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How I Met Your Mother Season 9 Ep 5 The Poker Game

09.05 The Poker Game

48 hours before the wedding

A few hours went by in the last episode.

Marshall and Daphne:

    CHICAGO! Marshall talks about a great pizza place. Daphne says "it's just pizza, we're not stopping." Marshall describes what the pizza tastes like, starting with the first bite. Basically sounds like a love story. I'm craving pizza, I've been wanting pizza for so many weeks. Why did the place close down if it was so good? Rats. "WE'RE NOT STOPPING!"

Poker Game:
     Poker game was coming to an end. Tim Gunn: Out. Lily: Busted. Marsh-pillow: fluffed and turned down.
     Lily was angry at Ted because Ted was talking about being great at giving wedding gifts.

     James gives the couple a gift: Don't get married. It comes in his and hers. "Don't get married." "Don't get married." Robin asks Barney to tell James to stop "crapping on their wedding." He literally drew the word "marriage" and a down arrow.  James talks about something about it's great being gay right now. Robin cons James out of his wedding ring.
James brings in their mother
   Barney asks Ted and Lily for help. How does he choose sides? "Robin lets me do sex to her!" "I have to spend eternity in my mother's mausoleum!"
 Lily says Happy life = happy wife.
    Robin cons Barney's mom out of her blouse. Robin keeps winning because of the Stinsons' very obvious bluff. "Hey I'm hungry. Wanna get some bluff-alo wings? Raise you 20." Something about an "all you can eat bluff-et" "bluff-berry muffin."
 Barney: Woman, as your bride-groom, I command you.
 Robin: You uh...wanna take back that I command you thing?
 Barney: Please, can I?
      Robin wants Barney on his side. Barney cares about his family.
    Turns out: everyone was in the room when Barney and Robin was having that conversation.
 Barney finds out that James was a terrible husband to Tom. He realizes that he's now part of a team. But then...he tells James and his mom that he's not part of their family anymore "because Robin said so!"

    Robin returns the blouse back to Barney's mother but she tells Robin to keep it because "you may have won the battle, but I'm going to win the war." "You're on b*tch."

Wedding Gifts and Thank You Notes:

 Flashback: Lily and Marshall going through their wedding gifts and find out that Ted never gave them one. They drop a lot of hints and Ted never gets it. When Ted gets married to Stella, they give him a wrapping station (huge hint!) In return, Ted sends a giant box with a tiny thank you note in it.
    Thus, Lily was mad at Ted.

    Ted tells Marshall that he got them a coffee maker. Ja'cuse!

 Flashback: Ted dropped hints of giving a thank-you note for the wedding present. (Parallel!!) I love seeing things from two points of view! Cue the slutty pumpkin standing in the back!

     Ted Tells Lily that he did get them a gift: a coffeemaker. Lily says that they did send a thank you note for the coffeemaker that was from Stuart and Claudia.

    Turns out, Stuart ripped off Ted's name from the gift and wrote his name on it. But never fessed up because that was a turning point for him and Claudia. Flashback: Claudia said she was ready to leave him. She had her bags packed, got a plane ticket, sent topless pics to to his brother.
     Claudia isn't even the one in the shower when Lily knocked on the door.

    Ted buys Marshall a pizza from the great place that he was talking about earlier as a gift (they were on the phone apologizing to each other for their behavior and dropping hints.)
   Marshall sends a thank you note FOUR months later.

Preview for next week: Something about the 9th Commandment. I'm trying to find it but can't seem to figure out what it is.

On another note, episode 16 of this season is called "How Your Mother Met Me". This is what we've all be waiting for!!

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