Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Snow White Week: Villain: The Evil Queen

Today's spotlight of Snow White Week is The Evil Queen.

The Evil Queen just wants to be forever beautiful and in comes a pretty young thing that takes the spotlight. This film talks about the horrors of aging.

The Queen in merchandising:
There's a Disney Villains line and she seems to be the central figure in a lot of the villain lines.

This is the designer set that came out a few years ago. A lot of people were outraged at Ursula's thinness and wanted her to have curves.

Here is an Evil Queen Pop Funko, very cute.
The merchandise of the queen not in her original form all make her look not evil. In reality, she's just a vain woman.

The Queen in modern pop culture:

Regina from Once Upon a Time
Regina is fabulous and has a different story than the one from the animated movie. In this, she was betrayed by Snow White which resulted in the love of her life being killed by her mother. This hatred later led her to Rumpelstiltskin who in turn taught her dark magic. She is after Snow in this series because of the loss of her love.
She also adopts Snow's grandchild (but no one knew about that until late into season 1.)
Poor Regina, will she never get her way?

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