Saturday, June 28, 2014

(500) Days of Summer

Today, I watched the movie (500) Days of Summer, starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Zooey Deschanel

This is a story of boy meets girl. Not a love story
Day 488 Summer and Tom sitting at the bench. She has an engagement ring

Day 1 Jan 8, Tom meets Summer. Moon River plays every time he sees her or when they have a connection.

Day 290 Tom's sister, Rachel,  rides a bike to Tom's apartment and sees him smashing plates. Things were going so well then "I think we should stop seeing each other." She says she loves the pancakes and he walks off. "You're still my best friend!"

Day 1 Tom meets Summer during a pitch meeting.
Summer: average but she induced a rise in sales of a band, sales at a ice cream store, and at least 9% below rent in every where she stayed.

Day 3 Tom's friend, McKenzie, tells him Summer is a bitch

Day 4 Summer is in the same elevator as Tom. She comments on the fact he's listening to The Smiths.

Day 8 Talks to Summer at a co-worker's engagement party. She tells him that she moved there because she was bored. She asks him about his architecture.
Best quote of the movie "They used to call me anal girl" "I was very neat and organized"

Day 154 Tom tells his friend, Paul,  he's officially in love with Summer. He lists all the things he loves about her

Day 11 Talks to his sister, she tells him just because they like the same things doesn't mean they're soul mates

Day 22 Tells his friends it's over between him and Summer

Day 27 McKenzie invites Tom to karaoke

Day 28 They have fun. Tells them she doesn't believe in having a boyfriend. Or relationships. Or love. She gets Tom to sing. McKenzie tells Summer that Tom likes her. She asks if it's true. And says they should be friends.

Day 31 They see each other in the copy room and she makes out with him and leaves after her papers are done. Paul goes over to Tom's place all excited and sees Summer come out of the bathroom.

Day 282 Ikea. Hun, all our sinks are broken. She shows no interest

Day 34 Famous Ikea scene. They play around, tv's not working, invisible food, broken sink, a home with two kitchens, racing to the bedroom. Chinese family in the bathroom. She reminds him that she's not looking for anything serious. That night at his apartment, he goes into the bathroom to give himself a pep talk and comes out to find her naked in his bed.

Day 35 Morning after, everyone is wearing blue and there's a dance sequence. Very Disney-esque bluebird flies by. He goes into the elevator at work all happy

Day 303 He comes out of the elevator all depressed. McKenzie tells Tom to write a book. Tom gets an email from Summer saying maybe it means they could start to be friends

Day 45 McKenzie sees her on the phone in the copy room singing. Tells Tom "your girl is losing it"

Day 87 At a dvd store, she tells him she loves Ringo Starr. They go into an adult section and rent something. They try it out in his tub

Day 95 He talks about the architecture of the city. Shows her his favorite spot at the park. He draws a landscape on her arm

Day 109 He sees her apartment for the first time. Finally inside her inner sanctum. Next 6 words: Summer "I've never told anybody that before" Tom "I guess I'm not just anybody"

He talks to his friends about it. They tell him he should put a label on it

Day 118 Tom is at Rachel's soccer game. "What should I do?" His sister has had multiple boyfriends
Summer and Tom ride in a car, he asks what they're doing and she said they're having fun.

Day 259 At a bar, Tom complains about how women dress nowadays. Summer says "some people like it." Some guy comes up and aggressively tries to buy Summer a drink. She calmly shoots him down and he acts like a jerk about it. Tom punches the guy in the face. Summer takes him back to her place and is upset that he stood up for her and she doesn't need anyone to defend her.
He storms out. Neither of them can sleep. She buzzes at his door and apologizes.

Next morning, they talk about their past experiences.

Day 266 They play the "penis" game at the park

Day 191 At an art gallery. They go to a movie

Day 314 He sits at a movie by himself. Foreign film about his sadness

Day 321 "Roses are red/Violets are blue/ F* you whore". Gets reassigned to misery

Day 167 He finished his 25 cards assignment early and help others do their assignments

Day 322 "I hate Summer" lists of things he hates about her.

Riding on a bus, "I HATE THIS SONG!" Gets kicked off

Day 345 Set up on a blind date by Paul. He tells her that "this isn't going to go anywhere"
He gets drunk and tells her about Summer. They go karaoke.

Day 402 Getting on a train to go to a wedding. Sees Summer. She invites her to coffee. They have fun at the wedding, they sit at the kids table. Summer catches the bouquet. They dance. She invites her to a party at her place.

Day 408 Party day. Expectations vs Reality. Expectation: She kisses him on the mouth. Reality: She hugs him. Expectation: She hugs him after opening the present. Reality: She puts a hand on his shoulder. Expectation: They sit at the table talking while everyone else around them talks to each other. Reality. She stands beside the table while random people talk to him. Expectation: They talk at the balcony and leave together. Reality: He drinks alone while she's with some guy.
And then he notices her engagement ring and leaves.

Day 440 Alarm. Stops it.
Day 441 Alarm. Stops it.
Day 441 1/2 Buys Orange juice, Jack Daniels, and Twinkies while wearing a robe
Day 441 Alarm. Sleeping with eyes open. Goes to work. Everyone stares. Pitch meeting. He quits.

Day 450 At the soccer field. He's sketching suicidal pictures of Summer. Rachel tells him he was only remembering the good stuff and to look again. He remembers a day when they go watch a movie. There's a wedding scene, she cries. That's when she starts acting weird.

Day 456-476 He's lounging around on his bed and then decides to erase his chalkboard wall, read architecture magazines, and go on interviews. He draws a landscape on his wall.
She gets happily married

Day 488 He goes to his bench and finds her waiting there for him to eventually show up.
"You never wanted to be anybody's girlfriend and now you're someone's wife"
"I just woke up one day and I knew" ... "What I was never sure of with you"
"I was sitting in a deli reading Dorian Gray, a guy comes up to me and asks me about it. And now he's my husband."

Day 500 May 23, a Wednesday. At an interview, a girl talks to him. Tells him that she also loves the spot with the bench. He invites her to coffee. She introduces herself as Autumn.

Day 1

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