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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Ep 4 The Serpent

01.04 The Serpent

A long time ago in Agrabah:
Jafar is the bastard son of the sultan. He goes to a sorceress to ask her to teach him dark magic.

Opening title sequence: a cobra

The Queen is getting dressed by two Lady Gaga-like looking men.
Jafar tells her to eliminate The Knave
Alice and The Knave are chased by collectors. They split up.
Cyrus begs a guard for food and gets the wishbone
The Knave runs and hears someone beat up the collectors. It is The Queen.

Jafar is all grown up
The sorceress Jafar is learning from talks about snakes and shedding skin. She poisons a man to get his liver. Jafar doesn't save the man, he is "reborn". They make out.

One of the Lady Gaga men tell Jafar that The Queen has The Knave.
Knave and Queen talk. She locks him up in the prison.
Alice goes to The Caterpillar's mushroom to find Will and runs into a female collector. Her name is Elizabeth aka Lizard.
The Queen plays with a giant red and gold chess set
Jafar says something about "Alice in Wonderland"
Stupid Queen and her damn lips. I just want to punch her

The magic spellbook has all the information about genies
Something about getting the 3 genies to perform a spell.
She tells him she loves him.
They make out some more.

It is shown that Jafar has two genie lamps already. (Cyrus is the last one)
Cyrus has sharpened the wishbones but a guard sees him and drops it down the hole
Alice finds put that Elizabeth was friends with Will.
The Queen doesn't want will dead so she concocts a plan for the White Rabbit to help him escape.
Will dares her to kill him, she seems determined.
I just noticed Alice has a cool braid. She has a sword, uses it to get to the front of the line.
Public execution, citizens seem happy. Someone screams "off with his head"

Jafar enters a bar and tells the bartender to give him his genie.
The master of a genie cannot be killed.

Will is brought up to the chopping block.
The executioner is obviously a woman.
It is Alice, who frees him. They escape into the maze.
They get trapped by Jafar on one side and The Queen behind them
Jafar threatens Will by choking him.
Alice makes the wish "I wish if the knave of hearts dies, then I die."
Cyrus: Alice, what have you done?
Jafar tortures Alice (he tries to quarter her with magic.) She does not give in. Jafar turns Will into a statue.
He tells Alice that her weakness is her heart.
The Queen says "why would I want to do that darling?" in a annoying pouty voice.
Alice punches her (what we all wanted to do.)
They talk about stuff, The Queen says Wonderland is a prison.
Alice is wearing different boots from the first episode.
Jafar tells Cyrus that he'll soon be back in his bottle.

Jafar gives the sorceress a cup of wine, it's obviously poisoned .
It was a potion to steal her magical essence.
Jafar turns her into a serpent (he finally says her name, Amara)
He then turns the snake into his cobra staff.

Cyrus pulls the smaller half of the wishbone out of his shirt. He says that it's a myth about wishing on the larger half. That it was a story created by genies to get them to stop looking for bottles.
Jafar's staff blinks.
Alice sleeps at the base of a tree looking up at the very, very starry sky.
Cyrus talks about how all a wishbone wants is to be reunited with their other half (camera pans to Alice)
He uses the smaller wishbone to draw up the bigger piece. since it is sharpened, it cuts through the cage. Soon Cyrus will be able to escape!

I am loving this show but this episode made me miss once upon a time a little bit. I felt so bad for Cyrus when Alice made that wish, but she had to do it. I really hope she never makes the other two wishes, that way they can remain together. Since she can never die, does that mean she is also immortal?

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