Saturday, January 10, 2015

Glee Season 6 Ep 1 - Loser like Me

Glee Season 6 Episode 1 – Loser Like Me

Rachel’s first song. CRINGE (Song: Uninvited)

How bad was the episode for it to get a 0 rating?

Her dads are getting divorced. This must be the worst day of her life.

BLAINE!!!! That’s all that matters. I’m glad the first person Rachel reached out for is him.

Klaine broke up?!?! NOOOOOOO! Blaine is the new coach of the Warblers

The teachers got ebola so Blaine can coach

They hold hands, he sings.(Song: Suddenly Seymour) “Seymour’s your…..” That pause made me thing my screen was broken “…mannnnn”

Sue’s voiceover. Next best thing of the show since they broke up Klaine. Raw kale, protein shakes, and body shaming. Oh and she transferred the whole Glee club away.

Kurt speed dating.

Warblers welcome Rachel with a song. I love Warblers. Synchronized dancing in matching outfits! Oh and they have Blaine’s blazer on display in the office! (Song: Sing)

Gay football guy calls someone homo. Sam is working as water boy

Sue has a convict as her secretary

Kurt is sitting in a restaurant waiting for a date and he flashes back to when he and Blaine broke up. Blaine shows up late, they have domestic disputes and have been unhappy for months. L I don’t think Blaine can survive without him
Blaine: I will never forget you for this

Will shows his dance moves off to his baby. Vocal Adrenaline has a song. Where is Jesse? Will basically sold out because he has a baby now. (Song: Dance the Night Away)

Intervention for Rachel. Sam, Blaine, Mr Scheu and Rachel’s dad watch a few minutes of That’s So Rachel. It was interesting. Rachel donates the money she got from the show to get a new glee club.

Kurt visits. 6 months ago, they were all supposed to show up in front of the apartment. No one else showed up. Kurt admits to screwing up with Blaine

Time for some girl talk. I thought my phone was ringing.

Kurt and Rachel move back to the choir room. Sue drops a protein shake and calls Kurt ‘porcelain’ again. (We know she loves him)


Rachel arranged a Klaine meet up. Awkward should-we-hug-or-kiss? Kurt blurts out he wants Blaine back. Blaine says he’s seeing someone and it’s……Dave Karofsky!! The guy who had terrorized Kurt for being gay in high school and then later discovered his own sexuality.

PLEASE LET THIS BE A JOKE. THIS IS A NIGHTMARE RIGHT?! I literally paused and screamed NOOOOO and got up and walked around.


Some more “NOOOOOO”-ing from me as Kurt cries in a bathroom stall

Will visits Rachel in the old office. “I always thought Finn would take over this place”

Rachel sings Let it Go. (I had chills the first time I heard this song in the movie. Haha chills, pun.) Does this mean that Frozen is a thing in the Glee universe?

It’s kinda cool that Rachel can use the faculty lounge now. It’s come full circle in a way. Better way to end the episode than Kurt falling apart in the bathroom.

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