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Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (1937)

Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs

Hey All! It's Snow White week(s)!! For the next few months, I plan to watch all 53 Walt Disney Animation movies and review them, talking about the movie, the villains, the merchandise, other adaptions of the story, the inspiration, the music, the prince (if there is one), and the pets/sidekicks/friends of the titular character! I have finished watching the Snow White movie and will spend a few days talking about the above things. (I will also link the posts to the specific words once the posts are published). Not sure how long Snow White Week will span for but let's start off with a summary of the story, with pictures!

Intro Book
 We start off with the book and a message of appreciation from Walt and the credits. That way, you won't leave at the end and the people who put the hard work in won't get recognized. Nowadays, they just put the scene in the end credits so that we have to stay and watch.

The introduction:

 See, Snow White was a princess to begin with. She didn't really need a prince to make her a princess

 Q: slave in the magic mirror, come from the farthest space, through wind and darkness i summon thee. speak, let me see thy face
M: what wouldst thou know, my queen?
Q: Magic Mirror on the wall, who is the fairest one of them all?
M: Famed is thy beauty majesty, but oh a lovely maid i see. rags cannot hide her gentle grace. alas, she is more fair than thee.

Our favorite scullery maid:

We are standing by a wishing well
She wishes to find someone to love. Women of those days tend to do that.

Oh look, an eavesdropping prince

Breaking and entering into her home.


Have I frightened you? (Me: Uh duh)

Very Romeo, singing to her on a balcony. At least she doesn't pretend to not hear him.

Why doesn't The Queen just let Snow go? That way Snow's beauty won't get in the way anymore

Old school way of sending a kiss. I wonder if doves can really blush

 Giving the order to take her far away

Not as hot as the huntsman from Once Upon a Time

She wears a nice dress when shes goes out but has to wear rags when inside the castle walls

He's got them crazy eyes

A terrified child with an overactive imagination in a dark forest
Down the rabbit alligator hole

When you're scared, you sing a song

 "Oh it's adorable, just like a doll's house!" -Snow White

As snow talks about the seven children and how disappointed their mother would be by the mess, she realizes they don't have a mother. Very much like the Lost Boys from Peter Pan!
She tells the animals to wash the dishes, tidy the rooms, and clean the fireplace and she will "move the broom"

Very Chip and Dale-esque squirrels.

Guest starring Jerry:

Bambi decides to lick the plates clean

Special appearance by Mickey's trousers:

They like to dig dig dig dig, dig dig dig to get rich quick

Dopey throws the hollow sounding gems into the water. They break like glass

Getting off work at 5

Heigh-ho, heigh-ho, it's home from work we go

She only needs 3 beds to lay across. I always remembered it as all 7.
The animals abandon her as they hear the dwarfs coming

"The lit's light! The light's lit!"
(Doc has a speech impediment. Does not live up to his name)

"Jimney Crickets!!"

They all have pretty large irises except for Grumpy and Sleepy

This is how seven men sneaks in on their intruder

Ahh a noise!

Someone broke in and cleaned our house!!

Sneezy's hay fever acts up

They send Dopey up to investigate all by himself

We'll be right behind you

They do not fight fair

Dopey looks a lot like Snow White in this scene. Blue eyes, blush in cheeks.

"Off with its head!"

Preparing to srike

Let's kill her anyway! (Note: He did not say that)
But he did say that females are full of wicked wiles

Why, you're little men!

Don't be scared

Wait, don't tell me. Let me guess your names

That's Dopey
Oh please don't send me away! (Me: please don't slam the door)
I can wash, sew, clean, and cook

Oh let me fluff my hair while I run down the stairs

What is this "wash" she speaks of?

Do you know?

Show me your hands!

Courage men, courage.
It's wet! And cold!

Doc doesn't have to wash

This is how normal people wash their face

Poor bashful

Planning to get Grumpy

Act natural

Nothing going on

They are all evil laughing

Return of the Magic Mirror
"Over the seven jeweled hills, beyond the seventh fall, in the cottage of the seven dwarfs, where Snow White, fairest of all"

The heart of Bambi's heart is in here (do you guys remember the story as having a deer's heart? Just me?)
It's actually a pig's heart

Maleficent's pet bird

Coolest books ever


Mummy dust - to make me old

The black of night - to shroud my clothes

The old hag's crackle - to age my voice
(it sounds a lot like Ursula)

The scream of fright - to whiten my hair

A blast of wind - to fan my hate

A thunderbolt - to mix it well

It looks delicious, this is the drink they should have had at the 24 hour event

Coolest piano ever


Great glute workout

Whose coat is that?

Singing Some Day My Prince Will Come

They let Snow White sleep in their beds while they sleep downstairs
Dopey got the pillow first

This fly has been bugging him all day

 Apple recipe

Famous skull!

Want a bite?

Because it would be wrong of them to not have an antidote
It says "love's first kiss" does that mean a second kiss won't work?

Doc: watch out for the queen, she has magic
A huge, obvious foreshadowing

Dopey may be the youngest, but he sure has experienced hormones

Grumpy preening before getting his kiss


You'll die! You'll die!
Did those birds just tell us we're going to die?
(From Oz the Great and Powerful)

 Birds on a pie, cannot be sanitary
FDA not approved!
Meanwhile, Snow White sings about wedding bells

One red apple out of all green and yellow ones
Not suspicious at all

Apple falls on ground, eats anyway

Animal instincts: knew something bad was going to happen before it did

Off to work they go

Run! The hunter is coming! (Bambi reference)

She's trying to "Indiana Jones" them

Poor queen had to die as an ugly hag. And the boulder ended up crushing her when she fell

Stupid vultures. Silent but deadly omens

Laying her down to rest

Even the candle is crying

The animals are out in the rain

I wonder how long the "eternal" vigil is

Look the stalker is back

They look so happy!!!

My prince has come!

The Prince lifts them up one at a time

Somehow, he is able to lift these three at the same time

Grumpy is so happy

They ascend into the castle floating in the sky

Or so we think...

The upcoming days, will be going over the following things:
-Villain: Evil Queen
-The Prince
-Sidekicks/friends: 7 dwarfs and animals
-Original story: Grimm fairy tale

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