Monday, February 3, 2014

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Ep 17 Sunrise

09.17 Sunrise
13 hours before the wedding

Robin and Ted search for Barney and discuss Ted's exes.
Barney pick up two young men and impart his "knowledge" onto them. Giving them a napkin with all the plays from The Playbook before leaving them.
Ted's top 5 best exes:
5. Stella
4. Zoey
3. The Slutty Pumpkin
2. Marshall that one time you guys pretended to be a couple when Barney was trying to sell the apartment
1. Victoria

Ted tells Robin that he and Victoria broke up after she left Klaus because she didn't want Ted to be friends with Robin anymore.

Throughout the episode, we see Barney talking to the two men while writing on yellow napkins with a sharpie.
Barney also teaches them the "have you met Ted" game

Ted tells Robin that he still loves her and that he's moving to Chicago after the wedding.

Ted's Top 5 worst exes:
5. Blah Blah
4. Boats Boats Boats
3. Karen
2. Zoey
1. Jeanette

Ted and Robin watch the sun rise together. They say their good byes and Robin floats away.

Throughout the episode, Marshall has conflict with his internal ghosts and learns to keep his and Lily's relationship, he as to stop using words like "winning" and "losing."

Only 7 episodes left of this great show. And then How I Met Your Father becomes a thing. (I've been seeing news articles about it pop up on my HIMYM feed.) Also, still waiting for Ranjit to show up again. And I'm wondering whose car Lily got into at the end of the previous episode.

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