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Parenthood Season 6 Ep 10 – How Did We Get Here?

Parenthood Season 6 Episode 10 – How Did We Get Here?

They chose to do the scene with Zeek and Camille getting into the ambulance with muted sound and no music.

And then the showed the children in their separate situations. Adam and Kristina in a brightly led bedroom being there for each other, Crosby frantically searching for the keys by himself but getting a hug from Jasmine, Sarah getting out of bed fully dressed with Hank not doing anything, and Julia lying in regret next to Joel and suddenly getting that message.

I pretty much broke down crying at the beginning

Adam comforting his mother in the hospital chapel

Amber goes to hospital. Drew runs to the car that he got but it doesn't turn on

Hank wakes up and calls Sarah to ask what he can bring because he wants to be there and to bring food for them. (Kinda like Luke when Lorelai was in the hospital for her dad)

Joel shows up with coffee for everything. So does Jasmine. None of the younger kids are in this scene. Hank has to pick up Drew and be in the car alone with him trying to make small talk.

The doctor tells them that Zeek is stable and they have him at a normal heartbeat but it’ll take a while to transfer him to the ICU.

Crosby and Adam go to the Luchenoette and see that it has been completely ransacked. All the musical instruments and recording equipment are gone and all the furniture have been flipped over.

Hank delivers Drew. Kristina delivers bagels.

Crosby is pissed about being robbed. “Why is this all happening?” “Grandma is going strong  at 93 and dad is in the ICU?”

The doctor tells him that they might have to perform surgery again but allows them to visit Zeek in the hospital. (I break down again when Camille says “Zeek? We’re all here”)

Nurse says to Julia and Joel: I’m sorry, it’s family members only
Julia: He’s my husband
Zeek crashes right when Julia gets there

Julia announces to her siblings that they just took Zeek to the operating room again. Everyone freaks out. Joel comes in calmly to tell them what happened. Hank looks on from the background looking helpless.

Hank goes to see Drew in the cafeteria and Drew is still upset about telling his grandma about the secret trip. Hank tells Drew that as a parent, they don’t hold on to moments like that. They bond, Hank drinks Drew’s soda.

Adam tells Crosby that the insurance payment is more than what he expected and maybe they can cash out and pay off their debts. They agree to think about it just as Camille comes in and tells them that the doctor put in stents and that he’s stable now.

Camille and all her children visit Zeek. They ask if he wants to rest, he asks them to stay.

We cut back to the hospital room and Crosby is telling a story about him sneaking in at night when he was young. Family bonding.

Doctor comes in to tell them that the fluids were going back into his heart and that’s what caused this. They eventually need to do the surgery but he’s not strong enough to guarantee to survive this one.

Crosby tells Jasmine about the insurance money and asks what to do. Crosby said he wants no stress for a while and Jasmine said she’ll support him no matter what but he’s happiest when he’s working there.

Drew sits down next to Hank and Hank starts ranting about what a perfect husband Joel is and just wishes to be there for his mom but he doesn't know how. Drew tells Hank that he’s the favorite out of the guy’s that Sarah’s “brought around”. And thanks Hank for “being around”

Adam is looking up stuff about Cardiomyopathy. Kristina tells him to turn it off and he thanks her for being there for him and for the family. He asks Kristina what he should do about stepping back from the Luncheonette. Kristina says they should let it go if that’s what he wants to do.

Hank and Sarah blather at each other about doing the right thing and the situation and how messy everything is. Sarah says “we should be vegetarians.” Hank says “we should get married.” Sarah smile but doesn't know what to respond. Hank: Is it a no? Sarah: Let’s talk later.

Farewell Season advertisement during the commercial break

Zeek talks about going back in time to have some more fun. Camille says that they’ll do it again. He doesn't know what to do about the operation, she wants to talk about it with the family. He says he doesn't want the kids involved and want it to just be “you and me.”

Amber and Drew enter. Drew still looking sad and guilty. He hugs him and says “I love you grandpa”

Hank and Joel grab a beer and talk about the blurt proposal. Sitting next to them is Adam and Crosby. Crosby: worst day ever. Adam: I've had worse. Crosby: Did you fall off a building or something? Adam: It was pretty bad.
Crosby tells Adam he doesn't want to drop out of the Luncheonette.

Sarah and the other women in the family have brought Amber’s baby shower to the hospital cafeteria. Camille is quietly looking at the family that she now has with all these women. They present Amber with a scrap book that they all took part in and wrote a tip for her. The rest is for blank to fill out things for the future baby

Prediction/theories for this season: It will end with Amber giving birth to a new baby boy that she names Zeek. And grandpa will pass away peacefully some time after all 4 generations of Bravermans are in the same room.

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