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Glee Season 6 Ep 2 - Homecoming

Glee Season 6 Episode 2 - Homecoming

The episode starts with a Blaine voiceover and a cartoon sketch. Something about death, taxes, and Dalton Academy. He talks about being unable to get back into music when he and Kurt broke up. Until he started coaching the Warblers. They make a nod to how much hair gel Blaine uses. (It’s more than a dime size.)

BLAINE AND KAROFSKY ARE NOT A JOKE! REPEAT! BLAINE AND KAROFSKY ARE NOT A JOKE! They are actually dating and it wasn't a nightmare!

Blaine decides to not use hair gel. (Careful Blaine, your Darren is showing). He even stopped wearing bow ties. And people didn't recognize him.

A girl tells Blaine that she’s a new student at Dalton and wants to join the Warblers. Blaine’s life just got flipped upside down.

More sketched scenes.

Becky comes back to slushie Rachel. Kurt, Rachel, and Sam visit Will.

Blaine: a girl wants to join the Warblers!
Warbler court. This looks familiar. All the students are new faces.

Warbler 1 says something about sexual tension and never getting anything done.
Blaine: But aren’t most of you gay?
Resounding No! No! No!
Warbler 1: I have a girlfriend
Warbler 2: We all have girlfriends

Head Warbler suggests letting her try out first.

Rachel and Kurt argue about filing sheet music. Rachel finds someone with an amazing voice and goes into the guys locker room.

Mercedes, Brittany, Santana, Artie, Quinn, and Puck are back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (Where’s Tina and Mike?) Tina shows up late. Sam asks Mercedes if she’s still a virgin. (I think Quinn and Puck together?)

Back in the choir room. Artie practicing story boarding. (This explains the episode)

Cue bright and florescent colored clothes. (Song: Take On Me)

Intro to fat kid with headphones. Newest member? Name is Roderick.

Blaine meets up with the girl Warbler (Jane) on the stairs where he first met Kurt. Blaine tells Jane she has to audition first. Rachel helps her work on the audition.

Kurt goes to the locker room to recruit the gay football guy.

Jane auditions. (Song: Tightrope) Warblers help with backup. They love it and dance along with her. (It’s in the Warbler blood to join into any dance) Head Warbler commands everyone to stand down. They do not. She shakes hands with him. They all clap and pat shoulders.

Original Glee club goes to Tea Party Patriot Club to recruit members. They turn out to be bigots.
“Quinn once had sex with a Latina lesbian!”

The Warbler council voted against letting Jane join. Blaine offers to help her fight for her right to be there.

Holy Trinity sing Problem. (I squeal) They edited their voices so that the three of them all sound exactly the same. Santana doesn't have her unique voice anymore in this song. It’s nice to see Britt back to singing and dancing. (Song: Problem)

Kitty is still in the cheer leading. Twin cheerleaders want to try out together.

The Glee club gang up on Roderick in the library and tries to recruit him for Glee club.

Sue goes back to journaling. She wants to send someone into the Glee club as a pawn again. She writes down “gay kid”

Dayum he’s confident.

Roderick auditions (Song: Mustang Sally). Are you sure that this is his voice? It’s incredible!!!!!! Holy Trinity leaves the audience to go up on stage as his back up. How he doesn’t die in a puddle is beyond me. I would be on intimidated by the three of them.

Jane went to Rachel to try to join New Directions. Blaine bursts in angered and breaks their pact.

Twin cheerleaders say some weird things. Group hug. Homecoming bonfire. (Song: Home)
Fireworks. Blaine and Karofsky in the back of a pick-up truck sitting together. Sue mouths “fireworks??”

Kurt spots Blaine.

Preview for next week: Santana proposes to Brittany

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