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Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Ep 3 Forget Me Not

01.03 Forget Me Not

It's nice that they give you a recap of the previous episode at the beginning, but it starts to get annoying if you've been watching tv shows all day like I have. (I've been studying for exams so I've barely watched anything this past week. I've got a very long list of shows to get through!)

Bandits. Merry Men. Robin Hood. Am I watching the right show?
Oh...Will (the Knave) shows up

Forget Me Not. Magic rope that shows the past.
Jafar intercepted the message Alice wrote back. The book
The Caterpillar has the magic rope.
It's (the mushroom) a lot bigger than it looks on the outside. 
Hmmmm it's a knot not a not. (Can you knot? No I cannot knot.)
Aww man the knot is with The Grindel who lives in the Whispering Wood
There are fates worse than death. He lifts a lid and there's a severed screaming head

Blood oath with the Merry Men
Robin Hood mentions they steal from the rich and give to the pour
Maleficent is mentioned
Will returns home to a woman
She's blond and naked in the bed. Who might it be?

The Bandersnatch. Red Queen's idea for making Alice use a wish
LOL The Grindel looks like the Elephant Man
They are captured, Will suggests that Alice uses one of her wishes. She says no.

The Merry Men enter Maleficent's castle
Will searches for something...

This reminds me of Hansel and Gretel 
The Grendel is talking to himself.
Or perhaps he's looking at the Forget Me Knot and looking at a past memory
Jafar and the queen give the scent from the folded crane to the Bandersnatch and tells it to find Alice
Will talks about knowing how it feels to lose someone he loves
He tells the Grendel that the best way is to move on
Alice looks mad

They have the chest of gold from Maleficent's castle
A chest of gold is not as beautiful as a woman - or something like that

Alice asks who Will was in love with. Was it Anastasia?
They escape the rope by using the sharpness of the wishes but the door is jammed
As they open the door, the Bandersnatch appears there
They capture it using the Forget Me Knot
Will runs of and then comes back with a short knife and stabs it to death
Alice is happy that Cyrus taught her all about the Bandersnatch and that it was a message from Cyrus.
They find out the Grendel's backstory and they get the knot

Will leaves the camp but gets caught by Robin Hood
He says that "You'll meet the fate you've earned, the fate you deserve"

Jafar and the Red Queen greet Grendel in his house
They find out Alice is traveling with a companion
Stupid queen's stupid lips....
Jafar kills Grendel (reunites him with his wife)
They find out that the White Rabbit was the one who gave the bottle to the Red Queen
Jafar shows up at the Caterpillar's hive
Will doesn't want to give the knot to the Caterpillar because stealing it for himself makes him a thief. Stealing it for Alice means he still has a shred of humanity left

Hooded man (Will obviously) rides to a cabin and calls out to Anastasia
A woman runs out
It's the Red Queen!!!!
She runs and hugs Will
He tells her that he got it and shows her The Looking Glass
They use it to "take us far away from here"
(She says Will's last name but I don't understand it)
Anastasia (somehow) knows that that the place they're going is called Wonderland
"Next stop, Wonderland"

Biggest surprise of the episode was finding out Will was in love with the Red Queen. 

But it was lovely seeing just how connected Cyrus and Alice are.

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