Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Sherlock Holmes: Silver Blaze

The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes - Silver Blaze

The horse Silver Blaze, owned by Colonel Ross, goes missing a few days before the Wessex Cup
The trainer, John Straker, is the ex jockey. He is married and lives very close to the stables.
Also working there are 3 lads and they watch over the 4 horses in the stable.
One of the lads stay up each night keeping watch while the other two sleep in the loft above the barn.

Two of the lads go up to the house to eat dinner. The third one, Ned Hunter, stayed at the stables keeping watch. The made, Edith Baxter, went to bring food to the barn and a man stops  her. He is described as gentlemanly and was holding a cane. He bribed her, wanting information about the top two horses, Silver Blaze and Bayard.

The next morning, Mr Straker (the trainer) and Silver Blaze were both missing. Straker's coat was found on a bush and him dead a few yards over. He had suffered a heavy blow to the head,  was covered in blood, and had a huge gash on his leg. He was also holding a red and black cravat which belonged to the stranger from the previous night. There were hoofprints where the struggle took place.
The stranger was later identified as Fitzroy Simpson and arrested.

The trainer bet against his own horses and wanted to make them lame with a small cut to the leg. The horse knocked him down by accident. Simpson merely wanted information on the horse because he bet against them too.

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