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Once Upon a Time Season 4 Ep 1 A Tale of Two Sisters

A synopsis of
Once Upon A Time Season 4 Episode 1 A Tale of Two Sisters

Ana and Elsa's parents are on their sinking ship, they write a letter in a bottle addressed to their daughters.
A secret that the girls must know!!

5 years later, Arendelle
Ana and Elsa in front of their parents' graves putting down flowers.
Elsa has a surprise for Ana, "a gift for you wedding"

Present Day, Our World
Elsa sees the sign and says "Storybrooke..."

Opening credits: Snowflake

Regina is devastated, Emma is trying to apologize
Robin Hood's wife hates the queen but everyone is on Regina's side

Elsa uses her ice powers to stop the car of two of the dwarfs
She goes into town and her ice powers are following her
"Control, don't feel" Poof ice powers gone
She sees a wedding dress

Ana is very excited and she's rambling
Elsa shows her their mom's wedding dress (resembles Rapunzle's a bit)
She makes a snowflake necklace to go with the dress
Ana tries it on
(There's a deleted scene from the movie with the girls picking out outfits for a party)
Elsa finds a diary and snowflakes start floating around her
"Our parents, their death, it's all my fault!!!"

Belle kisses Rumple, they visit Neal's grave
He tells a really heart wrenching story to the grave and then asks for the strength to give Belle the real dagger

Robin visits Regina. He tells her that his feelings to her are real but the other chick is his wife and he made a vow
He leaves her alone in her big empty home. She breaks a mirror and has an epiphony
She goes into the hospital and retrieves Sydney (her "mirror")

Belle shows Rumple to a house that wasn't there during the first curse and suggests they borrow it for their honeymoon
They go inside, Rumple freezes her and puts the dagger back.
She leads him into the library, he does a bunch of magic finger snapping, and they are wearing the gold gown/black coat from t he animated movie!!
Also, he mentions they've been married for a day

Swann and family are having a family stroll. They try to call Regina
Grumpy runs in and tells them about the ice

Elsa is sad, Ana reads the diary, Elsa blames herself for their parents leaving
Ana says her future in laws can help them find out what really happened with the parents

Elsa running from Swann and Hook
Ice flurries, snow monster (Marshmallow)

Rocks, trolls, they ask for the truth
Something about Northern Isles and Misthaven
Hans and 12 brothers pouncing

"Evil snowman!! Run!!"
Elsa sees a newspaper that tells us Belle's last name is French
Sydney is happy to serve Regina.
She puts him back in the mirror. He freaks out. "Relax, it's just temporary"

Marian chides Regina and says if she had a family, she wouldn't be doing these bad things

Meanwhile, Elsa hides in alleyways and look for safety in Mr Gold's shop

Elsa looks for Ana in the stables (hello Sven and Kristoff!)
Kristoff is a great distractor. "Do you want to see the floral arrangements?"

"It's some kind of snow monster"
They tell Emma to use her magic because swords and Hook's cunning wit is not helping
Marshmallow rages, spikes appear, roars and knocks everyone out
The monster almost kills Marian, Regina almost let it but she has a change of heart
Emma says to Hook "you want to go home and see what's on Netflix?"
Hook: I don't know what that is, but sure
They talk, she kisses him, tells him to be patient, he says "I have all the time in the word. Unless another monster appears and kills me"
Emma visits Regina's office and she's sitting on the floor with her back against the door. (Very similar to the 'Do you want to build a snowman' song)
Something about happy endings
Sydney: I could probably tell you you're wearing too much eye make up
Regina wants to find the writer of the magic book
Something about villains getting their happy endings (Halloween episode anyone?)

Belle sleeping, Rumple takes the dagger back out and touches a weird swirly magical thing with it
It turns into a magician's hat (Merlin? Will you appear?)

Elsa still looking for Hook, breaks into his shop
She's looking for the snowflake necklace she gave her sister

Elsa and Kristoff still looking for Ana on the docks
Kristoff tells Elsa that Ana didn't want Elsa to be alone
Ana is wearing her winter clothes outfit
Kristoff tells Elsa that Misthaven is also known as "the Enchanted Forest"

Episode ends with Elsa holding the necklace saying that she will find Ana

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