILER ALERT!!!

Get a Horse

  • OMG! 3D!
  • LOL Horace: Captain America shirt
  • This concept is genius
  • Where are we? Poughkeepsie?
  • "Get a horse!"

  • Opening music: sounds Lilo and Stitch, but it's Norwegian(?) great music!
  • Growing snowflakes <3
  • Ice sellers: sing a song
  • Baby Sven! <3
  • "Beware the frozen _____"?
  • Baby Ana + Elsa
  • "The sky is awake so I'm awake"
  • "Do you want to build a snowman?"
  • "Do the magic!"
  • "Hi, I'm Olaf. I like warm hugs."
  • Ana jumping around. Elsa accidentally hits Ana's head.
  • Parents riding reindeer: ice appears
  • Baby Sven and Kristoff
  • Trolls made of rock
  • "The heart is not so easily changed but the head can be persuaded"
  • "I can take away all the magic and memories but leave the fun" :'(
  • Control your powers...fear is your enemy.
  • Ana + Elsa change rooms
  • "Do you want to build a snowman?"
  • "...We used to be best buddies." "Okay bye..."
  • Her magic is growing stronger!
  • They both grow up
  • Parents go on a 2 week trip
  • Ship gets dragged under water :'(
  • We only have each other (Ana sings)
  • Elsa in her room. Ice everywhere. Crying.
3 Years Later
  • Arendelle (first time saying the name of the place)
  • "The queen has come of age"
    "That's not my fault!"
  • "So I can exploit their riches!!!!!!! Did I say that out loud?"
  • Ana snoring, hair messy
  • Coronation Day (song)
  • "The windows are opening. I didn't know they did that anymore"
    "For the first time in forever, I won't be alone"
  • Ana meets Rapunzel
  • "Nothings in my wayyyyy!!"
  • Prince Hans
  • "This is awkward
    "I'm're gorgeous
  • Coronation: your majesty..the gloves
  • All the ladies dancing look the same
  • Ana so awkward
  • Elsa + Ana they bond
  • Weasel Town
    "It's Whistleton (spelled Weselton)!!"
  • "I don't dance but my sister does" "Sorry!!"
  • Like a chicken with the face of a monkey
  • Ana: I wish it could be like this all the time. :'(
  • Hans catches Ana
    They dance, talk
    12 brothers
    Doors in my face
    They sing
  • "Love is an open door" <3
  • "We finish each other's..."
    "That's what I was going to say!"
  • Can I say something crazy? *he proposes*
  • This is Prince Hans of the Southern Isles
  • Soup, roast, and ice cream (wedding food)
  • Elsa runs. Makes ice. Sorcery!!! Monster!!
  • Walks onto the lake. Freezes the fjord
  • The animation!!!!
  • Elsa climbed on a mountain
  • I hate how powerful Idina Menzel's voice is. It doesn't fit Elsa's figure.
  • Let it go, let it go.
    *makes Olaf*
  • Creates stairs out of snow
    Touch it and it turns to ice
  • Stomps: builds the castle
    "Frozen fractals"
  • *throws tiara* *lets hair down* *changes dress*
    "The perfect girl is gone"
    *walks sexy*
    "The cold never bothered me anyway"
    *slams door*
  • "It's your sister who didn't mean to make you freeze summer"
  • "It had to be snow, she couldn't have a tropical magic that covered the fjord in white sand and--" *falls*
  • Trading post....and sauna!
  • "Woohoo! Big summer blowout!"
  • Supply and demand.
  • LOL talking Sven
  • "We leave NOW"
  • "What if you hate the way he eats?"
    "What is his last name?"
    "...of the Summer Isles?"
  • Wolves
  • Kristoff
  • "Jump Sven!"
    "But I just paid it off..." :(
  • Pretty sparkly trees. Sven gets caught in them
  • Olaf. That one fat guy.
  • Nose. Carrot.
    "Hi everyone, I'm Olaf. And I like warm hugs"
  • Summer song:
    "Put me outside and I'll be a.............
    "Happy snowman!"
  • Elsa is this way. "I'm going to tell him" (about puddles) "Don't you dare!"
  • You're just going to talk to her?
  • "Look at that...I've been impaled."
  • I found a staircase that goes exactly where you want to go"
  • "You stay right here buddy...." *Sven sits*
  • "Knock. Just knock. Do you think she knows how to knock?"
  • "Last time I introduced her to a guy, she froze everything."
  • "You don't have to shut me out anymore"
  • don't know what I don't know?
  • Dueling duets.
  • Accidentally hits Ana in the heart
  • Elsa makes a giant snowman/yeti
    Sven's tongue stuck on the stairs
  • "Heads up! Watch out for my butt!" -Olaf
    "It's not nice to throw snow people!" -Ana
    "Watch out feisty-pants" -Kristoff
  • One...two...TREE!!
  • Grab my butt
    I don't have a skull or bones...
  • Kristoff: Your hair is turning white
    Ana: Does it look bad?
    K: No
    Olaf: You hesitated
  • Red ice
  • Look Sven, the sky is awake.
  • Meet my family
    They're rocks...
  • "Because I love you"
  • He's brought a girl!
  • "He only likes to tinkle in the woods"
    "I did not need to know that"
  • Troll's voice??
  • Your life is in danger. There is ice in your hear put there by your sister.
  • Let's go kiss Hans! Who is this Hans?
  • "Queen Elsa, don't be the monster they fear you are."
  • She wakes up in the dungeon with her hands cuffed
  • Olaf sliding on the snow
  • "Stay out of sight Olaf!"
    "I will!" "Oh hello!" *screams*
  • A true love's kiss.
    "Oh Ana, if only there was someone who loved you."
  • EVIL HANS!!!
  • "At least we got to say our vows before she my arms"
  • Olaf uses his carrot to unlock the door. He makes a fire "so this is heat... oh but don't touch it!"
  • Ana: I don't even know what love is
    Olaf: Well I do... :'(
  • Some people are worth melting for. Well maybe not right now...
  • Maybe if Olaf melts = act of true love?
  • Slide Ana! (Olaf gets a big body - like rolling snowballs)
  • Sven falls in the water.
    Survives. Good boy!
  • Hans: Your sister is dead because of you
    *storm stops*
  • Ana stops Hans, breaks his sword. Turns into ice -> lets out one breath
  • Crying Elsa turns around
  • You sacrificed yourself?
    An act of true love will thaw your heart
  • Love! Of course!
    Starts thawing  (song from beginning plays)
  • Olaf. Hang on little guy.
    My own personal flurry!
  • We shall see what his 12 big brothers think of his behavior
  • I am a victim of fear!
  • I owe you a sled.
    No returns no exchanges. Queen's orders.
  • I could kiss you! May I? May we?
  • Olaf sneezes. Sven eats his carrot. Gives it back.
  • Elsa turns courtyard into ice skating rink
  • "Glide and pivot"
  • Blue castle, snowflake topper
  • Let It Go: Demi Levato
  • The views expressed by Kristoff about men eating their own boogers does not express the views of Disney Animation Studios.
  • Giant snowman/yeti in ice castle finds tiara, puts it on, spotlight. Loses his spikes

Monday, November 18, 2013

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Ep 10 Mom and Dad

09.10 Mom and Dad

27 hours before the wedding

James, Barney's brother, finds Barney & Robin someone to officiate their wedding: Reverend Gibbs.
Barney's dad, Jerry, arrives at the hotel. Barney sees Loretta (his mom) and Jerry being pleasant and think "They're in love! My mom and dad are getting back together again!!"

Barney gives Ted a signed Wayne Gretzky photo for him to hide until he can give it to Robin.
Ted doesn't lift a finger to stop Barney from getting his parents together.

Marshall and Daphne are bonding over the 500 miles song. 
Marvin is driving??

Robin tells Barney that Jerry is married so it's not going to happen.
Barney: So what? Marriage is just a piece of paper.
Robin: I'm a lucky gal.
"Why did you pause?!"
His plan is to get then stuck in the elevator and they'll rekindle their relationship.
Elsewhere, Jerry's wife is being driven away by Ranjit

Daphne blows up at Marshall.

Barney lowers wine/champagne and candles down to Jerry and Loretta in the elevator.
On an iPod, the song "bang, bang, bangity bang" is playing.

Oh no! Someone spilled calligraphy ink on the Gretzky photo.
Detective Mosby is on the scene.
"Really? Like that case from 8 years ago you still haven't cracked?" *shows flashback from a week ago of Ted looking a board labeled "The Pineapple Incident"*
Suspects: Billy Zabka, a bellhop, and Robin's cousin Claude.

Barney and James fight over who their mom is getting back together.
<Cue black & white musical number>
*slap fight ensues* "My dad would win in a fight" "No, my dad would win in a fight!"

Zabka's alibi: he was in a massage
Bellhop: didn't even know Ted complained about him
Claude: has ink on his hand but it was from saving a reefed squid. (true story)

Marshall finds out Daphne's daughter called her and told her not to show up.
Something about oranges, a speeding ticket, Trekkies, and more oranges. 
"Kids, they don't understand logic. Kids understand who shows up"

Barney and James agree to drop the issue. Barney finds a replacement 30 year old Scotch. But he drops it when he sees James's dad making out with Loretta.
Barney: Get your damn hands off my mom!
James: Ger your damn hands on my mom!
Sam Gibbs: One on one off?
Turns out, they got back together after James got reunited with his father.

Ted tries to accuse Lily of spilling the ink, she punches him and shows that she's been using the ink remover.
The picture now has a clean spot with a "W" in it.

Jerry is speaking to the police about a suicide note that his "wife" left on his bed.
"I'm going to...wait for it...kill myself"

Lily uncovers more of the picture.
Ted finds out Billy Zabka wasn't actually at the massage, he bought it for Barney's dad and signed his name.
Lily discovers that it is actually Zabka's picture under the spilled ink.
Lily's second tackle of the weekend.

Marshall delivers Daphne to her daughter's school.
Her daughter spots her, smiles, and starts a speech on "oil is the future!"
Marshall slowly backs out when they start chanting "drill baby drill"

Robin tells Barney that he has her. Jerry has Cheryl. And James is going through a divorce so he needs a mom and dad.

Billy was going to give the Gretzky to Barney and claim that he got the replacement one for him.
He keeps 200 signed headshots of himself in his trunk.
People kept throwing popcorn at him.
Yesterday: Barney asks him to be his best man. Billy's mom: You can come to Thanksgiving this year!
Billy: I thought if Ted screwed up again, I could be the best man.
Ted tells Barney a lie. Barney: Billy rules, Ted drools. Stinson out!

Loretta and Sam get stuck in the elevator and Barney lowers the tray with champagne into the elevator and tells them to consummate.
James is in the elevator.
<Fade out with "bang bang" playing>

Cheryl: are we almost there?
Jerry jumps on the car and tells Ranjit to give back his wife.

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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Ep 8 Think Lovely Thoughts

03.08 Think Lovely Thoughts

A man is tricking people with the "find the Jack" card game. His son tries to stop him from being beat up.

Opening title sequence: Skull Rock

Pan is tucking Wendy into a bed. Henry asks if it would help Wendy if he saves magic.
Peter announces to the lost boys that "tonight, Henry saves magic!"

The man brings the boy into a room with two women on spinning wheels.
Turns out, the boy is Rumplestiltskin. "These two women will take care of you"
Before his dad leaves him, he gives Rumple the little corn husk voodoo looking doll that Peter threw at Rumple earlier in the season.

Snow tells Emma that she and Charming plan to stay on the island. Emma is the one who says "there's always a way"
The "cavalry" hear rustling in the woods, turns out to be Regina and Rumple.
They plan to trap Pan for eternity by putting him in the Pandora's Box.
The crew finds out that Rumple plans to kill Henry.
Everyone pulls out their weapons: Hook's sword, Emma's sword, Charming's sword, and Snow's arrows

The two women discuss Rumple's gift for spinning. 
They give him a magic bean to go to a different place where no one will know his father's name.

Neal tells Rumple that the only way they can work together if he gives him the Pandora's Box
Rumple: Peter Pan destroyed my father

Rumple finds his dad at the pub playing the card game again.
He wants his dad to go with him using the magic bean. "Think lovely thoughts!"
His dad talks about the invention of Neverland. When he (the dad) was young, he would go to a magical place in his dreams.
They jump into the portal.

Hook talks to Emma about the magic water that saved David. Rumple says he can make an elixir to save David. Neal tells his dad that no deal, Rumple will make the thing without asking for anything in return "because it's the right thing."
As they near the camp, Rumple takes the sword out of Hook's belt and says "I'm not walking in there with nothing but my good looks."
Hook: Well, I on the other hand--
David: Here, in case your good looks fail you *throws a sword at him*
As they enter the camp, the realize that Henry isn't with the lost boys. But they do find Wendy.
Turns out, Wendy and Neal know each other. 

The father and son pair land on a beach.
Neverland is special, just think anything and you can do it.
Best of all, you can fly! But they need pixie dust.
Pan's shadow stalks them

Wendy lies to the grownups about knowing about the existence of Henry.
They tell Wendy about their interaction with John and Michael.
She tells them that Peter needs Henry's heart to save himself.
Pan's dying and needs Henry's heart to absorb all the magic in Neverland. 
When Pan lives, Henry will die.

Elsewhere, Peter and Henry arrive on Skull Rock. Peter draws a line in the sand to create a protection spell.

Emma's optimism seems to be all over the place. "We're all going back home, together"

The pair almost reach the location of the pixie dust.
They reach a tree and he says "we're here"
The flowers on the top of the tree at night, they bloom with the stars.
Rumple's father is trying to force him to climb the tree but climbs it himself instead.
While up on the tree, he spots a flower and puts some pixie dust on himself "I want to fly!"
The dust doesn't work and the dark shadow stalking them shows up and tells him that he doesn't belong on the island.

Rumple, Regina, Emma, and Neal arrive on Skull Rock. They get stopped by the protection spell.
Turns out, Rumple can go in because no one with a shadow can go through the spell.
Rumple easily steps in and gets the box from them. Regina threatens to hurt Rumple if Henry is hurt. Rumple goes on.
Emma suggests blocking out the moon so that no shadow appears. Regina and Emma use magic to cause an eclipse.

Henry and Peter arrive in the heart of the rock and there is a giant, magical hourglass in the middle.
Peter tells Henry that it marks how much time is left until the magic runs out.
Pan hears a noise and freaks out, he tells Henry to sit down and then walks off.

Rumple is crying beneath the tree because his dad hadn't come back. But his dad arrives just in time.
His dad says he got the dust but it doesn't work on adults
He says that the only thing holding him down on the island, preventing him from feeling young again is: him (Rumple).
He lets the shadow have Rumple and the dust overcomes him and turns him into Peter Pan!!!!

Peter: You traded your son for a dagger. And I traded you for youth.
Rumple: I regretted my son the moment I let him go.
Peter: I never forgot about you! Why do you think I call myself Peter Pan?
Rumple: I'm going to make a fresh start, just not with you. *tries to open the box but it doesn't work*
Peter has the real one. He opens the box and sucks Rumple in.

Rumple goes back to the two spinning women.
He gave the doll the name "Peter Pan"
Peter flies to Skull Rock and sees the hourglass. The shadow appears and talks to him.
"It represents the magic fueling your youth. The magic allowing you to stay here, to stay young."
When it runs out, "Your youth will be taken and you will die"

Peter tells Henry to give him his heart.
Pan tells Henry that he has to stay on the island forever and can never leave.
He uses magic to get Henry to pull his own heart out.
Peter greets Baefire, The Savior, and The Evil Queen.
They try to convince Henry to not give away the heart because it'll kill him.
Pan tells Henry that they're lying to him because adults lie.
They say "I believe in you too, but I have to save magic, I'm sorry."
He shoves his heart into Peter and a green woosh goes across the island (kinda like when Emma broke the curse and it was a bluish purple light that went woosh.)
Peter smirks and begins to fly.

This is such a cliffhanger!! This is the biggest piece of news ever. I am so shocked at the real identity of Pan! And the fact that they are all related, man the creators are insanely genius!

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Once Upon a Time in wonderland Season 1 Ep 5 Heart of Stone

01.05 Heart of Stone

We start off in the cabin right where we left off. Will (the knave of hearts) and Anastasia (the red queen) are preparing to jump into the magic mirror that Will stole from Maleficent. But Anastasia's mother walks in. Her mother is disappointed in Anastasia because he doesn't have a title, she worked very hard to get her daughter to become a queen. "At least I have your sisters." (I just realized that this might be the same Anastasia that is Cinderella's step-sister.)

Opening title sequence: A horse-drawn carriage. (Looks similar to the one that the red queen was in in an earlier episode)

We see the red queen standing on a cliff looking down into an abyss filled with sharp pointy rocks. She tries to step off but doesn't. 
Alice drapes a blanket over Will's head to protect him from "rain, snow, or anything that falls from the sky."
Red queen appears and offers Alice a deal: Find magic dust in exchange for finding Cyrus

Back in Cyrus's tower, the old man he is trapped with is dragged back into his cage. 
Cyrus questions what and why the old man is there.
His punishment (today) was to push giant, man-sized rocks up stone steps. His reason for imprisonment is that he, like Cyrus, has something that Jafar wants.
Cyrus shows the old man that the ring he has been carving on the bottom of the cage with the wishbone is almost complete.

Anastasia and Will are scavenging for food, Will finds a mushroom and is about to take a bite when Anastasia says that's the kind that will make him grow bigger. "And the wagon is small enough as it is."
They see a wagon go by with loads of bread and ask for a piece. The driver says that it's all spoken for because there's a ball in the palace that night.
Anastasia suggests they crash the ball. Will plans to steal her a dress.

The Red Queen is in her carriage with Alice, they're heading to "The Great Divide" to get the magic dust. 
She reminds Alice of the little girl in the blue dress wanting her father's love.

Cyrus continues cutting a hole, the old man tells him about the layout of the tower.
As they talk, the bottom of the cage breaks and falls down the hole. 

Lady Gaga-Man presents Jafar with a "package."
It is the White Rabbit
Jafar propositions the rabbit to free him of his debt with the Red Queen in exchange for information on everyone that Alice has ever loved.

Cyrus plans his escape, he rocks his cage and slips out of it onto the ledge.
He nearly falls but somehow survives and knocks out the guard (getting the keys from him.)

Alice and the Queen arrive at the divide and Alice wonders how to get across. Without a bridge and without magic.
On the floor is a placard that says "The pure of heart shall make the leap"

Will and Anastasia are at the ball with newly borrowed clothes.
She says: I'm just going to go look around
Will: Alright, I'll be back *walks off*
Anastasia overhears someone saying "I was just admiring the crowned jewels darling" and imitates her way of speech.
She says "hello darling" out loud and a man says "most people go with 'your magesty'"
They flirt.
Will and Anastasia are discovered. Some woman accuses Anastasia of having stole the dress from her carriage.

Alice: How do I know this isn't a trick to make me use a wish?
Queen: if I wanted you to fall off the cliff, I'd push you
Alice figures out it is a riddle. "Maybe it's a figurative leap. A leap of faith."
"The purest thing in my heart, my love for Cyrus." "When two people love each other, there's nothing they can't accomplish."
"Our hearts are entwined." She closes her eyes and steps off of the cliff onto an invisible bridge. After taking a few steps, she falls!!
She wakes up and starts yelling for the help of the queen.
Lady Gaga Man shows up. Queen: we failed
Man: back to the palace, your majesty
Queen: I shall be the one to tell you when we leave.

Anastasia: We failed. Time to go home
She forms a plan to steal the crowned jewels.

Cyrus throws the keys up to the old man, he lets the keys fall.
(I'm starting to think that the old man is Jafar's father, the Sultan)

Jafar: She enjoys tea parties...
He's angry and he cuts off the rabbit's foot.
The rabbit has one minute to tell Jafar who else in Wonderland Alice cares about and he can be hole again.
"There is someone, but they're not in Wonderland."

Trapped down the hole, there is a creepy little girl saying "Alice~~"
It's a little girl in a blue dress "Hello Alice, it's lovely to see you again"
"I'm here to help you" "You know what you have to do."
Turns out, the little squirt is evil Alice. Telling real Alice to kill the queen.
Instead of killing the queen, Alice swings her sword and sticks it in the ground. The queen has tears in her eyes. 
The evil Alice turns back into the real Young Alice and then becomes the magic dust.
As real Alice is picking up the dust, she tells the queen she didn't do it "Because I'm not like you."

Anastasia is inside the palace searching for the crown jewels.
She finds them and breaks open the cabinet. She gets greedy and goes for the crown.
The king catches her. "It's beautiful isn't it?"

The queen takes the dust and turns out she lied about the deal.
(Alice's outfit is very cute, I'm almost positive that she keeps changing it)

Elsewhere, Cyrus is escaping 
The rabbit got his foot back
Jafar tells the rabbit to "start digging"
The rabbit runs into Cyrus and tells him "Just go. Find her! Just go!"

The king is fascinated by Anastasia. He takes back the crown from her and offers it to her in exchange for her hand in marriage.
He leads her to the mirror and puts the crown on her head.
Anastasia: But I love another
King: Suppose you sell it, how long until it runs out?
The king makes an announcement: People of Wonderland, I give you, your queen.
Anastasia comes out onto the balcony, her lips have gotten fuller (than they were before), and she has made a dress change.
Will is heartbroken

The queen takes the blanket off of Will's statue, says "I'm sorry," and then sprinkles the magic dust onto him. He turns back into a human. 
Alice uses the magic dust and tells it to show her where Cyrus is.
A tower appears and she says "I'm coming for you."
In that same moment, Cyrus emerges from the same tower and says "Alice, I'm coming for you."
We see the red amulet glowing in the distance.

More hope for the lovers. I'm so tired of seeing Anastasia's face. More Will and Alice adventures please!