Saturday, June 21, 2014

Introductory Post

This will be the introductory post until I can figure out how to edit the "About Me"

Something very important about me: my main blog is and it has mostly Disney related stuff.
The reason I'm starting this blog: I watch/read/see a lot of things and remember most or some of what I saw. I figured that maybe I should start jotting down summaries of those things. In this blog, I will have summaries of books, movies, tv show episodes, etc of the things I've seen first-hand. The summaries may be brief or long depending on my mood. I will be tagging each with the title of the object and also copying some of the things over from my Disney blog. Also, the words in purple font will be my own thoughts while the rest is the actual sumamry
Hope this helps. And enjoy :)
Remember you can always leave comments below the posts or email me at for suggestions or just to say hello.


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