Monday, December 2, 2013

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Ep 12 The Rehearsal Dinner

(Last week's episode was so much of a filler that I didn't even write about it)

09.12 The Rehearsal Dinner

22 hours before the wedding

We zoom in on a cute cow stuffed animal that has a sign "Let's get this party started"
Barney is handcuffed to a pole and asks the security guy in the room to push the button on the cow.
Robin is wearing a strapless gold dress and very angry.
She tells Barney she's mad because she should be at the rehearsal dinner but instead, she's in a laser tag security office waiting for Barney to be arrested.

A few months ago:
Barney has a brilliant idea:
"Laser tag rehearsal dinner"

"Name one bad idea I've ever had"
"Gluten free edible panties"
"Hot dog on a stick on a bun"
"Inflatable sex toy life raft"
"The breast augmentation channel"
"Single malt scotch tape"
"The time you ran for mayor"
"The only poll I care about is in my pants"

They make fun of Canada

Something about Ted playing piano at their rehearsal dinner dressed as Liberachi

Barney got Robin back for the bachelor party by saying he'll leave her. And he asks her to move out.
Inside a suitcase on a bed is 4 fat golden retriever puppies.
Robin lays down the law "no more surprises"

Barney thinks Robin is throwing a laser tag dinner.
Lily sucks at keeping secrets.

Ted didn't really learn the piano.
Barney left the Inn and went to laser tag.

Lily tells Ted & Robin about Marshall's judgeship
Ted gets mad

"A marriage needs to be built on honesty and trust and all that Lily and Marshal crap"
Ted tells Lily a secret and then hands her a microphone
"Ladies and gentlemen, there's been a change of plans:

Barney gets out of the handcuffs
He hands Robin a pair of ice skates
and it starts snowing inside the room.
Barney presses the "let's get this party started" button and the walls lift up
Standing outside the room are all their friends from the party and there's snow outside. (Because they're at an ice rink)
Ted is wearing his Liberachi costume.
The security guard is actually an ice skater.
Alan Thicke sings (so does Barney's brother)

"I love you!"

Robin: I thought you hated Canada
Barney: Of course not, I love Canada!
*He lists a bunch of things that came from Canada*
"Barney Stintson, instant mashed potatoes, and best of all: You"
*they kiss*
Ted goes by on a rolling piano (playing it)

This was definitely not a filler episode. Marshall didn't appear at all. Perhaps it was because he was the only one in the previous episode. This episode showed even more the love between Robin and Barney. It was sweet. I was getting so frustrated during the episode but the end made it all worth it.

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