Thursday, October 10, 2013

Once Upon a Time in Wonderland Season 1 Ep 1 Down the Rabbit Hole

01.01 Down the Rabbit Hole

    The woods. A table. Teacups. A doll with a hat. A rabbit. Sudden explosion! Little girl crawls out of a hole in the ground. She says "Home" and starts running and yelling for her father. Her dad is shocked to see her and tells her that she has been gone for a very long time. In the next scene, Alice is looking through the key hole and sees her father telling someone about Alice's story and claiming that she made it all up.

:cut scene: present day

    The knave of hearts walks through Storybrook through a storm. He walks in the street causing Emma's car to swerve (but we don't see her). Next, he goes to grandmother's cafe and bumps into Cinderella (I think) and Grumpy who are locking up. He steals the keys and goes in to drink a cup of coffee while waiting for something. And that something is the White Rabbit. He's dressed quite dapper! He has red eyes and red glasses.

:cut scene: Bethlem Asylum London, England

     Creepy music. Girl in wheel chair with creepy doll. Crazy looking people peeping out of their rooms' windows. Alice walking with two men leading her. Doctor questions Alice. She is all grown up. She says that she doesn't remember. She has to explain to the doctor where she REALLY was.

:cut scene: Hookah smoking caterpillar

     Alice is all grown up, she runs out from under the caterpillar's mushroom cap. She eats a magic mushroom and starts to shrink while she's running away. She goes into the maze and gets knocked over while the force from the (unseen) guard's footstep pushes her into the dirt under the maze. She sees a bottle lying on the ground and enters it. Turns belongs to Cyrus the genie. They talk about Agrabah. They have great chemistry and they just met! Cyrus (slyly) asks Alice if she's married. I already ship this couple! They're just falling in love with each other in front of our eyes.

    The doctor continues talking (he mentions pirates, mermaids, and falling in love) and then next we see Alice and Cyrus standing in front of the boiling sea. She says her famous line of "curiouser and curiouser". She almost falls in and Cyrus saves her. But I say, he pushed her in. He gets down on one knee and before he could say anything, she screams yes! They kiss, then Cyrus pulls out a glowing amulet and says "Now our hearts are entwined"
    As the lovers embrace, we hear marching. They both look scared and Cyrus yells "Alice, run!" My question is: where? She has no where to go except into the boiling water because they are standing on a cliff!!!
     The Red Queen appears with her men. I could have sworn I thought it was supposed to be a Victoria's Secret model, but it's not.... I also remember seeing her in a different dress before this. The pair fights with the guards, Cyrus falls into the sea, Alice cries.
    The doctor tells Alice that they have a procedure for taking away her pain. It can help her forget whatever or whomever she's holding onto. My first thought was OH NO IT'S A LOBOTOMY!!! She considers it by asking "does it hurt?" The doctor hands Alice a pen and tells her to sign the contract.
    Next, we see Alice in her room, laying on her bed sleeping, she says "Cyrus." Then it cuts away to a tray of tools and we see the doctor pick up one that looks like it is supposed to be used to drill her head open. Definitely worse than a lobotomy. He tells the nurses to "fetch the girl" as Alice suddenly wakes up, looks outside the door, and pretends to sleep. Who opens the door, but the KNAVE OF HEARTS!! The nurses grab him (and holds Alice down with one hand - like that will do anything). She sits and doesn't resist until the Knave says "he's alive! the white rabbit saw him." Suddenly Alice gets all awesome and starts beating all the nurses up (while the Knave watches from the side.) She grabs her boots from under the bed and starts bashing heads in!
     The doctor tries to stop Alice but she says that the procedure has been cancelled (or something like that) and then they exit to the streets. I'm wondering if these people walking around out here knew that there's an insane asylum right next to them.
     They run through the little "bazaar" I only call it this because it reminds me of the place where Aladdin met Jasmine in the movie Aladdin. They come to a dead end and Alice demands the rabbit to "dig." He creates a glowing blue portal on the wall and the two humans jump in. They land on this white surface and jump up and down. It's called a mallow marsh. (A marsh made out of marshmallows!) The White Rabbit says he was having tea with the Dormouse and the Dormouse said that he saw Cyrus in the Mad Hatter's house. (Something about dragonflies being real dragons in Wonderland) And where is that house located? The Tulgey Woods of course! This episode is only half over....

      Alice offers to pay the Knave with wishes that she keeps in her boots. I can't believe that she just showed him where she keeps them! As the Rabbit goes to find someone to help Alice, he runs into the Red Queen. I'm excited!
     The Red Queen's castle looks like a bunch of chess pieces stuck together (in a good way.) Oh no! The White Rabbit is spying on Alice for the Red Queen. Poor Alice...
      Jafar appears on the Red Queen's balcony! He wants the genie's bottle but that only works after Alice has used the wishes. Which means, she hasn't used any of the three wishes yet. True Love indeed... Jafar tries to choke the Queen but she says he will never be able to find Alice without her help. Jafar jumps off the balcony and onto a flying carpet (just like Aladdin!)
      Tired of wandering around, Alice climes a tree to look for the Hatter's house. The Knave takes this chance to steal Alice's boots with the wishes in them. While on the tree, Alice encounters the Cheshire. This excites me!
      Cheshire looks like a wild animal, he's giant and has dirty hair, red eyes, and of course that famous grin. Right now, Cheshire is trying to eat Alice because there's no more meat in these here woods. The Knave returns and jumps on the Cat's tail. He takes a piece of mushroom and throws it into the cat's mouth. It turns into a kitty and runs off meowing. Alice and the Knave walks off and I'm wondering...why didn't Alice take the stick?
     They arrive at the Hatter's house and Alice runs in yelling Cyrus's name. I just remembered that the Hatter is Jefferson in OUAT (and I think he died or something.) White Rabbit shows up and Alice finds out that Cyrus is dead. Alice cries as she walks outside, but she sees something glowing in the grass (at first, I thought it was another wish.) Turns out, it is the glowing amulet that Cyrus was wearing when they proposed. Alice talks about how much she loves Cyrus and that "when you love someone, you know." While she's saying this, I can't stop thinking that the Knave must be so in love with her.
     We flash to Cyrus who is asleep in a cage. He wakes up whispering Alice's name (just like earlier when Alice whispered 'Cyrus' when she woke up). Flashback: when Cyrus fell off the cliff, the magic carpet was there to catch him (with Jafar commanding the carpet). We find out that Jafar has Cyrus captive in a cage hanging by a long chain, in a tall tower, in Wonderland.

:pan out: to outside, we see a road and Alice, Knave, White Rabbit walking on it, towards where Cyrus is being held captive. The animation here is cheesy and not the best it could be but I'm still quite excited to see how this season goes. I like it so far (but could be because I loved the book.)

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