Saturday, January 17, 2015

Point of Honor - Pilot

Point of Honor

I am currently watching the Amazon pilot episode of Point of Honor and I have conflicting opinions about it. I feel like it's basically Gone With the Wind but with bad accents and less accurate outfits. It is a period drama based in Virginia at the beginning of the Civil War.

Location: Point of Honor in Virginia, owned by the Rhodes family.
Sisters: Kate - main sister who is in charge of the place and makes all the decisions. Lorelai - the only blond sister, married to a "Yankee" (Robert) who is fighting for the North, and a constant worrier.  Estella - the youngest sister, free and young, a bit "loose" for a lady, and the fun one.
All three sisters were taught to shoot and defend themselves by their father and they put it to use in the episode.
There are also two brothers, one is John, the other is a drunkard (apparently.)

Opinion: I love period dramas, especially ones with great costumes. This fell short of that. Costumes didn't look like they were from the right time, the colors seemed off. The accents (not that I can do better) were less than convincing. And the pilot didn't really show enough for us to want to know more about the characters. Sure it is another point of view to shoot this from, but the pilot episode should show enough to keep people wanting more.


John leaves the army to free the slaves on his land but still fight for the South.
Robert leads the army to Virginia to stop the war before it begins. (But also to see his wife?)
Drunk brother sees some men from the army in the woods and has time to warn his family.
Rhodes men and some others from the town go to the army base to confront them.
The father is shot (not by Robert) and Robert rides away with the rest of the army.

With all that said, I would watch more just to see how they run with it.

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