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Glee Season 5 Ep 3 The Quarterback

05.03 The Quarterback (AKA Remembering Cory)

      Corey Monteith died this summer and this is the episode for the cast and us the fans to deal with his death, as an official good bye.

      It starts with the song from Rent, Seasons of Love. I paused after 1 second to type this and to ready the tissues. I just painted my nails, I hope they don't get ruined! It starts on a darkened stage, three spot lights move to reveal the current glee club (just the newer members) standing there singing Seasons of Love. And then comes the members that were there last two seasons. And then they walk off stage and appearing from down stage, the graduated members sans Rachel. The song is ending and they all turn around to look at a huge picture of Finn that was posted behind the curtain. *more tears*

     Kurt's inner monologue. 3 weeks since Finn's funeral. Kurt is proud of that Finn was his brother. He hides a picture of him and Finn from graduation and says "I only keep it out when I know she won't come in." He says to Rachel (we still don't see her) "Rachel, I'm going now." As he walks away, he thinks to himself "This isn't real, he's going to be there. I'm going to spend my whole life missing him." (Kurt also mentions that it's not about how he died, this makes me curious to know if they will decide on how to kill Finn's character. Morbid, I know)
    Beiste is back! And Emma!! And the teacher's lounge! Sue shows emotion by saying "We honor Finn Hudson by taking care of the people he loved."
    Mr. Shue writes on the board: FINN. This whole week's songs will be dedicated to Finn "songs that remind you of him or songs he's sang before." No one wants to sing but Mercedes gets up and sings the song that Finn sang to the sonogram of Beth. (I'll Stand By You) That moment when everyone joins in.....WOW just WOW. She's already doing an amazing job singing the song, this emotion. Not a dry eye in the cast when they were filming this, I'm sure of it. (Artie and Kurt are not singing along)
     THE RETURN OF PORCELAIN! Sue is actually quite fond of Kurt - in my opinion - thus the nickname. WHAT THE HECK! Puck stole Finn's memorial tree!!
     Kurt puts out three boxes: Keep, Give Away, Donate. They're going through Finn's stuff. Memories from old episodes!
-Football: first time they ever scored in a game, the Single Ladies episode
-Lamp: the "faggy lamp" (excuse the language) from when Kurt tried to redecorate. Finn always kept it. Burt wants to keep it. He says he should have hugged him more. (meanwhile, Kurt is hugging a hairbrush)
-Finn's Letterman Jacket: Carol wants to donate it but Kurt takes it and puts it on. Says that seeing him wear it is like seeing Superman. (He looks so good in that) Carol is now on the floor crying; Kurt and Burt join her on the floor.

    Next morning, Kurt is standing in front of a dumpster. Puck shows up and asks what's going on. It's the dumpster that Puck threw Kurt in (and Finn saved him). Puck demands the letterman jacket from Kurt. But he says no.
    The current cast plus Santana is sitting on the stage (with Sam and Artie leading) singing 'Fire and Rain'. Santana walks off and stops at at Finn's locker memorial. "New Santana" gets mad at the new head Cheerio for blowing out the candles. She enters Sue's office and beings a rant "I have hated you ever since the day I met you" "You are a horrible person who never had a nice word to say about Finn Hudson. So don't even think for a second that he didn't hate you too" She shoves Sue!!
     Tina goes to Emma and complains that she hates that she is wearing black and that she doesn't want to go back to goth again. Emma hands her three of her infamous pamphlets: It's not all about you, when to stop talking, wait, am I callous?
     Emma was with Will when he got the call. She sat next to him at the funeral. Will hasn't cried? He's worried about the people around him first. WAIT, are they back together? WAIT, did they break up?
     Beiste and Puck always have touching moments. She starts off by telling him that he's drunk. Puck yells and says "If I start crying, I don't think I'll ever stop!!" And then he punches a locker and knocks down a cart. He sits down next to her and they start crying together. Puck asks Beiste to retire Finn's number. And then Beiste tells Puck to put the tree back (how did she know?) "It was a crap tree, it wasn't big enough." "They grow, you know?"
      Santana says some insults towards Finn (that's meant to be nice) and starts singing 'If I Die Young.' I had to pause after she sang those four words because this is my dad's ringtone and I'm getting emotional already. Did her voice crack or was that my imagination? Too much crying from all of us. She starts breaking down during the song and covers her mouth and starts crying. Harry (I mean Mike Chang) and Shue get up to comfort her and she starts screaming...and runs away while everyone looks on. We next see her in the auditorum, Kurt comes to see her to see how she's doing. She wrote down nice things she wanted to say to everyone but chickened out and didn't say them. She reads them to Kurt at his request. She begins to cry and asks him to leave. Kurt jumps up on stage, puts the jacket (that he has been wearing this whole time) on Santana and walks off.
     Puck sings 'No Surrender' (never heard this song either). I just realized that I haven't heard Darren Blaine say anything this episode. Santana comes in and accuses Puck of taking the letterman jacket while she was napping. Kurt tells Puck that he can keep it for the night but it belongs to Santana now.
     Santana goes in to apologize to Sue. Sue confesses how bad she feels, that Finn was such a good kid. And that Finn would have been a great teacher. I think Sue tries to cry but her tear ducts were taken out (remember?)
    They're putting drumsticks on Finn's locker memorial and RACHEL SHOWS UP!! (Holding Kurt's hand. It's beautiful she says). She stands in front of everyone who is back and sings 'Make You Feel My Love'. Her story for this song is that this is the first song she and Finn used to sing together when driving around. Of course, Rachel has a tear rolling down her face. For once, I think it's a real tear instead of an acting tear. Will looks like he wants to puke. Santana hugs Sam. Harry Mike Chang and Artie both have their hands on Tina's lap. Kurt has an arm on Mercedes. Kurt and Darren Blaine are crossing arms-holding hands. Oh how lonely Rachel looks up on that stage!
     Santana tells Mr. Shue that she might never come back to Lima. Puck puts the tree back and points to the placque: Finn Hudson 1994-2013. I can't believe Finn is as old (as young) as my little sister! Puck wants to join the Air Force, wants to be like Top Gun. As Puck drives off, we see that he carved the word "quarterback" into the tree.
     Rachel tells Will that she still sees his face and talks to him. I'm tuning out this conversation between Rachel and Will because I don't want to cry. She opens a box and it's a picture of Finn with the quote under it saying "The show must go...all over the place...or something". Will's reaction: did he really say that?
 OMG WILL STOLE THE JACKET!!! Emma comes home to see him crying into it. She hugs him.

:Fade to black:
cory monteith 

that's it....

Since Glee first started, I watched every episode [at least] twice the week that it came out. Once on tv, once online so that I can pause and rewind. I don't think I will ever be able to watch this episode again.

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