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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Ep 2 Lost Girl

03.02 Lost Girl

    Well, here we are once again with Once Upon a Time. I took a few days to watch this because I would have to rewatch the first episode to do a review on it but I didn't want to rewatch it again to see Snow and Charming's annoying selves. And so, I shall decide whether or not I am going to watch that again to write a recap while I watch episode two!

    Now that Rumple and Regina have their magic back, thing should be much more interesting! When Rumple is looking at the rock, I thought that he was going to open it and let all the children out (like the Pied Piper) but turns out he's cutting his shadow off with his magic dagger. OHHH I get why he did that!! He doesn't want Pan to be able to steal his shadow (and kill him like they killed that guy in the previous episode.) Oh wait....he's telling the shadow to hide the magic dagger.

Oooooh! Arthur's Sword in the Stone in the OUAT opener. 

    Snow tells Emma to call her 'Mom'. SHOT DOWN!!! Hook owns Charming by telling him not to hack the bush and go around it instead. Hook & Emma moment! They have an intense moment about who wears more eyeliner [Hook does]. (No, just kidding, they were talking about perms.)
    Flashback to when Charming found Snow...I'm bored! Okay, Regnia looking stunning in the garden. Love her dress!  Now Snow is trying to take back the kingdom. Why is she suddenly wearing rags when she was wearing a beautiful white dress earlier? Okay now I see how that girl gets to play Young Snow.
   Oh time for Emma to meet Pan! I saw this part in a preview clip. Emma can't sleep because she hears children wailing. She goes into the forest and gets greeted by Pan. Okay okay, is it just me, or does Pan look strangely aroused by Emma putting the knife sword up to his neck? Great....another "believe in yourself" task for Emma (Pan gives Emma a blank map).
    The gang tries to figure out the magical map that Pan gave to Emma. Snow tells Emma that if he's playing a game, they can win. Flashback to the Enchanted Forest: Snow, Charming, and the Dwarfs are sitting in a campsite sitting around a table discussing what to do about the threat that the Evil Queen previously threatened. The dwarfs will stand by Snow's side no matter what she decides. Charming says that they have to fight, Snow says that it doesn't matter what they do because she's just a girl who lost her parents and ran away into the forest. Charming goes to Rumple to help him help Snow remember who she truly is (a princess.)
     Back to Neverland, Rumple is sitting by the fire with the doll that the Lost Boy threw at him last episode when someone steals the doll. He chases the person and it turns out to be Belle, as they are about to kiss, Rumple realizes that it's not the real Bell. (I'm just happy that Belle is back again!)
     Enchanted Forest, Charming is trying to convince Rumple. Snow is trying to hit a target with her arrows. Charming shows up and mentions a weapon which is a half-day's ride away.
    Neverland: Emma holds the map up as she says a bunch of facts about herself: She came from Boston, daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming, came through a magic tree that was a portal, lastly: she is the savior. It doesn't work so Regina takes the map and does a locator spell on it and tells Emma that she wants to be the leader so she should lead. (This reminds me of the song in Peter Pan about following the leader, the leader, the leader.)
     Meanwhile, Belle and Rumple end up at a cliff. This cliff reminds me of the one that Alice and Cyrus were standing on while looking out at the Boiling Sea. But instead of a deadly body of ocean, it's just the Dark Forest.

Best quote of the night by Hook: Careful, he may look like a boy, but he's a bloody demon.

    Enchanted Forest: Snow and Charming are off looking for the weapon. She looks at him and says that this is the first time they've been alone since he proposed. He says that it's hard to be alone whey she has seven big brothers. (This is just so awww.) As they progress up the hill/mountain, Snow asks what the weapon that Rumple speaks of is. Charming mentions Merlin and Camelot. Of course I already know what it is, I super excited and jumping all over the place right now. And they come to a rock with a beautiful sword in it, there's a blue gem on the hilt of the sword. [Charming whisper says: Excalibur!] Charming attempts to pull it out and struggles while Snow just gently tugs at it and it comes right on out almost knocking her back.
    Neverland: As the gang (of adults) make their way to a campsite, they see Henry. But as he turns around, it's just Pan with Henry's coat and red striped scarf. The Lost Boys appear and a fight ensues. Hook starts fighting the blond boy from the previous episode. Hook mentions "You remember what I did to Rufio." All I can think is: RUFIO! RUFIO! RUFIO! As Emma wrestles a boy to the ground and yells at him "Where's Henry!?" She stops and comes to a realization.
    Enchanted Forest: The Queen appears back in the village where she was threatening the people. Charming hands Snow the sword and she says "We'll see" (Grumpy asked if she made a good decision.) As Regina does the choke hold on Grumpy, Snow charges with the sword. Regina poofs away when Snow swipes and appears behind her. Snow turned around and hit at the right time and got her right in the face! I like this Snow better than the current one, she's a fighter not a sissy.
    Current Snow asks Emma why she stopped when she was fighting that little boy. Emma says she saw the look of despair in the boys eye and she felt the same way when she was in the foster system. And that on this island, she feels like 'an orphan.' Woosh! The map appears.
     Enchanted Forest: Snow demands Rumple to tell what Charming bartered away for the location of Excalibur. Rumple tells her that the sword is a fake and makes it disappear. He then take the necklace from her neck and says "for wasting my time." (It was her mother's necklace, so sad)

Another Hook & Emma moment! They share a moment (and a drink) as they discuss what their plan is for getting Henry back.
 Hook: Just who are you Swan?
 Emma: Wouldn't you like to know?
 Hook: Perhaps I would

    Rumple is in the Dark Forest and the doll that he previously dropped off the cliff comes back to haunt him. He burns it but it appears again. He ends up putting it in his pocket.
    Pan appears as Emma is picking berries ("Don't eat the blue ones") He asks if he can call Emma a Lost Girl (I still think he has the hots for her.) He tells Emma that Henry hasn't forgiven her yet and that she'll be an orphan by the end of this journey.


Too many unnecessary flash backs and forwards. I appreciate the multiple storylines but it gets annoying when they have to change to a different one each time they finish a scene. OUAT in Wonderland is more appealing to me at the moment.

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