Friday, July 4, 2014

27 Dresses (2008)

27 Dresses (2008)

Starring Katherine Heigl as Jane Nichols, a woman who discovered her calling as an assistant to brides at age 8. And Kevin Doyle, played by James Marsden, as her love interest.

The movie shows Jane as an adult participating in two weddings as a bridesmaid in both. She hits her head and gets "saved" by Kevin, a writer who finds Jane's pocketbook after sharing a cab together. Her sister Tess comes back to visit the same night there's an office party and Jane's boss George immediately falls in love with Tess.
After George and Tess get engaged, Jane has to help plan the wedding even though she's actually in love with George. Kevin shows up to interview them as "Malcom Doyle," the writer for wedding announcements in the commitments page of the newspaper. Jane and Kevin get to know each other and he starts to fall for her just as she realizes that she is in love with George.
Jane and Kevin get stranded in the rain on the way to pick up some linens for the wedding. They end up sleeping together in the car. Next day without either of their knowledge, the bridesmaid article is printed with pictures of all her dresses.
Tess blows up about the article asking how Jane let this happen, "They called me bridezilla!!" Jane exacts revenge by putting pictures of Tess doing all the things she said she wasn't into the rehearsal dinner slideshow. Kevin apologies and gives her a pda phone to replace her day planner.
The wedding is called off, Tess and Jane eventually make up, and Jane quits her job when she comes to a realization that the only reason she's still in the job is because she loves George. They kiss and she feels nothing. She quits her job.
She rushes to find Kevin on a boat and declares her love. One year later, she is getting married in the "28th dress" and all the past brides are bridesmaids at her wedding.

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