Monday, January 27, 2014

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Ep 16 How Your Mother Met Me

09.16 How Your Mother Met Me
In this episode, we look at big parts of Ted's life from the prospective of the Mother

Opening Title Sequence: Pictures of the Mother and her friends
September 2005: Barney says "have you met Ted?" And The Mother's best friend walks by them and gets a cab to go to the MacLaren's Pub on the East Side. Also the night of her 25th birthday. She's dating Max who gives her perfect presents. She picks up a call from him and finds out that he had died. She goes back to her apartment to see a box with a ukulele. "So your breakfast doesn't sing a cappella."

April 2008: St. Patrick's Day. She brings her yellow umbrella and goes to a club. She bumps into Mitch (the "naked-man" guy.) She offers her cello to him for the kids that he's teaching orchestra to. Naked man doesn't work...only works 2/3 times. She tells him that her goal in life is to "end poverty." She runs back to get her umbrella but it had closed and the next day, someone had stolen it.

September 2009: She tells Rachel Bilson's character (I looked it up, her name is Cindy) why she's taking economics. And that each person only gets one and she already got her one. Cindy says after "one" comes the "next one." And Ted walks in. She thinks she's in the wrong class and rushes out. Ted rushes right by her.

January 2010: Ted is in Cindy's room and notice the three things that belong to the mother. He also sees her heel and returns the yellow umbrella. Cindy talks about how Ted loved everything about the mother. And the mother mentions her calligraphy set, her coin collection, her chain mail corset from the Renaissance fair. Cindy kisses her after complimenting her

We see the Mother meet Darren who claims to be a fan of her band Super Freaconomics. Even better than Radio Hedgefund.

April 2012: The Mother meets Louis. He says "last time I was here, I thought this place was called Puzzles." The mother figures out the meaning behind the name. She leaves, Ted shows up wearing a green dress.
 She starts dating Louis and it shows her singing with her breakfast English Muffin.

Day before the wedding: The Mother sees the "Bass Player Wanted" ad. She talks to Lily some more and steals Darren's van. and picks up Marshall. She buys Ted a drink. Louis proposes to her, she goes outside to talk to Max, says good bye, rejects the proposal and gets a room at the Farhampton Inn where the concierge gives her a "perfect" room. Room #6
 She takes out her ukulele then goes out on the balcony and plays La Vie En Rose while Ted listens from the balcony right next door.
"Kids, I've heard your mom's rendition of La Vie En Rose many times over the years but that one will always be my favorite."
Ted goes inside and discovers Barney missing.

That ending makes this one of my favorite episodes of the show

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