Monday, October 28, 2013

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Ep 7 No Questions Asked

09.07 No Questions Asked

We see the kids again!

42.5 hours before the wedding

Marshall complains to Daphne about Daphne texting Lily when he didn't have his phone. She calls angered - not about the text, but about the fact that they got the room with the ghost in it.
"We got 13?!?"

One month earlier:
Marshall finds out that the Farhampton Inn was featured in a tv show about real ghost stories. There was a captain with a hook that died in the room and became a ghost there. 

Lily complains about the room to the night clerk and he just uses the ghost as an excuse not to let her change rooms. 

Robin and Barney discuss the thing(s) that will happen when they leave the church after the wedding. Barney has 100 doves that will fly up and Robin has gun enthusiasts from her family who will fire a 21 gun salute.

That night, Ted opens Lily's window and stands there with a hook. 
Earlier that night, Marshall called Ted and asks him to delete Lily's previous text "no questions asked."
(Ted was stuck in a mail box and needed Marshall to bring a drill "no question asked.")
While Marshall is trying to explain to Ted that her door isn't locked, Ted comes up with the idea to shimmy up the drain pipe outside her window and sneak in. Lily catches him and then tells him to sing her a lullaby while she falls asleep. While singing, Ted looks for the phone. Suddenly, he hears someone saying "Cold. So cold."

Turns out it's Barney in the vents because Marshall called him (before Ted) and told him "no questions asked" while Robin and Barney were discussing the issue with the doves and the guns. (Barney needed Marshall to rush to the Macy's in Harrods Square and bring pants, underwear, sanitizer, gloves, and a garbage bag.) Instead of doing that, it was Marshall who signed Barney out when he swallowed a bunch of real life Lucky Charms items. He sneaks into the air ducts when Marshall is talking about the unlocked door.

Robin sneaks in with the room service cart (caviar and lobster.) Marshall called Robin after Barney went into the ducts. (Robin's "no questions asked" was when she needed him to meet her in an alley and talk about a giant trout that he caught with his dad. As he was holding out his arms to show how big, Robin lands in his arms and tells him to run. Robin and the people chasing her are wearing different colored skin tight body suits (unitards).)

As the three people run off into separate directions, Robin and Barney come back to the room and discuss how they are both lone wolves and they need to do something about it. So they should:

Robin: roam together
Barney: hunt together
Robin: lure pray into a tight corner and
Both: snap it's limbs with our powerful jaw and watch the light drain from it's eyes

Courtney Dove. Kurt Kooban. Names of doves that Barney named.

Ted asks Marshall why he didn't just ask Lily to delete the text "no questions asked."
He replies that he's never done that because he's never kept anything from her.
Teds hands Lily the phone and tells her that he took the judgeship.
She says she doesn't believe in ghosts and that she doesn't know if anyone has ever died in their room, but someone is going to. <cue evil laugh>

Ted's no question asked: He was sending a letter to a woman he saw at the drug store. He heard her give her address to the pharmacist. (Mailed it!)

The episode was part filler part moving the plot along. It showed us Barney and Robin compromising more which is definitely good for the plot. But it also showed too many "no questions asked." Although funny, it was a waste of time. I know we all just want to see the mother already! But Marshall finally got to tell Lily about the news, and that is great. (For us not Marshall dun dun dunn...)

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