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Once Upon a Time Season 3 Ep 5 Good Form

03.05 Good Form

The Lost Boys drag Neil into a cage and Felix says "you heard Pan, you know what to do with him."

One of the lost boys poke Henry with a spear and they begin to spar. Pan interrupts and tells Henry to visualize holding a real sword. (He does, and the stick he's holding becomes a sword - this proves his power as the truest believer)

Title sequence: The Jolly Roger

Back in Neil's cave, Emma and Hook look at Neil's bed and sees markings on the wall with tally marks on it. Emma says that he stopped counting because he lost hope.
Hook tries to comfort Emma but she turns him down and walks away. Charming says that Emma will never like him because he's nothing but a pirate.

A ship: Jewel Realm.
Hook is in charge and wearing a uniform.
He confiscates rum from a sailor and throws it into the sea.
Turns out, the captain is his older brother.
His brother gives him a sexton with directions to an unknown land.

Hook tells Charming that he knows a way to save him from the dreamshade poison.
He passes out because the dreamshade is getting closer to his heart.
He bends down and sees a leather strap with a military insignia with the name "Jones" on it. (Hook's brother)
They plan to go to the top of the hill to find the sexton show earlier.

The brother (Jones) hands Hook a book with star charts from a new land.
They get approached by three enemy ships.
Instead of firing back, they "deploy the Pegasus."
It is a sail created from feathers of the legendary creature Pegasus.
It allows their ship to fly. They do and Hook is commanded to set a course "second star to the right and straight on till morning."

Back in the forest, Hook tells them that they need to leave to get the sexton.
Charming says his goodbyes (but the girls don't know that.)
After they leave, show is setting a trap. She has an arrow aimed to the net and it drops on the lost boy earlier seen sparring with Henry.
Regina hands him a chocolate (as a bribe) and Emma asks for him to send Henry a message.
The boy sniffs the chocolate then throws it into the forest. Tells them that he wants to be there.
The two men in the forest talk about their brothers.

They have arrived on the island and Hook finds out they are there to find a plant.
While on the island, Peter appears behind them
They ask about the plant and turns out, instead of being a healing plant, it is dreamshade, a dangerous plant.

As Hook is on the cliff and about to throw the rope down to pull up Charming, Peter appears and tries to make him a deal (addresses him as Killian) to grant him a passage off the island if Hook goes back to work for Pan.
He has to kill Charming before the poison does

They find the dreamshade and they consider that it might actually be poison like Pan said.
The two argue about the king's goodness
Jones cuts off a branch of the plant and cuts a line on his own arm to prove himself right
As he turns around to get more of the plant, it takes effect and he falls.

The girls have the lost boy tied to a tree.
Emma is choking him and trying to get him to give Henry a message
Snow pulls her away and tells him to do it a different way.
Regina takes out the heart of the boy (on Emma's consent)
Charming finds out that the sexton isn't actually on the cliff and Hook brought him there to save him

Jones is dying and Pan appears with an "I told you so"
Peter shows Hook a magic spring behind the dreamshade plant and tells him "all magic comes with a price including that spring. don't leave the island unless you're willing to pay it"

Henry, is drawing a house in the dirt
The lost boy shows up next to Henry and sends him a message
He then shows Henry a magic mirror from Regina
Both parties get hope from being in contact with each other

Hook and Jones are in the cabin and discuss the fact that they made it
Jones says they should reveal their king's true nature
As they land, Hook's brother passes out (and dies.)

Back on the island, Hook hacks through the dreamshade and gets to the fountain
He hands Charming the flask with the water in it
He warns him that if he drinks the water, he will never get to leave Neverland
Charming drinks the water and instantly heals (there were black veins crawling all over his body)
They return to the girls and Charming tells everyone that Hook saved his life (but not with the real story.)
They drink rum. I feel like the rum was poisoned because Peter was holding it earlier.
Emma thanks Hook for saving her dad's life.
They flirt.
She kisses him (wow she really wants it..) then she goes into the forest and tells him to wait five minutes and then follow her (man she really wants it!)

Hook's brother is dead and they throw him into the ocean
Hook becomes captain and he burns the Pegasus sail
He then gives a speech very much like one that turns the people into pirates
"Captain Jones! Captain Jones! Captain Jones!"

Hook is sitting by himself drinking the rum
Pan shows up and says he should have taken the deal
He tells Hook that Neil is alive and on the island
Pan asks what Hook will do with that piece of information (to see what kind of man he really is)
We see the cage again with Neil in it. He's drugged and they hang him up in a tree "next to the other one."

In the coming episodes, we will find out who Pan has in that other cage. 

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