Sunday, September 28, 2014

Revenge Season 4 Ep 1 Renaissance

I've been waiting a long time for this new season of Revenge and here it is!

Revenge Season 4 Episode 1 Renaissance

Emily bought Grayson Manor over the summer
She and Nolan (who now has Wolverine hair) throw a party to start the summer
"Happy Memorial Day"
Nolan is dying for some Revenge planning (It's a trap Emily!)
"you know what they say about the girl who gave up revenge, she lived happily ever after"

Margot has blond hair that looks like a watermelon helmet
Daniel is living in the penthouse of a hotel and he's got a model on tow
Jack is now a police rookie
His new cop friend makes fun of him for being arrested for kidnapping

Emily is driving Nolan's custom Bentley
She backs into another person's car and then invites them to her party (Looks planned, totally is)

Jack goes back to the bar b/c Charlotte "kidnapped" Carl.

Victoria is being revengeful and steals a cellphone
Emily says some evil stuff
Victoria gets a needle in the butt

Jack visits Emily in his uniform
"Nolan was wrong, you don't look anything like a stripper"
Jack tells her that he was waiting for her to be done with her revenge games before joining the police
She tells him the only reason she's still in the Hamptons is for Charlotte

Turns out there were postcards being sent to Charlotte from Victoria
And Charlotte has been living downtown on her own and needs rent from Daniel
He looks broke

Newest resident at the asylum is Victoria's roommate
Victoria befriends her and hatches a new plan

Emily stands on Victoria's balcony and looks down at her old beach house
She sees a shadow standing in the window. She goes to investigate and has a flashback of when she found Aiden
Also, her dad is hanging out in a corner

Party time, Emily stands overlooking the partygoers arriving
She flags down the lady whose car she hit and hands a huge check
Something about losing a fiance
Nolan comes in on a couch "Every queen needs a throne and this one even has enough room for a jester"

Daniel sells his fancy James Bond car

Margot says something about erasing Victoria
Jack's cop friend says something about Billy Joel's house
He also tries to arrest Charlotte for doing cocaine. Jack steps in but threatens to arrest him herself if she does that again

Victoria's roommate's fancy clothes trunk gets taken.
The blonde friend from earlier is in it and she sets off a fire alarm which helps open the front door
Victoria strolls out wearing a brand new dress and using a conveniently placed umbrella

Nolan sneakily tells Margot about the dead girl that Daniel was with
Turns out the car lady's fiance was killed by the guy who Emily is making a new yacht with
She wanted to find vengeance for her but the lady tells her that "nothing can bring back the people you love"

Margot finds out about Daniel's dead girl
She tells Daniel that Charlotte is with evil Gideon

Nolan and Emily make up
Victoria shows up at the door
They verbal battle, Emily closes the door on Victoria's face, Victoria gets chloroformed by David

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