Monday, October 7, 2013

How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Ep 4 The Broken Code

Episode 09.04 The Broken Code
51 hours before the wedding
     An hour after when the previous episode started. (Does this mean every episode is 1 hour and that we get 50+ episodes for this season? Ha, a girl can hope)
     Episode 4 begins right where we left off on episode 3. "I saw you and Robin at the carousel" *Ted drops scotch* [I scream].   They start crying at the fact that Ted dropped the $600 bottle of scotch.
IT'S THE RETURN OF MARSH-PILLOW!! No wait!! It's Marsh-pillow 2.0!!! The pillow now has arms and an iPad with Marshall webcamming on it! Wow this is creepy beyond creepy. (Not that a body pillow dressed in your husband's clothes wasn't creepy to begin with...). It's beauty....wait for it....ful!
     Hey there's Patrice! Robin comparing Lily's performance of her Maid of Honor duties vs Ted's performance Best Man duties. (Ted wins by a landslide because ROBIN HAS NO GIRLS!)
     Does anyone else think that Barney is secretly angry at Ted for holding hands with Robin in the rain? He's asking him to rewrite all the place cards, and move into a supply closet, and rewrite all the place card again. And then....Barney has the best man poker game without him! Because Ted broke the Bro code ("I am pleased to announce that the Bro Code has replaced the Gideon bible in select hotels throughout the country")
     Robin is making fun of girls being lame and silly. This makes Lily cry. Robin is such a dude! LOVE IT! Robin hasn't gone to the gym in forever because she can eat a pint of ice cream at night and wake up having lost weight except in her boobs. [Hey me too! Except for the boobs thing...]

     Barney and his history lessons. Love it!
     Bro code 104: Nothing can happen between a bro's mom

"I'm also pleased to announce that the Bro Code is in select airlines across the country and [some German country]"
Marsh-pillow makes Ted and Barney hold hands on the beach. It's [not] weird. 
[It starts raining]: Now it's weird
Revelation: *gasp* Ted still has feelings for Robin! (DUH! We all knew that)
Lily imagines Robin having lesbian tendencies with a new friend she just met. She gets jealous and scares her off. Robin loves Lily for her psycho-ness.
Ted swears on the Bro Code that he will move on and live with the fact that things will always be a little weird between him and Robin but not let it get in the way of anything.
Marsh-pillow joins in on the Best Man Poker Game. (He wins)

It's the return of Weekend at Barneys!!!!

It was a bit of the filler episode. I know that the mother isn't going to be in every episode of the season, but I really wish they had more of her. She's really cute!

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