Monday, June 23, 2014

Teen Wolf Season 4 Ep 1 The Dark Moon

Teen Wolf: Season 4 Episode 1 The Dark Moon

The episode starts off with Stiles, Lydia, Scott, Kira, and Malia in Mexico looking to buy Derek's freedom from the Calaveras gang. (Note: Allison is definitely dead, the actress asked to be written off the show. Completely unrelated, the twins' and Isaac's actors also asked to be written off.)
I honestly don't remember her name

Their plan was to ambush her but in reality, she ambushes them with wolfsbane gas. She puts them all in a cell except for Lydia to test Lydia's banshee abilities. She gets Kira to shock Scott (or Lydia if Kira refuses) into answering the question of who took Derek.  She goes up to the highest voltage and Scott has an epiphany. "Kate!"

Stiles has a new truck? Or it just looks less beat-up
The Gang
They talk about who Kate is. Gist: Allison's aunt. Burned down Derek's family. Peter (Derek's uncle) "killed" her. She didn't kill herself before she changed on the full moon.
Car breaks down. Stiles tells Scott to go. Scott says "not without you" to Stiles. Kira hugs him and tells him to be careful.

New girl: Braeden, a mercenary, is sent to guide them to "the church"

Something about werejaguars.

Stiles: I will never abandon this Jeep. EVER.

Stiles tells Malia to never run off again. She tells him she'll never leave without him.  (Gestures to Lydia and Kira) "Them I would leave." Stiles: "That's progress"

They find a jaguar god after Scott roars and a magic wall moves.

They found Derek

 Uhh...sort of

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