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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Ep 7 Dark Hollow

03.07 Dark Hollow

Five Days Ago:
Flashback to when Rumple said goodbye to Belle. We see that Rumple gave Belle a cloaking spell to hide Storybrooke from "others." We see two guys driving towards the town. The dwarfs (plus Belle, the Blue Fairy, and Archie) go down to the mine to open a vein of pixie dust. The two men have the key chain of a teddy bear hanging on their rear view mirror. I'm guessing it's John and Michael (Wendy's brothers.) Belle casts the spell and a magical light appears and creates a dome around Storybrooke, the two boys drive faster to beat the spell and they get in just in time. (But lose their back bumper)

Opening title sequence: The town's library

Rumple drawing a map in the sand for Ariel. He tells Ariel to find Belle in Storybrooke and give her a sand dollar "she'll know what to do."

We see Pan getting a feeling that "someone's leaving Neverland."

Neal needs to find Pan's shadow to fly off the island.

They split up. Charming and Snow going to find Tink to get ready to head into Pan's camp.
Neal, Emma, and Hook go get Pan's shadow.

The dwarfs are eating lunch by the beach and spot Ariel in the water.

The guy in the glasses (I'm guessing John) is so hot!!

Ariel finds Belle in the diner and hands her the sand dollar.
Belle puts the sand dollar on the table and sees a hologram with a message.
She is ecstatic because "he wants my help!"

Back at the camp, Snow is giving Charming the cold shoulder treatment.

Henry accuses Pan of keeping the existence of his family on the island from him.
Felix worries that they're losing Henry

Hook tells Neal about the kiss that he shared with Emma
Turns out, the coconut is not a star map, but a thing used to trap Pan's shadow
They need to go to Dark Hollow "Why couldn't it be called something like Sunshine Valley or Rainbow Cove?"

Ariel: Look at this stuff!
*holding a corkscrew* (aka a thingamabob!)
Ariel: *finds a button* It's the one Eric on his button when I saved him!
Belle finds Chip (the teacup) and puts it back in it's original spot. They discover a door on the floor. 
Inside is PANDORA'S BOX!
Ariel: Shouldn't you be wearing gloves or something? (how does she know what gloves are?)

John and Michael show up with guns
They tie the girls up and steal the box
The boys say they know that their boss is Peter Pan

Pan tells Felix to "Head to the other side and deliver the supplies" "Just be certain Henry doesn't find out what you're up to"

Hook tells Emma that she has to choose between him and Neal.

Dark Hollow, it doesn't look that dark, it's all red and stuff.

Ariel and Belle (my two favorite princesses btw) are still tied up.
They take off Ariel's magic bracelet and escape!

They are in the cave and get attacked by Pan's shadow, Emma uses magic to light the coconut instead of trying to choose between saving Neal or Hook

Belle and Ariel go down to the dwarfs' mine because a dwarf's pickax can break something magical like that.
Belle tells them to stop because some people they care about will die/get hurt if they don't get the box.
John and Michael say that someone THEY care about will get hurt if they don't break the box (I'm guessing, this is Wendy they're talking about?)
Yup, their sister. "Her name is Wendy. Wendy Darling"

They get the box back, Belle bids Ariel good bye and good luck.

Pan opens the other cage where Wendy is and lets her out to "play."
Henry follows Felix to a tree house and Felix drops a bag of food and walks away.
Henry gets the bag and climbs up the ladder to find Wendy in a bed acting sick.
Wendy tells Henry that the magic on the island is fading and that he looks like his father.
She tells him that the lack of magic is what is making her ill.
(This must be Pan's plot to get Henry to stay and help)
Peter applauds Wendy and then "back to your cage"

Ariel delivers the box and gives Rumple the message to save Wendy 

Emma is mad at the boys for fighting over a lighter. She tells them that she chooses Henry.
Everyone shows up at Tink's camp. She is happy to see Neal

Henry asks Pan "So I'm the only who can save magic?"
Peter leads Henry to a cliff where Skull Rock is visible.
Inside is their salvation, where only the heart of the truest believer can bring.
"Are you up to the task [Henry]?"

Dun Dun Dunnnnn. It will begin soon!!! 
Charming and Snow were so insignificant in this episode (in my opinion) that I barely even mentioned them. 
I'm glad that Neal and Emma haven't turned into the annoyance that Snow and Charming are.

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