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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Ep 10 The New Neverland

03.10 The New Neverland

On the docks, Ariel and Belle are looking for Eric.
He recognizes her!!
They reconcile.
Belle suddenly sees Hook's ship appearing from the sky
"He's back!"

Opening Title Sequence: Medusa!

*Cheering* Everyone is happy that Emma and pals are back
They are greeted by Granny, the Dwarfs, the Blue Fairy, Belle, and Ariel+Eric
Snow sees Ariel (for the first time this season) and is surprised to see her there
Regina is standing all alone with no one to greet her
Belle greets Rumple
Peter and Michael greet Wendy and Bae.
Everyone is reuniting and happy

Back to Snow and Charming's wedding...again
Snow is angry that Regina is going to ruin their lives (still)
Charming suggests going on their honeymoon (we know what he wants)
Snow wants to go to the summer palace "it's where my parents spent their honeymoon"

Pan-Henry gets Felix put in jail
Rumple and the gang lock the Pandora's Box away safely back in the shop

Belle ties Rumple's tie for him and says "so what now?" (I hear wedding bells!)

Emma gives Pan-Henry the story book and since he is Pan, he doesn't know what it is
Hook is looking at the exchange between the mother and son
Bae appears and Hook tells him that he'll back off from Emma
"Devilishly handsome pirate standing in the way"
"You serious?"
"Yeah, I am devilishly handsome"

Tink and Regina ask the Blue Fairy to give back her wings.
If you don't even believe in yourself, how can I?

Bae asks Emma to talk
"Are you trying to ask me out on a date?"
"Tomorrow around lunch time, I'm going to be hungry and sitting in that booth"

Charming carries Snow across the threshold
(I am just cracking up here because she is so bundled up that she looks like a pile of blankets with a head)
Charming tries to take of Snow's cloak. But she says "not right now"
When he goes outside, she takes off her cloak and reveals that she's wearing her "hunting" gear
He stops her in the woods and she tells him about her plan of using Medusa

Henry asks to spend the night with Regina instead of with Emma
Snow tells her not to worry

Pan-Henry asks Regina if her magic is in her vault and that he needs the magic to protect himself
She says magic is not the answer and that she will protect him
Pan-Henry releases the shadow from the ship's sail

Charming is hacking through the forest
They find the "cave" but it's more like a mausoleum

Charming and Snow are eating lunch at Granny's
Rumple appears and hands him the antidote to the magic Neverland water
Nothing in return
"But we are family now. So if i ever need a favor, you'll be more receptive"
He drinks it. Snow "How do you feel?"
He feels great and kisses her
(They're probably going to go make a baby now)
He says "Let's go get started on that family"
Snow looks sad because she sees Neal all by himself and that Emma didn't show up

David goes to find her
She is off by the beach checking her phone
She has a feeling that something bad has happened
He convinces her to go eat with Neal
"Are you sure you're not trying to...keep me away from Hook?"
"You think I'm interested in Hook? Emma, I'm a married man!"

Hook bumps into Tink and tries to get with her.
They hear a scream and see that Pan's shadow is terrorizing the Blue Fairy
It rips out her shadow and kills her
Regina tells Henry to follow her

Charming and Snow enter Medusa's lair
"How are we supposed to find her?"
(Me: Found her!)
He draws her out and Snow tries to cut off her head but the sword breaks
He sees a helmet and throws it the opposite direction to distract her. As they run, Snow gets captured
Charming gets turned into stone in an effort to save her

They're all standing over the dead fairy
Regina takes Henry to her vault.
Emma asks Regina to keep an eye on Henry because he's not himself
She said something about "my son too" "10 years" "our son"

Evil Queen talks to snow using a nearby reflective shield.
Snow uses it the way Perseus did
Medusa sees herself and turns to stone
Charming comes back to life
Snow says something about losing him
He says something about having an idea of what they can do (bow chika wowow)

The gang goes to Rumple to get the box
They have an idea to release Pan across the town lines and for Emma to shoot him
Pan comes out of the box and says he's Henry
Prove it. "I got trapped in the mines, I tried blowing up the world, I like hot cocoa with cinnamon"
"This proves nothing!"
Emma tests him "The first time you and I connected. Not when we met, but when we connected"
In his castle. "I know why you gave me up"
They hug
(Belle and Rumple! Belle and Rumple! Belle and Rumple!!)

Pan-Henry is looking at some magic that Regina has on the walls
They hug, he drugs her and she faints

Snow is lounging
They talk about why Snow keeps wanting to get rid of Regina
It's because she doesn't want to bring a child in the world where Regina exists
"Let's start now" something about making good moments
"What better way of making a good moment than creating a child"

Henry tells Rumple to not hit his face when throwing fireballs
He sees Bae and hugs him.
They can't get into the vault
Yay Rumple opens it!
Snow is the first to run to Regina's aide
Rumple revives her
"I just wanted to believe that he still needed me to be his mother"
Henry-Pan "I still do"

Pan-Henry broke Felix out of jail
He stole the curse. Everyone would forget who they are, time would stand still, and we would be in charge.
It's going to be the New Neverland.
(And now it doesn't have to be on an island!)

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