Monday, November 11, 2013

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Ep 9 Platonish

09.09 Platonish

31 hours before the wedding

Robin can't stop crying because her mom isn't to attend the wedding. She doesn't know how to stop crying (challenge accepted!)
Diapers and samosas

"major craving for mojito"
"private joke years later"
Barney says no two people in the world are platonic
Except Marshall and Robin
Challenge for Barney: Get a girl's number while talking like a dolphin
Ted and Marshall are at a basketball game, Marshall says "Robin says she's still in love with you" to get a reaction from Ted to prove they are not platonic.
Challenge #2: Pick up a girl while wearing a garbage bag
"I'll be Glad to"
Challenge #2.2: You also can't use the letter 'e'
Challenge #3: Redhead, bar. Robin tells her that Ryan Gosling wants her so don't talk to any other guy
Barney tells her that he's Ryan and had to get plastic surgery because he's a method actor.
Challenge #4: Pick up diapers (for Lily) and samosas (for Robin)..........while picking up a girl!
Some unknown number keeps calling Ted, he finally picks up and it's Hammond Druthers.
While in line for diapers, Barney sees a target. She turns around and it's THE MOTHER!!
She has a boyfriend and heard him call her a target. She tells him he's sad and she puts her hands on his arms, looks him in the eyes, and says: It's going to be okay, you're a good guy. You will get through this." Druthers is offering Ted a job in Chicago. He says no. A lot.
The mother tells Barney that "I think you are sad because you were in love and you messed up."
(And that's how Barney met your mother)
Ted sees Robin eating olives and she tells him that she changed her mind about olives (she used to hate them.)
He doesn't take the job in Chicago but the door is always open.
Barney asks the mother if she thinks she and her boyfriend will go the distance. She says she doesn't think she's met the right guy yet.
Barney: I wonder if I know anyone to set you up with. *thinks about it* I'm drawing a blank

The mother asks Barney "do you want to keep playing or do you want to win?"
She tells him that he needs to go all out for this and spend all his time on it then she leaves.
Ted realizes that he and Robin are not platonic, they're more "platonish" if that's a word
We see Barney looking at his playbook. He flips through it, goes to the last page,and writes "The Robin" (in very nice cursive.)
Ted is talking to Marshall and says that neither he nor Robin are going anywhere, what's the rush to go and get her right now? He can take her time

Present day:
Barney tells them that he didn't know what that girl was, but he had one challenge and one challenge only: Get Robin Scherbatsky to fall in love with me.
Robin looks at him, says "challenge completed" and kisses him.
The camera pans onto a sad looking Ted.

Since we get to slowly see how each member meets the mother, now that we've seen Lily and Barney's meets, it means we are one step closer to Ted meeting her. I just looked it up, Episode 14 is slapsgiving 3 and episode 16 will be "how your mother met me." And those episodes won't be until next year, 2014. I can only imagine how emotional the ending of this show will be. These people have wormed their way into our hearts. Also, where has the mother been staying this whole time? Didn't she arrive on the train with Lily?

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