Sunday, December 15, 2013

Once Upon a Time Season 3 Ep 11 Going Home

03.11 Going Home

Opening title sequence: Emma's yellow bug driving through green fog.

The gang devises a plan to save Henry and kill Pan before the curse gets enacted. Hook, Neal, and David have to go to the Blue Fairy and get the wand of the Dark Fairy from her in order to switch Henry and Pan back. Tink bravely fights and destroys Pan's shadow and in turn, she gains her wings back and revives the Blue fairy.

Rumple uses the dark wand to put Henry-Pan to sleep and to switch their bodies back. He stays behind to have a "talk" with his father while everyone else goes out to look for Henry. Pan revives and takes away Rumple's powers.

Regina gets her hands on the scroll that created the curse and finds out what she has to do. She has to destroy Storybrooke and in turn, taking away everyone's memories. But Emma and Henry can't go back to the Enchanted Forest because that is the price that she (Regina) has to pay.

Rumple comes out to see what has to happen, he takes out his "Dark One" dagger and kills Pan with it. And in turn, he dies too. Belle sobs a the spot where Rumple was (both men disappeared.)

Everyone says good bye to Emma and Henry at the town line. Regina gives them new memories of their years together (Emma never gave up Henry). The mother and son drive away while behind them, Storybrooke vanishes including the line where the dwarfs had drawn the town line.

One year later....
We see Emma and Henry's new life. They are in the apartment that Emma was in at the beginning of the show and they have cool appliances and a great life together. Someone knocks on the door during breakfast and we see that it's Hook. He tries to get in and tell Emma that her parents are in danger but she defends himself and kicks him. She closes the door and returns to Henry. "It was nobody"

I didn't get to watch the preview but everyone seems to know that Oz is coming next. And the OUAT Facebook page shows a picture of the Green witch and it says "Wicked always wins"
We saw a car that looked exactly like Emma's yellow bug while we were in the Disneyland parking lot. This was before I finished the episode. It would have been so much more significant to me if I had seen the ending.

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