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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Ep 9 Nothing to Fear

01.09 Nothing to Fear

We are back! It has been so long since this show was on! I can't believe there's only been 8 episodes. Feels like much longer. 
Rewind: Anastasia, Will, Cyrus, and Alice are in a field. Will got struck by lightning which caused Alice to get hurt too because she linked them in a wish. He wishes to end Alice's suffering and it frees Cyrus. But Will has in turn become a genie.

Will is in the bottle going down a very rapid river. "Bloody hell!"
A naked (covered in a towel) Liz finds his bottle and releases him from it.
He walks away and she tells him to come back. He takes out three rubies from his pockets and says "Mistress mine, my will is thine" and realizes he's a genie. And she's his master. *mischievous face*

Opening title sequence: Some purple thing, not sure. Looks like a pawn piece

Alice wakes up and looks up to see Cyrus standing at the door of their secret hidden tent. They smile and are both in disbelief. The Red Queen interrupts before they can kiss. Alice doesn't seem to remember what happened to Will and wants to leave the Queen and Will and Wonderland. Cyrus tells her that all the Queen wants is to be reunited with her love.

Jafar walks into Anastasia's throne room "I'm the master of Wonderland now"
He looks over at his father's cage which he brought over with him. "You enjoy the view father?"
"Where you sit Jafar, is nothing more than a large chair."
Jafar: You tried to murder your own son
Father: If only I had succeeded, the world would be a far better place
*He stares at Jafar, dramatic music plays*
Jafar looks away first. "Remove him!"

The Caterpillar comes and tell Jafar he was unable to locate the genie bottle. Jafar wants to kill the Caterpillar but instead, the Caterpillar offers up another way. A creature so scary that no one would dare speak its name: It is called...the Jabberwocky

The Red Queen complains about walking in the mud. Alice say something about getting everyone else's hands dirty but her own.
Red Queen: Cyrus, you should really teach your girlfriend some manners. Before someone else does.

As they are walking through the forest, Alice and Cyrus are quite awkward. They just have a lot to catch up on. Cyrus: We'll find time to be together. Then she notices that the queen is no longer behind them.

Liz: Why risk your life going back to save Alice and Cyrus?
Will: I can't make anyone fall in love (She looks disappointed)
Liz: How about you tell me something you want and I wish it for you?
Will: Beer! Beer for everyone!

A group of villagers hold up jewelry they got. Then we see Anastasia sitting on the floor. She was kidnapped by them.
Villager: Now you darling will be the one to suffer

Jafar opens a box with a Tweedle's head in it. "Tweedle, you were so useful to me. Sorry to see you didn't come out ahead"
The Tweedle asks for a body in return for information about the Jabberwocky
"It took 500 men and Wonderland's most powerful magic to imprison the Jabberwocky"
Jafar picks up the head and puts it on the body of the soldier hose head he just cut off

We see Will chugging a beer with people chanting "Knave Knave Knave Knave"
She and Liz try to figure out the next wish.

Moss from the north side of the tree
Stone as white as moonlight
Feather. An owl's but it'll have to do
Cyrus puts all this together with a piece of Anastasia's dress and does a locating spell.
He was taught magic by his mother
Alice: I wish I could have met your family
(This is probably the first in a long time that she could "I wish")

Jafar arrives at a tower that was shown in the opening title sequence. There are pawn pieces outside on the bridge leading to it. A soldier blocks his way. He kills the soldier who is just trying to protect everyone from the Jabberwocky.

Anastasia is tied to a tree by the villagers. They plan to feed her to the creatures that ransack their village every winter. She tries to save her own life by convincing them to offer her up for ransom. They tell her to give a name of someone who would pay for her. She comes to a realization that no one cares about her.
Cyrus and Alice come to the rescue but they end up being captured too.They're about to be eaten by wolf like monsters and Alice/Cyrus hold hands. It's Alice's amulet that is glowing and attracting their attention. She throws it and they have to leave it behind.

Will looks for Liz sitting alone in a barn. He figures out that she's in love with someone. She asks what he looks for in a girl. He says confidence, sense of adventure, looks great in a dress, fireworks go off. She wishes for that and gets transformed. She is wearing a slinky white dress and has her hair all fancy. Fireworks are going off in the distance. She tells Will that it's him. It's always been him.

Alice tells Cyrus of her fear. Of there always being one more mission. And they will never get to start their life together.
They see the fireworks and figure out that it came from a wish. "And we just found our genie."

Jafar, in the tower, sees a bunch of soldiers pale and dead.
A woman's voice asks why he is there. She gets inside his head.

Alice, Cyrus, and Anastasia arrive at a lake next to the village with the fireworks. Cyrus suggests they split up to look for Will. The Red Queen walks off and Cyrus takes this opportunity to kiss Alice. She smiles. He tells her he knew how hard it was for her to give up her necklace. He shows her a ring. "We were rudely interrupted at the Boiling Sea. I believe I was about to ask you a question."
Alice: I said yes so quickly I didn't let you make your speech
Cyrus: It was gong to be about me risking my life for you and making sure nothing was ever going to keep us apart. We've done that now. What do I say to the woman who's traveled worlds and risked her life to find me?
He kneels
Cyrus: For now and for the years to come, whether we monrats or fighting evil sorcerers or just watching the clouds make their way across the sky. I will love you. And every moment will be a thrilling adventure for me because I'll be spending it with you. Alice, will you marry me?
Alice: Yes. And yes again and again forever.
Cyrus puts the ring on her "Now you don't have to be afraid anymore"
(All this time, the fireworks have been going off in the background)

Liz makes her third wish. "I wish you could just feel something for me"
She dies. It makes Will feel sadness
The queen finds her dead on the floor but the bottle is there too!
Alice and Cyrus search for the queen and the bottle.
Alice: Where did you find it?
Queen: Your little friend the lizard had it
Alice: What did you do to her?
Queen: She was already dead when I found her

Will doesn't want to be with Anastasia. "I'd rather take my chances with the homicidal maniac with the snake stick"
Anastasia tell them about the other two genie bottles.
Cyrus: Those other genies, they're my brothers. The three of us, we were cursed into the bottles at the same time.
Alice: We will stay and we'll save them
Will says his goodbyes but the queen surprises them by saying that she will stay and help fight because she's been a bad queen for her people.

Back to Jafar
Jabberwocky: I have decided to join you.
Jafar has to free her first. He looks up and sees her nailed to a board. He pulls out the knife in her heart and she falls down. Her bones crack and rearrange. She thanks him "Thank you. I am known as the Jabberwocky"
She tries to get rid of the knife that was in her heard but he decides to keep it
Jabberwocky: What are you afraid of Jafar?
Jafar: I am afraid of nothing
Jabberwocky: Not even the feeling of water filling your lungs? The feeling of your father's hands holding you down
He begins to drown while standing there. (It is her magic)
Jabberwocky: Maybe you're right Jafar, you should hold onto that blade. You never know when you might need it.
And she walks off.

Well, that was an exciting first episode back of 2014. I absolutely love the show. Still hating the red queen. And love that Alice and Cyrus are finally together. It's great that he got to ask her to marry him but too bad she lost her amulet. I really liked that thing. Thought it was cool. Can't believe I waited so long to watch it (it's Monday 2:30am right now.) Also, I'm trying to find the actress who plays the Jabberwocky. She looks so familiar.

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