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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Ep 9 Save Henry

03.09 Save Henry

Flashback: We are back in the Enchanted Forest and the curse is just arriving. Regina and the then entrapped Rumple are conversing in the dungeon. He tells her that something is missing which she denies. They discuss things. Rumple giggles sa lot.

Opening title sequence: A dark cloud forms around the edges then Pan's shadow flies overhead

The parents are all worried over Henry. Pan lands and sneers at Emma while she tries to stab him. Pan flies off.

11 Years Ago:
Regina is sitting at her desk signing papers and Archie is standing  in front of her. They speak.  He tells her that having a child might fill the hole she has insde of her. She goes to Gold for him to get her a child.

They try to figure out where Pan went. Regina tells Emma that she has everything (parents, "this guy", and a pirate who pines for you) while she has no one but Henry.
The group is back at Pan's camp looking for him, Regina threatens Felix for information. Emma offers a better alternative: a mother.

Gold lets Regina know that an adoption nearby fell through so the baby boy is in need of a home. That and the the agency is in Boston.
Regina is sitting at a desk with a man who holds the fate of her motherhood in his hands. He tells her that she has a reat resume and that it will be a closed adoption. She accepts and excitedly awaits the arrival of her new baby boy who she immediately names Henry.  "Come on Henry, let's go home"

Emma is talking softly to the lost boys and saying that she too was a lost girl and that they will bring all the boys back to their land with them if they tell her where Pan is. Felix is relentless. One of the younger boys "can you really bring us home?" He's at his thinking tree.

Regina is having problems with Henry because he won't stop crying. She thinks there's something wrong with him and demands Dr. Whale to do more tests. He tells her that she needs the biological parents to see medical history.
While she's on the phone with Sydney (demanding the name of the parents), she hands the baby to Mary Margaret who calms Henry right away.

They formulate a plan to find Pan.
Neal: guard Henry's body
Parents: gather up the lost boys and prepare the Jolly Roger to fly
Hook: we need the Pegasus sail. Neal: I have Pan's shadow, we're fine.
Snow: something about spending time with her daughter.

Regina begs Henry to stop crying "and I'll do anything for you"
Henry stops crying when she bounces him up and down and sings for him
Meanwhile, Sydney gets infromation on the mother and faxes it over to Regina.
She goes to Gold and says Henry's mother wwas found in the woods outside of Storybrook 18 years ago.
Regina accuses Gold of the whole plan. He pretends not to remember.
"Henry will go back to Boston tomorrow!!"

The three women (Emma, Snow, and Regina) arrive at the Thinking Tree and sees the Pandora's Box sitting out on a rock. Emma warns of a trap. Snow tries to grab it and magic vines tie them to a nearby tree.
Pan appears "You're mothers. Quite tenatious about their offspring."
If you want to see Henry again, there's only one place you will be reunited: in death.

Regina arrives back at the adoption agency and hands Henry over.
She looks at Henry, he smiles up at her and coos. She decides not to give him up.
Turns out, the couple who was going to receive Henry after she gave him up was Michael and John.

Pan reveals to the women that the tree they are tied to is the tree where he lost his son.
They discover that Rumple is Pan's son.
The tree attacks people who have regrets. Regina tells him that she has done terrible things but she has no regrets because it got her her son. They escape the tree and Regina grabs Henry's heart back.
Back on the Jolly Roger: Regina puts Henry's heart back in. They all wait for him to wake up. He wake up and hugs his mothers. His family greets him.

Archie visits Regina and is happy for her that things worked out.
Regina is worried that the birth mother might come and take Henry back.
Archie tells her to enjoy the moments she has now. Revel in being a mother.
She visits her dad's grave and thanks him.
She then tells Henry a story about a queen who enacted revenge but was searching for a little boy.
While telling the story, she brews an "ancient potion of forgetting" so that her past worries won't bother her anymore. So that she and her little prince can finally live happily ever after.
She drinks the potion and smiles.

Regina is sitting with Henry. It is a very touching moment with her showing her mother side.
She puts a spell so that no one can ever take his heart again. "Thanks mom"
Pan appears after Regina leaves the room.

Meanwhile on the deck, Neal lets Rumple out of the box. He smiles and hugs his father. They reconcile. "You're not the same, you came back for me Papa."
Rumple senses Pan's presence.
Peter tries to pry Henry's heart out. When that fails, he tries to take Henry's shadow. Rumple appears "Blood magic works both ways, father." He puts Pan into the box.
Regina runs in with worry on her face. "He's a strong boy Regina, you raised him well"

Up on deck, everyone is preparing to ship off. They light a cannon and releases Pan's shadow in front of it. Regina uses her magic to turn the shadow into one of the sails.
David tells Emma that she did a good job by suggesting that they all needed to work together. All they needed was a leader.
Tink and Wendy talk. Wendy gives Tink the last bit of pixie dust left from the flowers on the tree.
Henry comes out of the cabin's quarters and talks to his dad. "Henry, I want you to know that you have a dad now. Now and forever."
Regina tells Tink that she was right in saying that she would find someone to love.
Everyone seems to be having a heart to heart right now.
Henry tries to feed Felix and thank him. Henry: Pan never fails.
Somehow, Pan switched places with Henry during their struggle.

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