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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Ep 23 Last Forever Part 1

Please note, I do not plan on going over the previous episodes that I have missed. After watching these two episodes, I don't think I can rewatch any of it without feeling sad. Maybe after I process it.

09.23 Last Forever part 1

Part 1

September 2005
The gang is meeting Robin. Lily tells the boys if any of them wants to hook up with her, they have to marry her

Marshall: The son of a bitch did it.

Ted talks about his moving to Chicago the next day. "Onwards and upwards." As he looks around the room, he sees The Mother up on stage playing her bass and stops talking.

I can't do it...I don't want to watch this. I had to pause on her face and cry. Okay..letting myself watching now. TEARS ALREADY TWO MINUTES IN!!!

Barney says hi to her "hey bass player!"
Tells her that he went out and got the girl "check it"
Barney wants to "have you met Ted" with the bass player
But Ted says he has to leave now.

Ted: Robin, it's been a major pleasure
Both: Major pleasure
*they hug*
Lily can't do it, Ted hugs Marshall
E.T. good bye with Lily. No hug
He hugs Barney
Ted: We licked the Liberty Bell
Barney: We did?

Ted gives Barney a high five so good it will be enough for the rest of their lives. A high-infinity
They go to opposite sides and high five. (Both hurt their hands "worth it")

Ted at train station. Old lady asks him if the lady with the bass guitar is pretty. She then tells him to go back and meet her. And then tells Ted what if the universe sends a sign. Then she asks one last question "this girl with the bass guitar, is that her?"
Ted: Just be cool lady, daaamnnn

24 hours later
Marshall and Lily walk into the bar to see Ted there. They expected him to be gone
He tells them he's not moving to Chicago because he met a girl
Lily: Who is this girl?
Ted: The bass player from the wedding band
Ohhhh ahhhhh
He call and asks her for a date and walks off while still on the phone with her.
Marshall is complaining to Lily about how Ted always finds a girl and moves too fast.
Lily has this knowing look on her face the entire time. (Pause and cry some more)
Marshall: He's fallen in love too many times now
Lily: Not like this, this is different

Present time
Ted: If I ever get married, I'm keeping it simple

Barney: A hot air balloon?
Ted: Yeah I'm getting married in a 17th century castle in France

The Mother walks in to tell Ted that they can't get married in September because "when I do get married, I kinda want to fit in my dress"
He hugs her
Robin: What's going on?
Barney: She's getting a boob job

May 2016
Lily and Marshall are visiting with Barney and Robin. Baby Penny in the nursery.
Marshall: Can't believe you let Ted hang his jousting lance from the Renaissance faire on their bedroom wall
The mother: Yeah, that's Ted's
Ted *smiles*

They ask about Robin and Barney's trip to Argentina
Barney talks about his blog as his "business"
(This might be the part where they got "that drunk")
Robin asks if he wants an exit, right now at the 3 year mark
Barney: Before I answer that question, can we get really drunk and have sex?

They got divorced.

Barney noticed that Lily is about to have baby #3
Lily: Promise me that no matter what, we'll always be there for the big moments

October 2016
Marshall and Lily are living in the apartment. They talk about how Marvin and Daisy are sharing a room and when the third one is born, they can put the crib in the shower.
Marshall: How do we say good bye to something..memories
Marshall: We have to move!

Halloween and Farewell Apartment party on the roof
Marshall is Captain Ahab
Lily is White Whale
Barney is some rock star
Ted is Hanging Chad
The Mother is some old lady wearing an Al Gore sweater

Robin wants to leave because "the gang" is a couple about to have their 3rd baby, her ex husband hitting on younger women, and the guy she should have ended up with married to a beautiful woman who is the mother of his children.

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