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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Ep 24 Last Forever Part 2

09.24 Last Forever Part 2


Lily, Barney, and Ted are at the bar waiting for Marshall to show up. Barney is spazzing.
Barney: The earliest I'll let anyone go home is 2am
Lily: 10pm
Ted: 9:45
Barney: 3am

Marshall tells them he's in line to be a judge again.
Ted: 1:45am
Barney doesn't want him to go. He doesn't think he'll ever meet someone and be like "you're the love of my life, everything I have is yours"

Ted and Mother with Marshall and Lily at robot fight
Marshall asks if they'll ever get married
Mother: Someone got "judgey"

Ted: This one wants to be in a French castle
Mother: This one will take a White Castle. But he insists on a "wow factor"
Ted: You're all the "wow factor" I need. *kiss*

Barney comes in. He tried a "perfect month" and made a new playbook
Barney: That last girl, number 31.
Mother: Oh that's a pretty name, is it French?
Barney: She's pregnant
Barney: My life is over
Mother: So where are you guys registered?


Ted takes Penny to see GNB building
Robin shows up

He tells Lily and Marshall: And that was it
They're mad and compare it to a Sasquatch sighting
It's the birth of her ex husband's love child

It's a girl. "This is Ellie"
Barney falls in love with her. "You are the love of my life. Everything I have and everything I am is yours. Forever"

Ted walks into his living room and reproposes to the Mother.
Ted: Will you
Mother: Yes
Ted: Will you
Mother: Yes
Ted: W-
Mother: Yes
Ted: Will you marry me on Thursday? I called your office and you have nothing going on. Will you marry me on Thursday??
Mother: Yes. Aww same ring

Lily: I can't believe it, it's Ted Mosby's wedding day!
Ted: Yes! After 7 years and 2 kids. Guys am I rushing into this?

Barney tells two young ladies to go home and put on decent clothes and call their parents.
Lily: Now I've seen everything
Marshall: Not everything
*Robin walks in*
Lily cried
Barney: Daddy's Home
Marshall. Judge Fudge? Running for state supreme court. You'll be calling me Fudge Supreme
Ted: you rsvp-ed no.
Robin: I did, but someone pretty persuasive talked me into it
Mother walks in.
She wants to get a picture of the gang all together.

Ted tells his kids that if he hadn't gone down that "long and difficult road" to get where he is now, he wouldn't be the same person. That the moment he met ther mom, he knew he was going to love her as much as he can for as long as he can.
<Montage of their life together>
That he carried the lesson (of loving her) all through their lives together. Even when she got sick. "What could be called the worst of times."

(Thanking God, the universe, and anyone and anything else out there) "When I saw that beautiful girl on that train platform and that I had the guts to stand up and walk over to her and tap her on the shoulder and open my mouth."
Ted: Excuse me, hi I'm
Mother: The best man
Ted: You're Cindy's ex roommates
Mother: You're the professor. I took one of your classes. Econ 305

He tells her that she stole his yellow umbrella b/c he left it in Cindy's room. She says she bought it. He says his initials "TM, Ted Mosby."
Mother: Look again Ted Mosby, those are my initials. TM, Tracy McConnell

She tells him she went a dance club on St Patricks day. And left it. And never thought she'd see it again.

They talk in the rain under the umbrella

(Get ready, this is the beginning of the end)

Flashforward to old Ted sitting in front of his children. "And that kids, is how I met your mother."
Penny: That's it
Ted: That's it
Penny: No, that is not the reason you made us listen to this.
Ted: Oh really? Then what is it?
Penny: Let's look at the facts again. You made us sit down and listen to this story about how you met mom. Yet mom is hardly in the story. No, this is a story about how you're totally in love with Aunt Robin. And you're thinking about asking her out and you want to know if we're okay with it.
Ted: I can't believe this. I kep this story short and to the point and you guys completely missed it. The point of the story is that-
Penny: Is that you totally totally totally have the hots for Aunt Robin
Ted: No I don't
Penny: Yes you do
Ted: You're Grounded
Luke: Wow you're really into Aunt Robin
Ted: You're grounded too. Okay. Suppose I were interested in Aunt Robin in that way. It's not like I'd do anything about it. I got you guys to worry about.
Penny: Dad, we love Aunt Robin
Luke: Whenever she comes over for dinner, you guys are so obvoius
Penny: Come on dad, mom has been going for six years now. It's time.
Ted: What?  ijust call her up on the phone and ask her out on a date?
Kids: YES
Ted: And that's womething you guys want?
Kids: YES
He hangs up, says "four"

We see Robin at her apartment, she has four dogs. The door rings and she goes to the window to see hwo is outside.
Ted is standing there with the blue french horn

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