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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Ep 3 Quite a Common Fairy

03.03 Quite a Common Fairy

     Hello Tinkerbell~! This episode will feature Tinkerbell. Even though I've never liked her in the Peter Pan cartoon, I'm quite excited to see her in this episode. She looks adorable!

 Tinkerbell in the title sequence. (Just like when you watch a Disney movie and she goes *ding* and sparkles happen)
     The gang is going through the jungle looking for Pan's camp by using the map that he gave to Emma. They look at the map and sees that the camp moved locations on the map. Of course it's a magical map.... Henry is sleeping at the root of a tree, Peter throws an apple at him and he says "I don't like apples...It's a family thing." Peter tells him it's for target practice, not for eating.

     Hook says that there is one way to get an inside look at Pan's plans, and it's to talk to a fairy that he used to be close with: Tinkerbell! Emma says that "every kid in the world knows her." Regina says it is a bad idea.

     Back in Neverland, Regina wipes her brow with a handkerchief. She puts it in her pocket but it falls on the ground instead. Somebody picks it up (obviously Tinkerbell, we can see her dress). Regina tells Emma that they can combine their magic and overpower Pan inorder to get to Henry. She then mocks Emma by calling Hook "Emma's boyfriend." This upsets Emma, Snow steps in and says "She just lost Neil."
     Pan tells Henry to hit an apple on the top of the Lost Boy Felix's head. The arrow is dipped in nightshade venom. Henry shoots Pan last second, but he catches and just smiles. Says "let me show you something." I find Pan so weird...he finds joy in the weirdest things. Perhaps that's what makes his character HIM.

     As they get closer to Tink's home, Regina falls behind and Emma talks to her. Regina says that if Tink sees her, she probably won't help them. And then Regina says "this is best from Operation Henry." Emma and Regina share a moment when they remember how much Henry loves naming operations. Emma says that they will come back for her after. But Regina looks at Emma and tells her: don't come back for me. And if you don't find Tinkerbell, just keep going.

    As Regina sits there on the log where Emma left her, Tinkerbell appears and acts hostile towards Regina. She blows some pink dust at Regina and Regina faints.
    Hook leads them into Tink's home (a treehouse) and it appears to be empty. Emma and Snow bond over the fact that the treehouse is just a place for sleeping but not a home and they've both had a place like that before.
   Regina wakes up and Tink is saying that Regina burned her when she didn't follow through. Regina mentions that the dust Tinkerbell blew at her might be poppies. (Just like in Wizard of Oz!) But since she has to resort to using poppies, it means Tink has no more magic. Tink gets up and stabs Regina's neck with a stick dipped in nightshade. Look at these characters! Resorting to nature to fight! I like it!

     Regina takes out her own heart and hands it to Tinkerbell. Tinkerbell takes the heart and walks away. Regina realizes that Tink's wings are gone. Tink is sad, she asks why Regina lied and didn't go into that door to meet her soul mate. Regina explains that she didn't want to go in because without it, she would have lost her anger and then she would have nothing left. Regina said she picked revenge over hope and Tink is holding the result: a dark heart.
     Regina asks Tink to do the right thing, choose hope over anger and prove that she is the fairy she really is. Tink looks up at Regina and says "you love your son?" I guess it has been the thing since the beginning, Henry is the one who changes Regina for the better. I guess that's why Pan was after him, Henry is the answer to everything. (Because Emma is the Savior, and the Savior is the daughter born out of True Love. Man a lot of cheesy stuff going on here.)
    Tink says that she won't help Regina. And it's probably too late because Henry has been with Pan for too long already and hands the heart back.
    Peter is showing Henry around the fun that the boys are having. He tells Henry that magic is dying in all the worlds and that they (the Lost Boys) have been waiting for Henry to arrive since before he was born. They need Henry to be the savior and help bring magic back into the land. Henry says that Emma is the Savior, not him. Peter says that perhaps having Henry is what made her the Savior. Pan also shows Henry the parchment that he had in the previous season (the one with Henry's picture on it.)

    Tink appears from a cave as the gang threatens her and asks "where's Regina?" Tinkerbell tells them that she has no more magic but she does know where Pan is. Snow says Tink should lead them there anyways and maybe she can go home with them (I'm assuming it's back to The Enchanted Forest and not to Storybrook)
      Snow tells Charming that she knew it would work because when she was a bandit, all she wanted was a home. And now that they are together, she always feels safe.
     Henry picks up the parchment that Pan handed to him and sees it is a sketch of himself. As he looks up into the sky, Neil is being dropped by the shadow. Felix greets him (Baelfire) and says "welcome home."
    Off at the camp, Emma and Hook are sharing a moment (he cuts a hole in a coconut for her.) Snow and Charming are leaning against a rock together. Regina is off in a corner by herself as Tink watches. Tinkerbell joins Regina and asks if she ever went back to find the man with the lion tattoo. Tink says it was a selfish act because Regina ruined both their lives and his life.

Enchanted Forest:
      Neil is looking for a portal to get to Neverland. He tells Mulan and Robin Hood to help him look. All kinds of things can be portals: beans, magic mirrors, ruby slippers, ashes. Robin Hood's gang of Merry Men show up (with Little John in the lead) and a cute little boy who turns out to be Hood's son. Neil realizes how he can get to Neverland. I fear he plans to use the little boy as bait. This will end badly if I am right.
     Yup, I was right, Neil wants to use Hood's (4year old) son as bait for the shadow. But he only has to summon the shadow, nothing bad will happen to him. Yeah right! Neil says that his father (Rumple) helped Hood's wife stay alive long enough to have their son.

    Mulan has a plan for when the shadow shows up. They talk to Neil about reuniting with his family. Neil mentions that he waited too long to tell Emma that he loved her back and that "you shouldn't hold love in." The camera then pans to show Mulan. Perhaps this journey she has taken with Neil is so that she realizes she should confess her love the Prince Phillip (even though he and Aurora are together.)
    Hood's son stand in front of the shadow and says "I believe." They wait for awhile and the shadow appears and grabs the child's arm. Mulan cuts off the hand as Neil latches on and they fly out the window.
    Hood invites Mulan to join his Merry Men. Mulan says that there is someone she must talk to first. She arrives back and is greeted by Aurora. Mulan looks at Aurora and says that she wants to tell her something. But is interrupted by Aurora saying that "Phillip and I are expecting a baby." Mulan looks devastated as she says "I'm joining Robin Hood's band." I guess the one Mulan loves is Aurora? But just because she's tough, doesn't mean she has to be gay...I would prefer if they made her love Phillip and just love Aurora as a best friend. As they hug, the camera pans out and we see the courtyard of Aurora's castle, there's palm trees and it looks like an oasis.

     Mulan shows up at Robin Hood's camp and shakes hands with him. It is revealed that Hood is the man with the lion tattoo.

      Young Regina is eating a lavish dinner by herself when Rumple shows up and says that she missed her magic lesson. She says she doesn't want to learn magic anymore and she needs freedom from the loveless marriage. Rumple explains that the darkness (that is magic) has tasted her bitterness and wants more. So Regina won't be able to escape from dark magic.
       Regina goes to the balcony and hits the railing a few times in anger. As the balcony comes loose and falls, Regina falls along with it. She is saved by Tinkerbell who 'gives her a second chance.' Tink and Regina goes to the pub and has a drink and a nice meal. This is the nicest I've seen Regina in awhile. Tink says that she will help Regina find love using pixie dust. I am a bit skeptical because she already had a "true love." And If Tink can't find another lover for Regina, is this what triggers the Evil Queen persona?

      Clock tower chimes, Tink says she's late and her wings appear. She flies through this flowerbed where there's a bunch of tulips. Inside one of the tulips is the blue fairy. Tink calls her Blue and Blue calls Tink, Green. Says that she's broken a lot of rules already (such as getting big for no reason and breaking curfew.) Blue tries to convince Green not to help Regina because she is surrounded by darkness. Green is put on probation until further notice. After Blue flies off, Green flies back out of the flowerbed.

     Tinkerbell appears in Regina's room and sprinkles pixie dust on her, they begin to fly. Tink sprinkles more dust and it points somewhere, they follow it and come to a pub. They see a guy with a lion tattoo on his wrist. Regina is scared, this is the most vulnerable we've seen her in awhile! She runs away and doesn't go in!! :(

    Tinkerbell goes to see Regina and asks why she isn't "glowing with new love." Regina says that it didn't work and that she went in and that the man was just awful. Regina tells Tink that it's because Tink is a terrible fairy. Tink says that she knows Regina didn't go in because she's afraid. This is so sad, Regina is being so mean to Tinkerbell. I get why she wants to kill Regina so badly. 
     Blue tells Tink that this is the last chance, that she betrayed her trust. Blue takes away Tink's wings (and she falls.)

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